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  1. So the sound card selection doesn't seem to work. I have both an onboard sound card, and a PCI sound card. I used to use PCI card for the game and onboard sound for TS. I started having some issues, and while testing some different options, noticed that no matter what I set the sound card selection to, it always plays out on the Primary Sound Card as specified by Windows.
  2. I tried a ram disk ( 768M ) on 2 Gbs of ram. After about 6-7 spawns I would ctd from running out of memory. ( page file disbabled ). Although My current performance is identical whether I'm on a ram disk, or running off a HD.
  3. The ingame squad page is broken for me as well, however squad chat still works.
  4. From New Zealand, I regularly get bad packet loss, always round Cogents part of the network, but only in the hours I want to play, if I check it during the day ( NZ time ) its always fine.