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  1. moved to the recruitment forum? mods... you realize no one reads these right?
  2. yeah if trim wheels are messed up will cause some serious issues, mine are broken and moving them even a tiny amount can mean 100% input so i had to remove them from the keymapper sucks too cause i was always using them... probably why they went out oh well... x52 crap
  3. try uninstalling game and reinstalling it...
  4. stick is bad... my guess, try it on a different game see if it still doing it... my trim wheels do that then ill forget about them and they will start workign at the worst opportune time
  5. i dunno much about this sort of thign but i had a problem with my video card just the other day its a Radeon HD 4870... i updated the drivers and the problem went away... but this game hates ATI for whatever reason nVidia users seem to have better luck i think
  6. i updated my drivers problem gone
  7. i dont have intigrated video just got radeon 4870... its probably my drivers now that i think about it... because i used the ones off the disk i didnt download the newest ones ill do that later and see if that helps ill post the diag in a bit when i get back to my desktop
  8. the lower layer of clouds doesnt render properly they flicker and when i fly through them i cant see anything but white... so im stuck flying below 2.5km... ive never had this problem before i just formatted and reinstalled everything could this be my video drivers? or some setting?
  9. yeah 9pm CST here still not working same 10057 error as earlier.
  10. i used to get it all the time when i used my wireless connection...went to walmart got a 50ft long catV cord and now i get them alot less maybe once a month instead of once every 20 mins when i was using my wireless router..
  11. i had this problem once...but the game didnt crash...i would spawn in and immediatly get eatin my sarlacc...then i would despawn and get the wierd colors...i had choked down most of a 12 pack so i didnt think to restart the game and effectively trashed my FAF K/D
  12. put your game comp in the the modem and the router both...i dont know what i did was find the local ip for my router and put it in the dmz on the modem...then i put the local ip for my game comp and put it in the dmz for the router...although after that any comp connected to the router will have no protection...
  13. are you using wireless connection...i know i was using a wireless router and it did ok forever until a few weeks ago started geting 90% packetloss...messed with it for awhile tilli i foudn it was because of wireless..went to walmart got a 50ft catV cord and i dont have packetloss anymore.
  14. i dont know...i dont think so i cant hear it doing anything really...i dont think it is...why you ask? pagefile stuff of the like?
  15. Alright so flying everywhere else settings maxed out best quality what have you i get 55-65 over an empty town no changes...when the ground units start loading up i get a terrible fps drop...i lowered all my settings put visable limit on low...still no effect on my FPS drop...changed my graphics card settings to low as they could 300fps fly over busy town 15 or less got mad put everything the way i had it now everything looks wierd as hell...i dont know here's my specs ive always had a problem with the graphics in this game...i never had problems with it will about i dont know a couple patches after the FAF got the h81 since then ive had nothing but problems...usually i dont care abotu the ground war so i dont do any CAS but tonight there was a lack of ea to fight and they were all over the town so i was w/o a choice. AMD Phenom II 2.8ghz ATI 4870HD 1 gig (i know everyone says go nvidia but i got a good deal on this one) 4 gigs ddr3 ram windows vista ultimate 1.5mpbs internet connection...always have about 20ping i dont have alot of programs running underneath ww2ol msn messenger is about it...and teamspeak when im flyin with my squad...anything advice would be good because its hard to shoot at planes when chase them over the town and you fps is in the toilet.