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  1. I think having a limit on deployable bridges is a good idea. Maybe an assault boat too- limited number of engineers able to deploy a boat that infantry can ride on across a river But i think these ideas are way in the future.
  2. Regardless, the game would look better if there was a USAAF presence
  3. Like it or not garrisons are here to stay. Just too much work to go back. Best option would be to reduce numbers in garrisons and add more brigades, but we would still have the HC problem.
  4. I think the definition of a cut off town is it does not have a link to any other town, so could not have an FB to capture. From what i am understanding, you cannot currently oversupply a town from a cutoff town because there is no direct link. So at this point we cannot oversupply (evacuate) from a cut-off town. As to whether it is worthwhile to build this into the game at a later date, that is certainly debatable. Likely no one would run supply out anyway due to lack of players available to do so. But in a large player base situation I think it would be a good addition, so up to 50% could be moved.
  5. I have heard of people saying we can oversupply a town, so would that apply here?
  6. A question about cut off towns. When a town is cut off, is there any value to loading up a truck with say 10 SMGs and driving them to a non cut off town to add to their supply? Would it add to supply for a short time or have no effect? Currently we just write towns off that are cutoff but if there was a way to transfer supply to another town it would be helpful.
  7. Typically if you spend a great deal of time bombarding an ab with a mortar you may get a kill or two. Can’t see field artillery being more effective. Mortars lost their value when they removed the concussion effect. Impairing the ability of defenders to act was always more important then any random kill.
  8. Snow shoes would be great but i don't know if any of the armies used them in WW2. For the white camo, that would only be used in large open areas, but since veteran troops know better than crossing open areas and tend to stick to the tree line, a white bedsheet would make them stick out like a sore thumb against the trees. The white camo thing is a bit over-rated. I think hillstorm is right, this is just too much to do right now.
  9. Just changing the colour of the ground to white does not really simulate winter warfare. winter clothing needs to be added. Fatigue levels need to be adjusted. Moving across a field in knee deep snow is very exhausting and makes you a very easy slow moving target. Some vehicles would not be able to cross snow covered areas Swimming across rivers would mean certain death if you did not get dry asap Creating even the milder winters of Europe would still be a major undertaking.
  10. I like them but I imagine more than a few players will waste time building maginot lines while enemy mobile forces outflank them
  11. Migrations are always tricky. I have been through a few of them and it always goes a bit slower than expected. The rats are doing great sorry that it impacted time with your families during the holiday period. thanks for the effort
  12. We need more Aussie players. In that time zone they represent the most opportunity for player growth. But easier said than done
  13. I don't know how you really determine the highest ranking player on a side is. Perhaps just give an AO to the top three squads(in numbers) and have squads appoint members to have the power to place them- a squad could have 5-10 members able to place and AO. Would put the game back in control of squads and players
  14. I have encountered both the invisible fms and death by nothing bugs-- the similarity is so close that for a moment i wondered how you managed to record my screen. The setting for the invisible fms is almost identical to the setting i encountered. I encountered the river bank death point along with playtime a few months ago- he died the same way. For the hits not registered bug- i have noticed that hits only seem to register now if you get a kill. Before if i hit a tank with a rifle shot it would show as a hit, but now it does not show at all.
  15. We gave waypoints on our maps. I don't think we need them in the game environment too.