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  1. A lot of people don't like spawn delay- playing the under pop side is very appealing. I have done it in the past too. Nothing to do about padding my or other peoples stats. (I think I may pad others stats more than my own)
  2. Side lock could make things worse. Some players play the underpop side, a practice that helps create balance. For some reason people hate side switchers, but they are the ones who help balance.
  3. Straightened away- payment is made.
  4. Maybe i have it working- says payment method is PayPal offline. Will check again over the next few days- my billing date is oct 1
  5. Says successfully updated to PayPal payment method as of sept 25, 20:17 but i can't find a way to actually pay- will keep looking into it.
  6. I did step 3 - update profile. After i update.... On step 4, i do not get the red bar and pay now message. I get a green bar that says profile updated. I have no option to pay now.
  7. When does this start? I just tried it- when i update my profile it only says it has been updated. It does not give me the PAY NOW option.
  8. item 1and - interesting ideas- don't know if it would help player balance but it sounds like a lot of fun item 3- think you meant news for under pop side removed?
  9. All existing pre- 10.15 macs will continue to work the same after the release of 10.15. Dropping 32 bit support only affects OS release 10.15 and forward. Personally, i like to see a new OS released for at least 6 months before switching to it. Let someone else work out the bugs.
  10. The Germans did not need to put a lot of troops on shore to overrun the UK -- the BEF was destroyed, there were few tanks and artillery available. All the Germans needed was a toe hold. Get 5 or 6 divisions across and it would have been over very quickly. If the Germans had control of the air, they had control of the English Channel. No RN ship would last long there. Land based aircraft trump warships. Sorry, but Britain was beat in 1940 and only the RAF saved them. If the RAF had broken, Britain would have been lost. What saved the RAF and Britain was the foolish change of tactics by the Germans, switching from pounding RAF airfields to bombing British cities, allowing the RAF to recover. Another foolish decision by Hitler that cost him a victory.
  11. The Germans were close- the air battle decided it. The Germans had a lot of landing craft assembled. If Goring had kept attacking RAF airfields and radar stations instead of switching to bombing cities the Germans might have won the air battle and invaded the UK. The British navy would have been too vulnerable in the channel to risk intervening.
  12. true, but i don't think allied and axis ammo were really compatible.
  13. Well if allied hc is manipulating things to put more UK than French towns as frontline then i wish they would stop. There is no real advantage to this and in some ways it hurts the allied cause. The French SMG is more accurate and has greater range than the thompson and the French have a semi-auto rifle. I would argue that more brit than french frontline is advantage axis.
  14. Rural CPs is a great idea. I suspect it might be a bit difficult to implement. The map is very large.
  15. Something that should be considered is the allied factories are mostly concentrated in a small area while the Axis factories are spread out in the far north and the far south(Frankfurt). Allies have a little more ground to cover to get a win. As far as the idea that the Allies think they can't win, i think that thought is nonsense. The side that is over pop the most always wins. Many of the changes to the game over the last few years have made it easier for the over pop side to win, regardless if it is axis or allied. The allied side is currently experiencing extreme over pop -- 30 sec sd- and the results speak for themselves. Typically the allies are just a little under pop, just enough to ensure there is usually never a SD to deal with but remain mostly competitive.