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  1. A narrow front can be cut off. This was true with the old system too, but the current attack method moves much slower and gives the enemy time to adjust. Some though needs to be put into finding a way to put some mobility back into the game with garrison supply. Perhaps less armour in towns and more armour brigades to move around to spearhead attacks? Through enough ideas out and one may make sense.
  2. Has happened to me 5 times now -- try to place a charge on an fms and it won't go and i end up dead. Sometimes if i cycle through weapons it will allow me to place the charge. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.
  3. Yes the cut moved the map, but really, there are still dozens of towns between Phillipville and the factories. The cut was not really a big deal. No brigades moved to training. No garrisons lost, since new ones just reappeared where needed. Allies can easily do the same thing next week and gain it all back. The new reality is you need to move the entire front, north to south, one town at a time, across the entire map, fighting long drawn out battles for each town. As soon as a town goes critical, stop all attacks and have everyone go to the threatened town. All you need is one cp, anywhere in town to come back and lib. This campaign could last a full year or longer. The most frustrating part i find is you take the bunker, all the cps but one, but the one left does not have a link to an enemy town. Then the enemy spawns and takes the entire town back.
  4. If you can place them then it is ok- can't blame someone for doing what the game allows. In the above example, placing all those barriers was likely not worth the effort. ATGS and tanks can just blow them away, and i have seen trucks go through far smaller gaps than what is available there.
  5. Just a few random ideas... make a limited time offer-- $10/mth for 6 months -- then normal rates apply. Some people just need a good deal to get back into the game. Also send out a one time only email to all ftp players ( if you can do that) and ask them if they want to "buy the game" with a pay now link . I heard a story where a company improved its sales just by ensuring its sales reps actually asked their customer if they wanted to buy. Apparently some reps did not ask and were not getting sales.
  6. map is now way less cluttered with flags on brigade towns only -much easier to read. Also having non-garrison towns greyed out is an improvement.
  7. Nice info. Another point to add in regards to satchels is after 1942 the Germans covered their tanks with surface that prevented the attachment of magnetic devices. (The Russians apparently used magnetic devices)
  8. i have never really understood the zoom for aiming a rifle. Perhaps to capture a "concentrated" view?
  9. lol - think they need to fix this.
  10. From 600 meters?
  11. We already have fake defenders of cps, sitting in cps while the enemy is capping and telling others everything is fine. Do we really want to give them the ability to shoot their own side too?
  12. For the Chinese, the war started in 1937. The United States was actively trying to force Japan to stop its attacks in China and imposed an oil embargo on Japan. The Japanese had a difficult decision, do nothing and burn all their oil reserves by the spring of 1942 (which would mean the fleet would have to remain in port) or secure new sources of oil. I really believe that regardless of what happened in France and whether the Germans invaded for did not invade the USSR, the Japanese would still have opted to attack the US and the British, French and Dutch colonies to secure new sources of oil. Otherwise, their fleet would have no oil and the Japanese Islands would have been defenceless. (Or the Japanese could have withdrawn from China, but that would never have happened). The big question is whether Germany would have made the same stupid mistake that it actually did in 1941, declare war on the US. Given the history of bad decisions by the German government during the war, I think they likely would have.
  13. Some good points here. If France had managed to hang on then maybe the US may not have entered the war in late 1941. The Japanese attacked the US because they were certain the Soviets were not going to attack Japan. If the USSR is not at war with Germany maybe Japan does not attack the US. However, with the oil embargo on Japan, Japan may still have attacked regardless. The Japanese were facing a situation that if they did not attack the US in December 1941, they would not have enough oil to ever attack the US (basically now or never) What if history its always an interesting exercise. I believe that a Soviet-German war and a Japanese-American war were going to happen no matter what, just the timing was up for debate, and in the case of Japan and the US, the oil embargo on Japan left little for debate in timing.
  14. Given the cut in the number of SMGs on the allied side, you are more likely to see more rifles trying to run and gun.
  15. ok thanks lutenist-- i think i know how the full sprint firing is down- more an illusion than actually firing at a full run.