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  1. Been around since 2002 and rarely post, but I believe that I need to voice my opinion on this matter. I am unhappy with the new FRU system and will not play game (boycott) at all for a few months. I hope it changes when I come back in the spring.
  2. Negative to the point of losing interest in playing the game.
  3. Windows 7, 64 bit happens with my integrated sound card and with my creative soundblaster card.
  4. I have same issue
  5. S! Had to leave squad, PM sent to Ohan mga
  6. I am having same problem.
  7. I have it too, it sucks.
  8. Had the same problems as original poster of this thread. Has to be system thing. Never had problems until yesterday and I have played alot since game came out.
  9. Is their a squad that is recruiting and does not require teamspeak?
  10. I probably know the answer but here it goes. Do I have to use teamspeak to join?
  11. Hello I am interested in forming a new Axis squad, I would like to get some "Lone Wolves" together and form a small size squad 6-12 personnel. If anyone is interested let me know. I could also use some advice on how to best set up the squad. Thanks for taking the time to read this.