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  1. Thanks, much appreciated.
  2. It's all the Whips fault :):)
  3. Thanks , much appreciated. Congrats to all Allies.
  4. It is hard on all of us to see a fellow soldier pass on. R.I.P Imded
  5. Not sure if this is the right place, But I would like to nominate JW for a medal for a job well done at Namur. we were down to the nab and JW drove a truck from Andenne and set up an fms. we were able to spawn there and recapture the town, just when we thought all was lost. Great job JW and others who stemmed the axis tide at namur.
  6. Thanks, appreciate it. Great job Foe.
  7. Thank you. Appreciate it.
  8. Sometimes can't stand up when prone. Have to move away from area or press caps lock. Can get you killed.
  9. We lost a good man today, Tom Williams. He was in the ALLFOR squad. Never met him personally, but we all knew him well. R.I.P. soldier. SALUTE
  10. I had windows 10 on my computer before, but the game resolution was way too big. Thinking I may need a fairly inexpensive new video card. Any suggestions?
  11. Good luck guys. Looking forward to the new update. Hope you have plenty of beer.
  12. welcome back genhawk, and thank you for your service. Happy veterans day.
  13. You mean there's problems? Hard to believe.
  14. Still having problems
  15. Sign me up. I'll crew or man bofors.