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  1. I downloaded patch..... ran install.... didn't work so I started downloading again.... but then I realized what was going on and I reran the installer but choosing the playnet folder myself instead of the default applications folder as the destination target. It worked fine for me.
  2. I am thinking along the lines of a Saitek X52 flight stick and throttle. Are there any recommendations from the MAC community. Maybe its cuz I am a flight sim newb but I really want my throttle to be on my left so I can control it while I maneuvre the stick with the right hand. I play with a 2.3GHz core 2 duo laptop actually resting on my lap so its hard to reach across to manipulate the throttle slider on my Logitech Xtreme 3D. With this in mind are there any favorite models? Recommendations, especially those with an explanation of the high and low points, will be greatly appreciated. (hopefully models under 100$) Anvik