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  1. well then, perhaps the RATS should take an intermission and totally let lose with the rules- no HC, no AOs, no EWS and see what happens. nothing to lose by trying.
  2. Why? What will it do? You gain nothing by ranking higher other than a title. The rank system is really just a level system, for assigning weapon access-- there are no more weapons to gain. Otherwise, rank means nothing.
  3. the most important thing i can think of is reducing the incidents of camping on the FMS-- just happens too often and really brings the game down. some suggestions. a no kill zone at the point of spawn so that spawning players can determine the situation and perhaps come up with a way of breaking the camp a no kill credit zone, where you can make kills but don't get credit for them- would encourage campers to get an engineer on site asap to blow it instead of telling engineers to stay away from their camp reduce the number of rounds for tanks to kill an fms== not everyone likes to camp and some tankers might opt to kill it if they can instead of camping, which is really their only option now.
  4. I would imagine that in a small space, such as a ab bunker room, a frag grenade would generate enough concussion effect to do severe damage. In this game it does nothing.
  5. Once the high pop side caps a spawn in a town it is game over.
  6. They could spend the time and resources on an ambulance or a medic, or they could spend the time and resources on a flamethrower or a tripod mounted MG. Which one do you thing would be best received by the player base?
  7. I think the best way to handle artillery is a forward artillery observer who can lay down a target for an AI based artillery unit. Have a limited number of fire missions placed by HC members only,
  8. Funny, i never camped the old style FRUs -- just destroyed them with grenades and moved on. Since i can't do that anymore, i have no choice but to camp an FMS until it is destroyed by an Engineer or is pulled down after 20 or so kills. Perhaps reduce the number of shots needed by tanks to destroy an FMS might help ---- camping is boring and not very sporting, and hurts the game. I hate doing it, but the current form of FMS encourages it. Perhaps also have an auto - remove for the FMS- if a certain number of kills are recorded within a very short period of time it is deleted- say 10 kills in 20 seconds.
  9. i just did a search on ww2 online and found it right away. Steam has a lot of games- we on not going to stay on the front page forever. At some point people are going to have to just stumble upon it while doing a general search of game types.
  10. I would be happy if they would just fall dead when you shoot them, instead of 5 to 10 seconds later. I waste far too much time pumping unneeded rounds into an ei before they actually fall dead, simply because i an not certain they are going to die,
  11. they should run a special event intermission-- invasion of the UK-- just to focus attention on that and see if it is really feasible. A freighter is easy to spot and follow- it would require both sides to engage in extensive air patrols and battles. Air types should love it.
  12. the point is, in years past when we only had the truck fms, people did not do it
  13. An invasion of the UK is actually quite hard with a truck placed FMS. In the 9 years i have played the only time i ever saw successful invasions was when we had infantry placed MLs setting up the FMS-- they would fly MLs in. Loading up a ship with opels and sailing across the north sea or channel is not something many people are wanting to do. Jus too much of a time commitment.
  14. When i first started playing this game 9 years ago the lag was no where as bad as it is today- It seemed to get worse a few years ago and nothing seems to be making it better. I will just live with it until the point that i can't take it any more then I will be in the same boat- do i quit or not. I pay by the month so i can make that decision anytime. So is it going to get better- really I don't think so.
  15. The Army of the French 3rd Republic came to an end in 1940 -- it never used many of the weapons in this game-- including the mas-40, which was only made as a proto-type The Rats are using a bit of logical "what if " thinking in regards to the weaponry that the French army would have used if it survived 1940 on into 1941, 1942,etc. For the most part i don't disagree with their choices. They could also introduce the M1 into he french army in later tiers- would make better sense than the m1 in the british army. (But i understand they want to give the british a semi and that is about the best they can do) But the grease gun and STEN did not exist in 1940, so they may want to rethink that. Maybe use a a limited thompson and mas smg instead. ( I do like the grease gun's slow rate of fire though- it has its advantages) Also, i did mean mg-34- it was meant as a bit of a joke. With regards to the mg-34-- it should not be able to fire on the move- it just unbalances the game too much. (Same for all LMGs, except the BAR, which is not really an LMG anyway) The Rats need to make decisions that balance realism with game balance. Sometimes you have to compromise a bit.