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  1. I think since the STG is not in game the FG is a reasonable substitute. What i have suggested before is to give the Infantry FG unit a standard Stahlhelm in camo and regular colour scheme.. I would think not too hard to do, leave the smock alone for now.. Cheers Monty
  2. Just updated Billing (MAC) ... Ty so much for your efforts, its been rough I'm sure.. I figure Xoom and crew have been workin triple time to get this done.. Good on you all... Ty again... Cheers Monty
  3. Ello, Z & HO, would love to put in a garden railway but not happening anytime soon lol... Cheers Monty
  4. Hey all.. Wow this is too bad, not great timing on many fronts... So much extra work for the team and confusion for some players.... I won't use PayPal. The only time I have ever had issues with stolen cards was within days or weeks of a PayPal transaction. Mostly for Marklin train stuff from different vendors so it not the shops... I'm sorry guys but I just won't do it.. Mebbe it's a coincidence but 3 for 3 over a period of a couple years just isn't right... I want to keep my Sub the way it is, are there other options to keep the Sub going? Regards Monty
  5. The Walk-in HC FMS has proven understandably contentious and not so useful.. I think there is a way we can retain this option and somewhat resolve other issues as well as expand gameplay. As you know I deeply dislike walking FMSs of any stripe however many good proposals have been offered in other threads. The new HCFMS. A proper command post.. 1: A slightly larger FMS complex using existing models (include a radio model) with useful defensive positions. More subdued colours for the sandbags etc, perhaps some camo and netting. Or whatever can be done easily, enhance it later. Make it purposefully kinda of hard to see from ground and air. 2: 1k min placement 3.2k+ max. 3: NEW HC UNITS: HC Engineer, HC Opel, allow HC to drive in or walk in, HC Engineer may only build HCFMS, build time will be a little longer, it is a slightly more complex structure, HC Engineer may also build standard PPOs. HC Opel may build HC FMS or standard FMSs etc. 4: Spawn List: Rifles, Limited# of SMG, very limited# (1 or 2) lite Pak / Flak (optional). Use standard FMS to support the HCFMS as needed mission specific. 5: Trucks may RTB there. (optional) 6: 8+ charges to kill it? 7: NEW PLAYER PPO: Add the Command Post PPO to standard Engineers list. (Not spawnable) 8: HCFMS is visible on map to all Axis in the related AO/DO. (selectable by HC player) 9: Allow OIC to set HCFMS Command Post when no HC on...... I think most of this can be implemented relatively easily? The team is quite capable and we already have a preponderance of the bits. Keep it simple........ A percentage of players look for leadership, purpose, point of focus, objective, etc, etc, etc.. Give HC a more visible role to play {they can still sit there and do what they need to do}, something to build a ZOC around, something worth defending out of town also a position for leadership and other commanders to oversee the battle rather than the FB.. HCFMS can still be used for infiltration, recce and mole ops. We want to bring the scale of the map into play, expand on "CP/AB Centric combat", create active and usable ZOCs, bring leadership to the battlefield, give new players a more relatable environment, add more content, expand play options, improve command situational awareness, reduce HC boredom and fatigue etc etc........... The HCFMS CP may bring some of this. As much as I despise Walk-in FMSs I could really get behind the HCFMS Command Post concept... Keep it simple get it deployed to the game ASAP, implement what you guys can quickly and tweek it later. I really think this will not resolve all issues but it will add so much as well as softening some of the things people have expressed concern over in several other threads .. It is a win in so many ways for all sides of the issue with few if any downsides........ The HCFMS Command Post & new Player PPO... Cheers Monty
  6. So sorry to hear this news.... Wishing peace and comfort to all friends and family... Rest in peace m8.... <S>! Monty
  7. This a great post... Considered and thoughtful.... The sense of maneuver and scale are somewhat lost... This game has an asset no other existing game has, it's a shame not to capitalize on this amazing feature.. Population really hobbles the ability to take advantage of the map but looking to the future is critical to survival... Thanks for your perspective.... Cheers Monty
  8. Walking FMS mission creep.. A bad concept gets worse... Just get rid of it, stop the madness before it goes any further... Perhaps give HC a "Command PPO" instead, a strong point that can be used to oversee the battle but nothing can spawn there... Make it defendable and camouflaged, other troops could set a standard FMS nearby to support it if needed.. One option would be. Perhaps just allow the HC officer to spawn a rifle at this PPO, that's it nothing else one HC rifle... That is the only thing I would grudgingly support... Cheers Monty
  9. More bridge AOs plz.... Cheers Monty..
  10. Cheers Monty
  11. I really can not support Infantry placed FRUs.... This is a game killer.. It very nearly did the job the first time... All this cool new stuff as well as 1.36 in the pipe and we are going down this HELL hole again....? Sacrificing all other branches of play for a narrow, ill-conceived, niche component of infantry play for some perceived or imagined advantage? There are other games that offer insta combat, not this one... Also too many changes at once and how will you ever determine what is better, worse, working not working....? Cheers Monty
  12. The Infantry FMS was an unmitigated disaster... It was not that long ago, does no one remember...??? It was the final nail in the chest of the population of that time period.... Gunners and armour guys finally gave up, some squads also, most have not come back many of their indy infantry friends left too... Infantry FMSs are no solution to anything, they are toxic to everything this game should be about to be successful....... We already know that, why is this even an option.... It's great to brainstorm new ideas.. These are always conversations we should have... However this has been tried and failed in epic fashion.... Things are looking up lets not blow it.... Cheers Monty
  13. There has been an enormous amount of change here over the last couple years and especially in the last few months.. What I would like to ask is everyone take a deep breath and look at things in total, big picture, the long game... Much of what we see is good......! Don't make rash decisions from well founded frustration.. After years of stagnation there are sure to be hurdles, bumps and worse... Many of us have been here for years though understandable it seems a shame to bail now at possibly the cusp of great things... I enjoy playing the mortar most, though armour (a subject for another time) is my first preference, the mortar has been rendered useless for a long time now, yep I am very very unhappy.. Even after the recent HE adjustment watching your rounds drop right in the middle of five EI aaand zip, nothing... Great... However I clearly see good things on the horizon.. So... Yep agreed.. " ah need a IIIF ok .. OOH no 232s left and 2 StugBs hmmmm" That is rough... I guess we need to look at the map a lil different and try n support Inf flags with armour flag till we see how this is or isn't working.. Yes there is much more that isn't right but there is a lot that is too... We are seeing some new faces and some seem to be sticking around, lets not blow it.. Also we need to be a lil nicer to the new guys even though that can be rather challenging at times (understatement )... Cheers Monty
  14. That is a great suggestion I have supported for some time... There is a chance of it being misused.. We don't wan't to alienate new or less skilled players.... One could see a circumstance where some players are left out in the cold to fend for themselves, very difficult for the new guys... Perhaps limit the number of locked missions? Or a timer, each ML can make 1 locked mission every so many hours? Spawn lock on FMSs would be great too.. If it's camped or set early one could stop the flow of troops to it till appropriate.. Cheers Monty
  15. Countless hits from axi Hvy guns w/HE resulted is zero damage to enemy armour, no tracking nothing... They just got board and drove away... Thats great!!!! Cheers Monty
  16. Too bad the Kitten is not 1 shot to stop most enemy armour to about 2300m as it should be. As it stands it's rather a pantomime PZ as most are... Will the Kitten get sorted to function properly, brilliant optics, devastating gun, good armour etc that sort of thing... Cheers Monty
  17. Hmm looks interesting.. Plot is a bit different, should be good. Saw bits of Fury a couple times, wasnt able to sit through it lol, not great.. Watched "Come and See" a few weeks ago, still thinking about it, havent decided on that one yet but well worth watching.. Rewatched "Tae Guk Gi" (2004 Korean) this is a must see for everyone interested in the war film genre. Fair warning it is very impactful on many levels I suggest a screening before family viewing. A frank and brutal portrayal of war. Just ordered "1944 The Estonian War" that may be good.. Cheers Monty..
  18. Again put both guns with and with out shield in the list.. Work can continue on refining the POV with shield on all guns as well as 88... No one has been alienated and the shields can get sorted... Cheers Monty
  19. I had suggested the stacking sandbags some time ago.. They may need to be tweaked with 90* ends.. Sand bags need to take more damage... And the new PPOs need to clip together more... Lets see how it works, if it needs fiddled we can deal with it then... Cheers Monty
  20. Yes the PPOs need tweaked. I have said for some time the sand bags should clip into each other etc.. And have posted such thoughts.. Now with barbed wire we have the same situation, we can't build much useful stuff until they clip together a bit more... Also they are timing out way too soon... I was building some stuff and had only been at it about 20 min and I saw that some of the wire had already gone, really frustrating also rather feel like its not worth the time.. Lastly the sandbags really really need to take a bit more damage... Ours are nowhere near as durable and stable as actual sandbag emplacements... Again a lot of time for nothing.. I 100% support the new PPOs, these are a great addition but the need a lil fiddling.... Cheers Monty
  21. All in all the shields are a plus but they do create unforeseen (lol) issues... The simple and equitable solution is to offer both as a spawn option, "poof" problem solved.. You select what you need for the tactical situ at the moment.. Also a side benefit of more options in the spawn list, a win/win....... Cheers Monty..
  22. Tooo Cooool....
  23. Brilliant.... Really cool thing.... Cheers Monty
  24. Plz don't go back to the infantry placed FMS of any type.. The truck FMS saved the game for gunners and tankers also made ZOC tactics possible. If you want to get 10 or 15 troops to flank or get behind the enemy you need to work for it. Not just auto-walk a NCO whilst you chat on side, make coffee/tea then poof instant spy nest, no gunner or commander will be safe and we are back to square zero... Try n get your truck out of town early or drive from a linked town and set DFMS like we used to do.. FMS does not need to be 600m out of town, who really thinks no-one sees or hears you, unless you are early... Get a cap and move the FMS up.... The trucks have issues but they will get sorted.. Any town with def out 1k+ is going to be hard as it should be, timing and set up is everything.. Set FMSs out of town on a good terrain feature bring guns and armour set a ZOC and fight your way in if your really want the town or move on and set up better.. Trying to get instant action here is counterintuitive to everything this game is about. I get it, you have 15-20 min to log in between getting home from work and going to pick up the kids.. You want to play.. If you get lucky and log at the right moment there is something to do. If not you repair some AI, watch a FB for a few, drive an Opel in etc.. Not super exciting but helpful... Our pop is slowly expanding, many of these annoyances will be resolved with a little more growth, in this particular case we need to plan for what we want in the near future not necessarily what we have right now.. IMO time, energy and money spent on infantry placed FMS is wasted and very counter productive..... Cheers Monty