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  1. Steam is unpredictable--- the general view is that most players are 14-20, but I have seen reviews of steam that suggest the bulk of the player base is actually much older- 30+ -- if this is true the WW2 has a good chance to gain some new players. It is worth a try and for the sake of all the people who put their time and money into the game, i hope it works.
  2. Why is the game going down on a weekend? Likely because the Rats in question have a day job that pays the bills, as opposed to their WW2 online hobby job. How much to you really expect them to give to keep this game going?
  3. All depends if you can stand us older types--- the game has a lot of older players- 50 + . As for age limit- that is up to your parents and your own tastes. A few people engage in some questionable language and behaviour, but they are the exception and not the norm. Generally most people are respectful.
  4. Ninja capping-- definition-- setting an FMS, calling for help, get ignored, then go and cap yourself alone -- don't understand why we need to penalize a player who is actually taking decisive action?
  5. the timers don't become active until after the AO has been in place for 10 minutes-- if no one has reacted by the time the timers become active then cap time of 2 mins, 3 mins or 5 mins is not going to make that much of a difference. We used to have the 2 minute capture tables, and while this made capture time short, it was highly risky because you had to be in contact with the table and were easy prey for defenders. However, the underpop side had a better chance of actually capturing something in those days.
  6. The bigger shops do not see a market for this type of game. That is why BE is the only game in town. The lack of competition indicates a lack of demand.
  7. you have to rank up to get all the weapons available for starter. also- what country are you in? $4.99 is for US- if you are outside you need to pay an exchange rate.
  8. Well i am glad those uniform changes never happened--- this is a game of front line battle troops-- they don't dress that way. I remember when i first started playing we just to have generals with guns running around- hated it-- i prefer the current artwork- it looks more realistic.
  9. The germans never really switched to semis-- they were never deployed in large numbers--- most used the bolt rifle
  10. In the real life logistical world, the M1 being used by the Brits does not make sense-- the British deliberately used the .303 in their rifle and lmg to ease supply issues. The M1 in the Brit spawn list sort of turns my stomach a bit, but it is a game.
  11. i have seen the Soviet flag before- but first time for a Japanese style flag.
  12. Well you certainly put a lot of thought into it--- you need to address the deliberate shooting of medics issue- it will happen and is a good strategy- why let them revive a wounded enemy? I know the Japanese did this. (Different view of what constitutes fair war)
  13. ok thanks- just understanding how it worked the first time is helpful.
  14. I was not around for the first pass on this- only known Brigades so I have no real idea how it works. Perhaps someone can explain it- mechanics only-- no opinions on whether it is good or bad please. The more we know about it ahead of time, the better chance it has of success. Some questions --- Can you spawn in any controlled town? Or only in specific towns? What happens to AO's ? FRUS (fms) ? FBs? Are town capture mechanics the same? Thanks.
  15. The damage indicator models the effects of wounds and its impact on a soldier- no real need for a medic. A simple RTB will often return the current soldier back into the pool. You can ignore iwounds and continue fighting until you die from your wounds, but your movement and vision is impaired-- this seems about right to me. Regardless of the availability of medics or not, the overall current model would still be the end result. I would hate to see this game turn into one where people think it is "unrealistic" that someone could die from a single shot.