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  1. If they don't cover expenses this game will die very fast. FTP give nothing to that end. If you can't afford $12-17 per month then you really should be working overtime a bit more and not waste your time here. It takes me about 2 hours of work every year to pay for an entire year of this game.
  2. perhaps allow naval infantry mission leaders to place an FMS -- would at least allow ATGS and AAGs to spawn on the beach. (would be a very limited number due to being a naval brigade)
  3. The Sapper personal is not a historically accurate name. (Since we are going historically accurate now) . However Pioneer is (at least in the French/British/German armies) . Infantry battalions had pioneer platoons who provided close support with explosives, just as the current sapper does. All that is needed is a name change and take away the pistol and give then a rifle. You can also give them a beard, a true sign of a pioneer.
  4. I think the only real problem would be bridges being destroyed by an attacking side that the HC actually want standing. Everyone things a little different and a random actor could make the wrong conclusion and take a bridge down that stops his own side' attack dead in its tracks. Perhaps more bridge AO/DO's or make it a PPO so that when placed by a player, it shows up on the map so HC knows someone is blowing their key bridge.
  5. mine went ok. no issues. Patch downloaded and installed when i logged in as usual. OS 10.10.5 Yosemite.
  6. I don't think most people consider many of these items when choosing a weapon. (Perhaps we should). I would think most people go by the "right tool for the job" criteria. An smg for street fighting, a rifle or LMG for the country side. Other weapons choices will be based on the task at hand and your own personal strengths and weaknesses. However, using your list, i would say firing range and speed of movement are the two most important factors. Rate of fire would be my next most important consideration. I think you can apply this criteria to infantry/armour/guns/aircraft equally.
  7. I don't see a problem with the MP-40 in comparison to the French smg -- not much difference- slow rate of fire, and takes a bit of practice to hit targets at longer ranges. The Thompson is certainly a bit more deadly at close quarters, with its high rate of fire, but I find that high rate of fire a disadvantage for hitting targets at longer ranges. The Thompson pulls up to the right when firing, making it harder to aim accurately. Now the grease gun, m3, is a bit too good at longer ranges. I call it the sniper smg. Moving it to a later tier is more historically accurate and more fair to the axis side.
  8. Sound like a reasonable compromise.
  9. Why is winning the campaign important? What do you win? What do you lose? What is important is day to day gameplay. In that last campaign, the allies dominated early and pushed the map east. The axis rallied and pushed back west. It was a good campaign for both sides. The only win that matters is that you your time in game.
  10. a breather till tuesday? Can't say i find this game all that exhausting, demanding or pressing that i need a breather. But tuesday is fine.
  11. maybe we should concentrate on getting the US and Italian forces up to speed first.
  12. might be a good idea for a few select bridges at key points, but not really for all bridges. perhaps it could be an HC placeable option, (limited to 2 or 3 at a time)
  13. The one anti-tank barrier is rather insignificant- i think a cluster of 3 or so would be a good idea. Two or 3 engineers could create a meaningful tank barrier. Satchels should be able to destroy anti-tank barriers, but tank rounds should not. tank rounds should also be able to destroy bunkers ( excluding the FMS)
  14. From what i can see, if you select a side and then exit that side you get a 10-25 minute delay. But if you shut the game down and reload you may wait 1 or 2 mins. The initial delay is needed to slow people who would exploit the tactical situation by changing side. Restarting the game plus the 1 or 2 min delay ensures that it is highly unlikely all those easy targets are still in place. Unfortunately, there are some players who just can't play fair. (They need an edge just to be even)
  15. another idea might be to make the RR stations damageable by bombs, cutting resupply time by some margin. To be fair, they would also need to be repairable.