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  1. People switching sides causing no harm to anyone else. Perhaps the time interval needs to be increased, but otherwise, infringing on the rights of people to choose which side they want to play on is of no advantage to anyone. People switch for various reasons. Locking someone to the over pop side where they are bored and uninterested because there is no meaningful resistance is a sure way to get people to cancel their subscriptions. We don't have enough paying customers now and can't afford to lose anymore. A side lock for the campaign will cause more harm than good.
  2. I think what we really need is a Para cook-- to bring hot food to the troops behind the lines. And perhaps a Para pay clerk, with a 3 piece jump suit and jump shoes, to pay the troops behind the lines.
  3. Do you mean captured depots at AOs? Or all depots? Spawning would only be from FBs? Or ABs too? We are a small player base that likely would make such a change not workable.
  4. Everyone has access to everything right now--- for the first 14 days of camp. DLC players have access to the full premium account spawn list. The DLC stuff will be locked out for only DLC players soon. Same goes for Limited supply smg.
  5. I don't think we have a large enough player base to consider a spawn delay after death or "last man standing" . Good ideas but they likely have a negative impact on our existing player base.
  6. I never guard a spawn cp in intermission, or try to recapture one. We want the other side to cap their spawn so we have more action. But once the spawn is captured, no more easy caps for them. They have to fight for the other cps.
  7. well it would be more historically accurate. The German army was not motorized in 1940- most units used horse-drawn wagons. Only a few units had enough trucks to be considered motorized. It would remain this way throughout the war.
  8. Winning the campaign is not all that important. What happens during the campaign is what is important. While playing on the under pop side can be frustrating at times, it also has its rewards. More targets, greater weapon availability. ( and formerly no spawn delay) Some people prefer offence, some defence. Over pop offers little opportunity for defensive minded players. As far as adding incentives to playing the under pop side, i am not sure what could be done, but would certainly like to hear some ideas. Bringing back spawn delay could certainly be a big incentive, but it might be unpopular now.
  9. I agree. More testing without SD is needed. However i do repeat my suggestion that we have an indication of over-pop and under-pop on log in. It might encourage people to go to the under-pop side. Perhaps just have an initial delay to join a side that is over pop. Something i have noticed is the 10 second de-spawn delay can be a bit of an issue for the under-pop side when they are under attack. The 5 second delay is not really a problem. Perhaps think about making there de-spawn delay 5 seconds in all occasions. When there are only 2 or 3 defenders against 15- 20 you need to spawn, de-spawn and re-spawn quiet frequently to offer a valid defence.
  10. There seems to be a death lag- you shoot someone and they run out of view and die-- i have seen this a lot over the last year or so. It seems like they did not die, but when you despawn you see you have a kill. Often the body comes sliding back across the ground. ( Which is another issue-- why do bodies slide around, sometimes for 50-60 yards?)
  11. Increasing the number of tiers might allow for better fine tuning. I would also recommend removing old equipment as the tiers increase. It makes little sense for most of the tier 0 tanks to be available in tier 2. Remove the old equipment and increase the availability of the new equipment.
  12. Good stuff dre You can hear the voice of Bugs Bunny in Private SNAFU.
  13. LOL - it is already hard to get by a tank with its ultra super optics-- giving them radar or sonar will make it virtually impossible.
  14. I like it, however it would be nice to know which side is under pop on long in. It might encourage a better distribution of players.
  15. Can't say I like the Town Radar idea-- Knowing exactly where your enemy is takes all the skill and fun out of the game. Sort of like shooting caged rabbits. It would also increase the number of attackers to defenders ratio - would likely need 10 to 15 attackers for every defender to cap a town.