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  1. more difficult cross country terrain, to force more importance on roads and cross roads. No on cuts the grass during a war.
  2. LMG is not a bug - it is by design- when i started playing in 2007 you could not fire from the hip - it was an add on. Hip firing lmg is a separate issue. Magic trees is a new one to me--- i shall be on the lookout. death lag -- i double that one.
  3. not being able to stand up at times is certainly the most common bug i come across. Death lag -- you shoot someone who rounds behind a building- looks like you missed then their body slides back out across the ground- kind of an entertaining bug. Feet sticking out walls.
  4. Trains are for resupply and troop movement-- this game does auto supply to individual brigades and already has a unit relocation process. Making trains relevant requires a complete change in game play.
  5. however, in WW2 every second infantryman was not armed with an LMG. Given the numbers of players in game, the hip-firing LMG unbalances the game. It is not just a matter of if it could be done in real life. You have to consider the impact it has on this specific game. Also, if you are going to play the "realism" game, you don't get to cherry pick which parts of realism you are going to use. If you want realism with the MG-34, then add barrel replacement in every 150 rounds. Also the LMGer should run about about half the speed of a rifleman. And it should be extremely difficult to move around with in confined places, like cps an bunkers- no more spinning. Another point-- notice the lanyard around the gunners neck attached to the LMG -- now how could someone go from this to a deployed bipod in the time currently in game? Again, cherry picking realism.
  6. Would be nice if they changed things up a bit during intermission- much shorter cap times. That crazy experiment they did with 30 second cap timers during a camp would spice things up a bit during intermission. Make things happen much faster.
  7. Some good ideas here. Another one--- The French had more tanks than the Germans in 1940, but they spread them out across the front in small packets- for defensive purposes. What if the French, after seeing the events in Poland, had grouped their tanks up into more armoured divisions, giving them 7 or 8 instead of only 3? (The 4th Armoured Div was activated after the German attack under De Gaulle, but was just a hodgepodge of subunits) Also, the french did not have radios in their tanks,making command and control difficult. What if the French had radios in their tanks too? The French went into WW2 planning to fight it like WW1. What if a Charles de Gaulle, an interwar armoured warfare advocate, had risen to higher rank before the war?
  8. Is that LordJim?
  9. Large squads create the imbalance- where they go dictates which side is over pop
  10. lol -- forced despawn certainly limits my time in game.
  11. I doubt the steam data would really be representative of the ww2 online community-- it would represent the Steam community. Steam is a community of gamers- they bounce around from game to game. I have been playing this game for 10 years- it is the only one i play. I am not a gamer-- this is a hobby, an experience- I suspect there are plenty of long time players who are the same. But gathering data about the current player base is a very good idea.
  12. Looking at my SMG stats in top smg list, it shows 104 kills. When i look at my own stats, it shows --- German smg -115, italian smg 53, mp-34 -19 -- so using those numbers how do you get 104? 104=(115+53+19)x Solve for x. All i can think of is that the smg stats are German army MP-40 only, does not include navy or air force.
  13. Having such a bunker would be a nice addition, but it would have to have a lot of controlling factors on it---- driving up to an enemy town and ringing it with concrete bunkers is likely not a good addition to the game. But allowing construction of such bunkers within 100 or so meters on your own town might work-- just ensure it can be destroyed by tanks and i think little or no spawning- very short spawn list- 2 or 3 atgs and maybe 2 or 3 LMGs. This might take the fight out into the countryside a little more. Perhaps it also becomes a capture point tied to the city cp-- ei capture the bunker and city remains under ei control until the bunker itself is recaptured. You can put up forward defence, but it comes at a cost.
  14. my ISP is a national provider - uses dynamic IP addressing and and most likely NAT. There could be thousands of people who appear to be using the same IP as i am.
  15. There is no spying in this game- logging into the other side to gather info is not spying, it is cheating. Call it what it is.