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  1. My laptop has that, and the game does at least start up. With default 1.25 settings, 1280x800 resolution, FPS offline was in range of 10-20. Haven't tried online yet, nor toyed with settings.
  2. NT compability admittedly works, and using it has even been recommended by Rats. But question about WHY it helps has often been raisen, and nobody has come up with good explanation yet. So does anyone know, what is different in NT compability mode? Why does it help? Does the OS work differently in some very low level, and the game cannot be programmed so that it would work better in every mode? It just feels weird that game runs better when OS is in some "legacy" mode, than in it's native mode.
  3. Correct BIOS settings are very important too. Many do not realize how profound effect they can have on your machine's performance. If they are wrong, you can tweak and update sw and hw as much as you can afford, and it won't matter a bit. So I suggest everyone pays a good attention on getting them right. Rojakpot's web page gives good advice on what each setting does, and what it should be set to. Here's the link: http://www.rojakpot.com/freebog.aspx There haven't been updates lately, but the info is still valid
  4. 5.10 is the latest official driver, but if you are willing to try leaked beta drivers then go here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?id=19 There are several 6.xx series drivers, choose one of those which are not for nForce4 chipset, and not for 64bit OS. I cannot really recommend any specific driver, except that I have always been running betas and several different 6.xx set without any problems. Actually, most of my drivers on my PC are some sort of betas So I'd say it is safe to try them out. You could also browse the forum to find comments from other users about different drivers.
  5. Been running XP x64 for some time now, some problems finding drivers but after that it has worked nicely. WWII Online is running very well, I didn't notice any performance drop (nor increase) from regular XP Pro.