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  1. Havent seen Mlucas since 2005 i think, i miss jeepfrk too
  2. ASUS Maximus V Formula Republic of Gamers motherboard Intel Core i5 3330 3 GHz 4 cores Kingston HyperX blu 8 GB Mem : 2 x 4 G GeForce GT 630 That will keep you going for years to come
  3. I have tried the same thing when I was running a windows xp OS, after it installed some updates, several of my games and programs stopped working. Not sure if there is any way to fix it, but i couldn't find any. So my only best advice is to reinstall your O/S. that worked for me. I hope you find a way to fix your problem S!
  4. why is it closed? cause you went axis?
  5. nice thought, Bagders will be more than happy to help out if you need bombs or air cover in any way. S!
  6. yet another bump
  7. This thread should be moved to the allied subforum
  8. This thread should be moved to the Axis subforum
  9. You do so by PMing a rat - get to work dammit!
  10. Every squad with a [AXIS/ALLIED] prefix - get your thread into the relevant subforum ehh....