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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  2. I agree with your take on being "true to the story"; it would've worked with a reenactment, maybe even a single-player video game, but NOT a subscription-based MMOG (or any online game). I think the "long" part is fine, but the lack of player number balance is simply a non-starter. The idea that in 2019 you're going to pay to play an online game where team numbers are dramatically unbalanced is laughable. I disagree with starting in 1942; like many others, Tier 0 is and always has been my favorite for no other reason than it's the most fun. Yep. 99% of the time, I have name/unit tags off. I don't mind keeping them toggle-able, but they definitely need to be smaller, and have an opacity option. BETTER YET, make it so that you can only pulse nametag display on keypress. What I mean is that when you press the "name tag display" key, it shows tags for some chosen time interval before fading out. YES!!! Tater and catfive hit the nail on the head here. I've wanted this since day one. CRS 1.0 at least eventually acknowledged that this would be better for gameplay, and you can see DOC's attempt at exploring this with distant CPs in some towns....too bad they're the exceptions and not the rule.
  3. Imded
  4. I like it.
  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spit my coffee onto my keyboard when I read this. LOL
  6. Agreed. I do have suggestions for making it better. - End building-based capture. - End building-based spawn. - Replace with zone-based capture and require player number threshold (e.g. one player can kill a lot of people, but he cannot cap a zone by himself, ever). - Automatic, temporary disabling of spawning when a certain threshold of enemy units are within a certain range of a spawn point. There will be some feedback on the map when a spawn point is "compromised" by the enemy. Spawning restored as soon as enemies removed from this range. If you failed to prevent them from occupying the area, then you don't get to spawn there anymore. Period. It's now up to the defenders on the ground to eject the enemy, and dead players must join the fight from other spawn locations. - Because capping is now zone-based, long cap timers can actually be a *good* thing. Attackers will be able to move around and defend their cap-in-progress because they won't be confined to the inside of a single building. This will allow time for the defenders to regain the zone and/or restore spawning from the spawn points associated with that zone. Imagine a group of cappers have shut down enemy spawning, and they're now capping; they'd better rush to find good positions to withstand counter-attacks so they can hold the zone. - Caps can now be interrupted and indefinitely *paused* if a certain threshold of defenders are within the cap zone. So if the defenders are able to get back into the cap zone (remember, no one-man-caps, so no ridiculous moling), then the cap bar/progress stops moving. Cap progress will continue (in one direction or the other), when one side or the other has been largely removed from the cap zone. - Spawning for infantry now takes place in random locations near (but NOT within) a cap zone; e.g. a back alley here, a nearby building there. This works perfectly in other modern FPS games.
  7. I don't see any option other than posting a new thread since I have no idea who to contact. Yesterday, I posted a thread passing along the fact that the devs of Post Scriptum singled out WWIIOL for praise, calling it one of their "favorites" that inspired them. I thought this was very cool, and that the community here would find it worth knowing; after nearly 20 years as part of this community, I know I would definitely want to know about something like that. Today, I see that the thread has been deleted. I can't even begin to imagine why. I didn't receive any message, not even a few words explaining why. If posting that that thread was against forum rules, I'd like to see the rule that was violated.
  8. Post Scriptum got updated with the very last map for the Market Garden campaign today. So I took a look at the release notes, and this is what I saw: We had the dream of doing our very own World War 2 game based on our childhood favorite games like Red Orchestra 1 (and its famous Darkest Hour mod), Battleground Europe: WWII Online and many more. We wanted to create a game with no compromises, where players are thrown into intense battles where they will need to learn the game mechanics by themselves and become veteran players by helping each other with teamwork and roleplaying with one another. We hoped players would share memorable gaming moments with both laugher and shellshock horror...Periscope Games is incredibly proud of Post Scriptum: our dream came true.To close Chapter 1 is a very important milestone for us as a professional and emotional fulfilment. What started as a mod with 2 factions and only 4 maps, it grew to a fully fleshed game studio with more than thirteen full time employees scattered all around the globe and a stand-alone game with more than 60 weapons, 50+ vehicles, a total 10 maps for around 180km² of fully playable terrain with over 100 different layers.What a journey that was, and guess what, it was only the beginning! We are currently working on Chapter 2 that will arrive for free to Post Scriptum later this year!We will announce the new theater in the near future, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and join our wonderful community on our official Discord http://discord.gg/postscriptum https://steamcommunity.com/games/736220/announcements/detail/1630779027910823108 Very cool that the PS devs chose to single out WWIIOL for praise. I do have to say that, while not perfect, PS is simply outstanding. The realism, the sound design, the immersion...it's quite an achievement. They've paid a LOT of attention to detail (just check out the link and see). Makes sense that they were vets of WWIIOL.
  9. Have to agree. I think FF is essential for games like Post Scriptum and ARMA 3....but I have a hard time seeing how it could work in an MMO like this one.... I suppose it's *possible* (I forget if Planetside had FF), but I just don't have a good idea how it could be done.
  10. Don't know what you guys are on about. AFAIK, cps *are* clearable with nades now. Nades into CPs = injure or kill if done right.
  11. No way the veterans of this game would ever accept that.
  12. They shouldn't work awesome against prone infantry.
  13. tex nailed it. afaik HE is working as intended, no issues. Grenades are working *awesome* (for the very first time since game's release), and mortar shells work GREAT; as realistic as ever.