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  1. Less than 30 days from that is sad rest in peace brother.
  2. I need to uninstall and reinstall after this latest patch froze my computer. Where is the link for doing so please
  3. Very nice!
  4. Now your talking! How about a shameless plug for the Brequet 693 aka “Guppy”!? The FAF had more of these active than DB7s. (See sig below) and yes, Axis needs the damn ju88 (I know that rant is coming)
  5. Maybe I didn’t do this right but I downloaded over the old one I did not uninstall. It kept all my key Maps! Logged in game everything seemed to work. I don’t play infantry much so I can’t speak to responsiveness.
  6. Move your mouse over to your avatar upper right corner, pop up will come up click on account, another pop up click on settings, then signature.. you should be able to go from there
  7. July 2002 Sturmgrenadier SG...........
  8. Yikes! I’ll my key maps lost?
  9. Neat park, great pics thx for sharing!
  10. Agree.......and I don’t care either who wins map.
  11. Except I want it too.......
  12. I started in July of 02. Thanks for the many years of fun. Now can we get those giant leaves back that 6our whole squad could climb and hhide in?