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  1. "OMG, killed through wall, F this!!"
  2. THIS helped fix a similar problem I had!!! I just bought a new video card for the sole purpose of playing this game at 3840x2160 (Nvidia DSR), and it looked like crap. The higher resolution simply did NOT work. Doing this completely fixed the problem.
  3. I like this. I like this a lot.
  4. Alright chums, let's do this! LEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. <S> Dracus Long time no see bud! As far as the sound after you installed DirectX: make sure you've rebooted, and then you may just have to re-select the right audio device. You can do that right-clicking the speaker icon on your taskbar (where volume is), select "playback devices," then select the right device and click "set default" (if you're not sure which device to pick, just try each one until you get sound). You can test the one you pick by clicking "Configure" and then try the sound test.
  6. Fun fact: The Japanese Kurogane Type 95, produced from 1936-1944, was "the world's first four-wheel-drive passenger vehicle placed into mass production before the Willys MB (Jeep), which was introduced in 1941, the Daimler Dingo in 1940, the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen introduced in 1942, and the GAZ-61 in 1938." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurogane_Type_95 "In 2013, an example built in 1938 was found in a repair shop in Kyoto, having fallen into disrepair. At the request of Masahiko Kobayashi, it underwent an extensive restoration process that was crowd-funded for restoration costs amounting to [approximately USD $116,000] and having been added to a Japanese military museum. A video was made of the car's unveiling, showing the restored vehicle and engine running"
  7. Yep, I saw that. He might not have actually meant that hip-firing is going to be eliminated. Sometimes hard to know what exactly they're saying when CRS talks...
  8. Agree, but AFAIK, nobody is calling for removal of hip-fire. And for the record, it's not just that the MG-34 fire-while-jogging is unrealistic; it's that it actually breaks gameplay; as it is, CP capture/defense is essentially broken due to Rambo IMHO.
  9. Agree 100%. In fact, I think in one of those threads, merlin51 had the idea that whenever you try to fire mg34, you automatically switch to walking instead of jogging (the same thing happens when you hold the aim key for e.g. rifle). That would be fine with me. Frankly, I'd also like to see jog and sprint speed reduced for LMGs anyway.
  10. @smooth12 Thanks for the feedback!! Coming from you, it means a lot. For whatever it's worth, you've definitely been one of my role models in this game! BTW: Always a crap shoot when it comes to grenades. I use them often, but typically only get damages. That'll hopefully change once the HE audit comes...
  11. Nope. What happens is that someone calls for an end to full-auto MG34 fire while jogging. This is inevitably responded to with people who say "hipfire" is realistic (thereby confusing the issue); those people are responded by one or two folks who (very wrongly) assume hipfire itself is unrealistic. Then someone posts one of the zillion youtube videos of hipfire and thinks the "issue is settled." And about those "recent threads": I was posting in them. As I recall, not one single person in those threads actually argued that hip-fire itself was unrealistic despite the fact that multiple people posted videos of dudes firing M60s while standing.
  12. lol, no. From 7+ years ago. And the most frustrating part of all is that the very same bs confusion was going on in that thread (FROM SEVEN DAMN YEARS AGO); the OP's issue was not firing from the hip, it was firing while jogging; he's responded to with arguments and video of M60 fired from the hip while standing. Does any of this sound familiar? It's like this thread is damn rerun. Just like now, the issue is confused with hip-fire; the OP makes it clear (for people who couldn't read his original post) that it is NOT about hip-fire: @scotsman reflects the way I feel about the issue:
  13. As far as I know, there has never been a complaint from any player that the MG34 should not be able to be fired from the hip, or that firing an LMG from the hip is unrealistic or unrepresentative of realistic WWII combat in any way, shape, or form. The idea that anyone playing this game has any issue with hip-firing the MG34 is a weird myth that won't die. The video itself is interesting, but absolutely nothing in it is surprising or particularly informative; "hip-fire was even in the manuals," nothing new there. Just to be clear, the only major complaint players have with the MG34 that I'm aware of is the ability to hip-fire it while moving at the game's jogging speed (which is absolutely, unequivocally, and undebatably unrealistic). Neither you, nor the person who made the video, nor anyone else will ever post a video of a human being hip-firing an MG-34 while jogging (i.e. not slowing or stopping when firing) because no such video exists or ever will exist because it as impossible as faeries and dragons.
  14. Exactly! If players can suicidally waste supply by spawning in a camped AB or depot, they should be able to make it count.