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  1. I always used them when regular smg's were used up. But i always wondered why they were still available. The only reason i can come up with is that FTP program is not really bringing players into the game. FTP players should be all over them. However, going forward into Steam, locking them for ftp is likely a very good idea.
  2. Public exposure would be in order--- such action ruins the game for everyone. People need to realize, every action like this puts another nail in the coffin of this game. People will vote with their money and leave.
  3. Let me guess- GHC war plan is Kill allied soldiers, capture towns and cities.
  4. I don't think there is any aiming problem with rifles-- I am constantly being one shot by a rifle from 200 plus yards all the time. No problem with their aim.
  5. Manpower is not unlimited, and there never was enough troops in real life to defend the entire map-- I like the brigade system, but if it is to go, then fine. But in the meantime, if it is going to stay for the short term, then perhaps look at ways of modifying it to deal with some of the issues people don't like. (Simple mods only- don't spend too much time and energy on it, more important things to do. But if a simple change can be done, why not?) shorter move times- the ability to move several towns at once- perhaps redeployment from north to south - work out some form of supply delay to reflect such movements. Perhaps some form of detachable sub unit that could be moved to an open town (much more limited supply) - or independent town militia with very limited spawn lists. whatever makes people happy - since people are not happy now then change what you can to see if it improves things. But as far as Steam goes-- going in with 1.36 on its initial release would be a huge mistake-- You only have one chance to make a good impression and going with an untested product is an extremely bad idea. Existing long time players may be challenged by a new system- new ones would be totally lost.
  6. Well it is a good article- your journalism degree seems to have paid off.
  7. Go into Steam with as solid a product as you can- you will only get one chance--- stick with what works for sure. If you change and the current player base cannot understand what is going on, what chance will new steam players have?
  8. Fight avoidance? Why would anyone play if they wanted to avoid a fight? That is the whole purpose. It is only intermission-- better than what we have now - just a camp fest.
  9. Give each side 3 AOs and put the cap time to 30 secs-- nothing to lose doing that and at least intermission would stop being "Let the enemy cap a spawn then camp it with tanks"
  10. bump--- still looking--- all welcome-- only requirement is treat others with respect.
  11. Squads tend to be collections of individuals, each with their own ideal of how things should be done- the larger the squad the more difficulty in getting agreement. As pointed out earlier by others, squads have little control over play, so i suspect many people decide that a smaller, more controllable squad suites their needs better at this time. Reform the role of squads and i suspect you will see squads merge to deal with the new situation. I guess the famous line applies- "Build it and they will come"
  12. I actually don't think the mg 34 gives the Axis as much advantage as people think it does--- in the hands of an honest player it is certainly challenging, but that is because it operates as intended- providing very fast, heavy and accurate fire on target, which is realistic. What is not modelled in the game accurately is the requirement to change out the barrel after 150 rounds or so and the heavy load of carrying enough ammunition to feed it firing. Also an LMG can be deployed far too fast in this game. But there is only so much you can do. I would not change that. There are advantages to the BREN gun's lower rate of fire-- you can control your rounds on target better and not waste as many shots-- i find most mg-34 gunners use a full mag for every kill. It is just too easy to fire off the entire mag in one shot.
  13. Why do people think this is anti axis? mg 34 or bren or the french lmg-- regardless, hip firing is not realistic. Has anyone even wondered where your left hand would go to provide any stability to fire it? Someone mentioned the M-60 and the difficulties with that-- at least it has a place to put your left hand to hold it firm without burning your hand on the barrel. There is no forward hand grip on any of the this weapons-- they are fired from the prone position with a bipod and with the left hand on top of the mg about the pistol grip to provide stability. The other thing that annoys me is the STEN gun with the hand on the mag-- these things were notorious for jamming and holding the mag firm while the smg is bucking and shaking is certainly only going to result in more mis-feeds. No self respecting Brit soldier would fire it that way.
  14. that would be ok . I think most squads assign informal ranks, but an official one would be good.
  15. not quite following oxford-- do you mean have squads determine people's ranks? CRS gives us levels and squads determine ranks based on squad needs? armies also have different names for different ranks. In ww2, there was no British rank of Sergeant-major, or RSM -- they were positions, not ranks. the ranks were warrant officer 1, warrant officer 2--- they would be appointed SM,CSM or RSM