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  1. The keymap is not working as it should with the mouse , I cant look or control the direction of the inf with the mouse and i cant change the keymap to fix this , like its not seeing the side ways input from the mouse at all ? the keymap see the mouse buttons but not the movment , its a logitech optical mouse . restart seems to have fixed it
  2. Sennheiser USB Headset not working with 10.14..4 I was compelled to upgrade to 10.14.4 a few days back in order to use a new version of SketchBook pro , now my Sennheiser headset is no longer working , the volume works from the incord buttons and it is showing in the list of USB devices when doing a System report but the mic and speaker do not show up in the audio system preference list , I have done an unplug restart and texted to online mac support people but they where of little support just suggested the restart (just like the TV show "IT crowd" !) and to reset the NVRram which I don't think will do much either . Anyone have any ideas ? "The old update merry go round" Regards Ruck S\
  3. Im logging in fine now too , not sure if you changed anything but thanks .
  4. Gday Rats S\ I am also having this problem . so its not us ...... my firewall is off . I have no idea how to turn node3 off if its is on . "An Error occured while logging in Socket is not connected " Im on OSX 10.10.5 I have send a screen grab of the error message , I have been playing WWII for most of the 16 years , well as long as there has been a mac version , and every so often the mac users cant log in not sure if it happening to the PC guys too , I have come to expect it and have been surprised how few times it has been happening lately . Hope there is a simple solution! Ruck out S\
  5. Remove the 1.35.2 version and install a fresh new full version of, located here: Seems the Auto update hasn't been working for the mac version for a few updates , so best to do a full download each new patch.
  6. I got the number wrong it is 1.34.15 Is there ever going to be a 2 ? It is still giving the error
  7. If it is still in beta why was I forces to download it ? The game would not start it just took me to the down load page , so I did How do I tell its a beta version ?
  8. When I completed the latest down load 1.35.15 an error message come up about Apple not recognising the software ? I have to do a forced open each time to run the game . Will this be addressed ?
  9. Gday dog3 you old dog you ..... How is cerial and mrs dog3 ? Good to see a member of jaguar squad again , you are still playing ? We need to catch up on TS soon I got the tank cfml file to work finally Copied just some of the old script I had to the new one and not all of it . Still the same set of **** tanks to play at the stay of each campaign A13,I love going 20 mins and getting blown up before you ever see the town . I can post the final script if anyone wants it . Thanks for the help guys and good hunting .
  10. here is my Cfml file for all tanks I have copied this in to both the ww2ol and the ww2olcfml tank.cfml files but the game doesn't use them ? Also when the change and save the keymap as i only have a small mac keyboard with no number pad the next time i log in the keymap is back to the way it was before i saved the change i made ? <?xml version='1.0ruck’?> numpad + numpad - . space = - s w a d a d z c z c s x a d a left arrow z c right arrow d s down arrow up arrow w k i
  11. Thanks Kyotee I have found the cfml files and changed the tank 1 in both the cfml folders but it didn't work in the game The old cfml file would be backs after logging in and tryIng my replacement . I will try again soon . I will also post the tank cfml file I wrote to see if anyone else can get it to work . Ruck out
  12. I down loaded the full mac install yesterday and tried to start it today from the icon , it says that i have 1 34 11 and try to down 1 34 12 and the erorr message comes up again ?
  13. There is not library folder in the home folder The only library folder in the "computer" , but there is >ww2ol>cfml in the preferences folder . No cfml files on my computer when i do a search . maybe we can't edit them anymore ruck
  14. thanks Kyotee Still can't find them got to the screen shots but not /Library/Preferences/ww2ol/cfml . no result for ww2ol after i did the search "my computer" is now just "computer" no ww2ol folder in the preferences folder sorry but i need to adjust the tank turrets speed and add fine adjustment letters for long range firing regard Ruck