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  1. Now that's funny! OJ was one heckuva ground commander back in the day, a lot of fun to play with. I hope he comes back.
  2. Xoom reset campaign late Saturday night. Relax.
  3. Best quote of the day!
  4. How gain access to Allied secure?
  5. Just learned that kills in a hurri2 don't count for Top Bomber........
  6. I remember the day when there were enough pilots to actually form up and fly in formation! Hope those days come back! I remember when this guide came out, thanks for fishing it out again!
  7. Good idea!
  8. I'm waiting to see what 1.36 and steam release do for the game. I agree squad play is more immersive.
  9. The guppy in the sig......
  10. Noz...i learned alot man thanks so much for flying with me...just a disclaimer on the views, if you change them that will be your keystoke in all vehicles. Not so sure you want that in a tank. CRS how about making views available for every vehicle and persona? that would solve that problem
  11. I think this makes perfect sense. I've never played any other online game than this so I can't speak to what other games do. An idea I'd throw out there is this: ive read many comments over the years that the graphics in this game are sub par so that's a negative. The positives are size of map, numbers playing, and a better multi-arms experience, not even including squad play. I'd suggest identifying these two week (or whatever it works out) players so they clearly standout to the current player base, maybe a red name tag. If we the players know who these guys are beyond a green tag we can try to help them have the right kind of experience.
  12. That's the spirit!
  13. The other side to this is some of the whiny players that play that are truly annoying, that [censored] and moan about everything. I know one guy who does it on both sides and is equally despised. If friendly fire would be turned on he would be shot on sight by both sides, repeatedly. You can be bombed by friendly bombs.....just ask Gretnine. I've apparently bombed him more than once. I keep telling him to stop taking shrapnel not meant for him but he apparently doesn't like my sense of humor........
  14. I agree.....not enough players that would sign up for it now. Steam, anyone?