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  1. That's the spirit!
  2. The other side to this is some of the whiny players that play that are truly annoying, that [censored] and moan about everything. I know one guy who does it on both sides and is equally despised. If friendly fire would be turned on he would be shot on sight by both sides, repeatedly. You can be bombed by friendly bombs.....just ask Gretnine. I've apparently bombed him more than once. I keep telling him to stop taking shrapnel not meant for him but he apparently doesn't like my sense of humor........
  3. My 109 starts shaking, and begins to back out of the hanger. Engine not running. Did that to me twice on trading server. No harm no foul....just odd
  4. I agree.....not enough players that would sign up for it now. Steam, anyone?
  5. ill help anyone, anytime. im not a fighter pilot, but i can bomb da shizzle out of stuff so i can teach you that.just pm me and let me know.....a joysticdk is a must
  6. Great ideas bud! I remember you well from those years, glad to see you back!
  7. i was able to go into the playnet file on my desktop and get the Training Offline icon, which is what i think you are referring to. thats even improved to over what you remember as whatever you spawn stays in game....for instance if yoyu spawn a stuka that stuka will be frozen somewhere over the airfield for next you youj a target to shoot at and practice making runs on etc. you can practice with any piece of equipment, no rank needed. hope this helps
  8. The instructions arent sufficient to gfet you where you need to go IMHO. Ive successfully downloaded Discord, and been able to get on allied server and speak with folks in channels. I clicked on Axis and was able to join, but none of the squad channelzs were listed on the left, so couldnt join. Also, people keep talking about some overlay....where are the instructions for that? NOT a good roll out IMHO
  9. Coming from you, thats a great compliment! ill give those questions some thought.....they were just off the top of my head.
  10. Since I mostly fly is my list for awards, in no particular order RTBs in a campaign highest RTB Percentage (perhaps reward top 3 per campaign) kill to death ratio for ALL deaths, which would penalize suicide bombing and noobs flying into trees) award for 15 kill mission, 25 kill mission in my old squad I used to award most kills on trucks, armored, boats, aaa guns at guns, and infantry. Rdp missions, 10, 20, 30 per campaign Rdp missions w RTB 10 20 30 Dedicated bomber awards, most time on missions, missions created etc
  11. We've done events before and they are generally pretty fun.......we did a Battle of Britain years ago if memory serves, also a channel dash. You have to sign up for it and you only get one life so no re spawning.
  12. You have to request to join, he has to accept your request. Once that happens his name will pop up up in your view for you to select him as your commander(or vice versa) then your name will pop up in his window and he selects you as his crew, he then hits enter and you both spawn in. multicrewing is a very fun aspect of this game, on the good side let's say you get 5 kills together total, your score would be five kills each. You each get credit for killing the same guy. On the con side, takes forever to rank up. last note and this is key. Whoever is commander HAS TO DESPAWN FIRST! If your the driver (tank) or tail gunner (plane) let the pilot/commander despawn or you will NOT get credit for any kills. Lesson endeth.....
  13. Good stuff! Will give it a try!
  14. Yeah but I'd prob drive to Orlando just to meet up with you all..........long as it's on a Saturday.