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  1. Nonsense..........this is life l
  2. Well said brother Dre! My view exactly. This is just a game I don’t particularly care who wins, I just want to do my best, and kill more of them than they kill of me.
  3. Oh yeah that tooo.........I don’t look at myself much lol
  4. The only bling is the hammer above my name and the avatar to the left.
  5. Yes it was 6 not four. He told me how he did it they were like six folders on his screen he could go from one to another in an instant............he is a one man squadron!
  6. It is full access, but you have to rank up! I love my second account! Sideout2 he does a great job as my bombardier lol. Yes I fly with a joystick in each hand bombs to the left and pilot to the right.
  7. He can fly more than two.......think he can fly up to four. It’s amazing
  8. I remember you! Welcome back!
  9. Impossible..........
  10. Now that's funny! OJ was one heckuva ground commander back in the day, a lot of fun to play with. I hope he comes back.
  11. Xoom reset campaign late Saturday night. Relax.
  12. Best quote of the day!
  13. How gain access to Allied secure?
  14. Just learned that kills in a hurri2 don't count for Top Bomber........
  15. I remember the day when there were enough pilots to actually form up and fly in formation! Hope those days come back! I remember when this guide came out, thanks for fishing it out again!