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  1. Neat park, great pics thx for sharing!
  2. Agree.......and I don’t care either who wins map.
  3. Except I want it too.......
  4. I started in July of 02. Thanks for the many years of fun. Now can we get those giant leaves back that 6our whole squad could climb and hhide in?
  5. I have complete faith in Xoom and the team! Keep up the good work!
  6. Truly thankless job!
  7. Damn good shooting!
  8. In my opinion, more people left because there was no roadmap for the future, and never anything new. Cracks me up now we have SPAAs in game people are saying it’s ruining the air war. I mostly fly bombers, so SPAAs are a giant problem to deal with. To me that’s an interesting change. A lot more RDP RAIDS ON BOTH SIDES has been happening this campaign which is nice to see. there is a roadmap, and we are getting new stuff. Life ain’t perfect cause I want it all now, but it’s a helluva lot better than it was.
  9. There were some terrific air battles last night! Like the good old days!
  10. Old saying about juice being worth the squeeze......and the Zeelands ain’t that. The allies already have Knokke so they don’t need the airfield. The axis need the airfield if they’re trying to bypass twerp or Brussels. I love the fightsup there they really are fun, but I get why it’s limited.
  11. Keep up the good work fellas..........I like the changes, at least YOUR trying! I’m excited as hell for the direction I ahead! New toys, sure just variants, but still newness. I get Irish’s post tho......I try to be one of the first allied bombers in the air when the campaign starts just to try get that first opel. I’m disappointed when I can’t do it, because of real life. merlins post was good about why the change. We are like your kids, you don’t expect us to AGREE with everything you do, but you should expect us to understand why. Pretty hard to argue with the post put in those terms. anyrate keep up the good works!
  12. Nonsense..........this is life l
  13. Well said brother Dre! My view exactly. This is just a game I don’t particularly care who wins, I just want to do my best, and kill more of them than they kill of me.