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  1. Looking at my SMG stats in top smg list, it shows 104 kills. When i look at my own stats, it shows --- German smg -115, italian smg 53, mp-34 -19 -- so using those numbers how do you get 104? 104=(115+53+19)x Solve for x. All i can think of is that the smg stats are German army MP-40 only, does not include navy or air force.
  2. Having such a bunker would be a nice addition, but it would have to have a lot of controlling factors on it---- driving up to an enemy town and ringing it with concrete bunkers is likely not a good addition to the game. But allowing construction of such bunkers within 100 or so meters on your own town might work-- just ensure it can be destroyed by tanks and i think little or no spawning- very short spawn list- 2 or 3 atgs and maybe 2 or 3 LMGs. This might take the fight out into the countryside a little more. Perhaps it also becomes a capture point tied to the city cp-- ei capture the bunker and city remains under ei control until the bunker itself is recaptured. You can put up forward defence, but it comes at a cost.
  3. my ISP is a national provider - uses dynamic IP addressing and and most likely NAT. There could be thousands of people who appear to be using the same IP as i am.
  4. There is no spying in this game- logging into the other side to gather info is not spying, it is cheating. Call it what it is.
  5. Perhaps just go back to the old 4 charges on vehicle and 8 on infantry as the default, but double it up if that FB is attached to a town with an AO on it - then the attack cannot be shut down too easily and the underpop side still has a change to flip an fb elsewhere to launch a relief attack somewhere.
  6. We really need paying customers- the game is going nowhere without them. If the dollar price of the game is too high for you, then i would argue that the opportunity cost of playing the game is even worse for you. This game can eat up huge chunks of your time- if you are in school, concentrate on that and don't get distracted by this game. When you have the income to afford it, then subscribe. Keep your priorities straight.
  7. Most players are honest and want to play within the rules. Only a small handful will attempt to play outside the rules. Mostly they do so because they have a need for someone in the world to see them as the best at something, but knowing themselves that they cheated to do so does not bother them. For permanent bans, we should have a wall of shame, with their names posted, so that they are exposed to the game world.
  8. you have no idea what you are talking about actionman
  9. well then, perhaps the RATS should take an intermission and totally let lose with the rules- no HC, no AOs, no EWS and see what happens. nothing to lose by trying.
  10. Why? What will it do? You gain nothing by ranking higher other than a title. The rank system is really just a level system, for assigning weapon access-- there are no more weapons to gain. Otherwise, rank means nothing.
  11. the most important thing i can think of is reducing the incidents of camping on the FMS-- just happens too often and really brings the game down. some suggestions. a no kill zone at the point of spawn so that spawning players can determine the situation and perhaps come up with a way of breaking the camp a no kill credit zone, where you can make kills but don't get credit for them- would encourage campers to get an engineer on site asap to blow it instead of telling engineers to stay away from their camp reduce the number of rounds for tanks to kill an fms== not everyone likes to camp and some tankers might opt to kill it if they can instead of camping, which is really their only option now.
  12. I would imagine that in a small space, such as a ab bunker room, a frag grenade would generate enough concussion effect to do severe damage. In this game it does nothing.
  13. Once the high pop side caps a spawn in a town it is game over.
  14. They could spend the time and resources on an ambulance or a medic, or they could spend the time and resources on a flamethrower or a tripod mounted MG. Which one do you thing would be best received by the player base?
  15. I think the best way to handle artillery is a forward artillery observer who can lay down a target for an AI based artillery unit. Have a limited number of fire missions placed by HC members only,