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  1. Evidence of the old team's consistent dismissal of player concerns. And this has been a major player concern for nearly a decade. No, it is NOT part of a "long list of concerns, and everybody has an opinion, and we can't please everyone" i.e. the tired old BS we were fed for years. This is at the top of almost every allied player's list and, again, has been for nearly a decade. Let me say that a third time: Nearly a decade. XOOM threads like this one are very much appreciated, make no mistake. btw 8 years later and nothing on this. Nothing. ....(sigh) Here's hoping this time is different.
  2. I wrote my three already but just want to +1 the following: - Axis LMG issues (ie firing from the hip while jogging, etc). I say this as a die-hard Axis player, this has been an absolute embarrassment for years and I've posted on these forums complaining about this for what, 10 years now? Years ago, it was stated that the simple fix would be to disable firing while jogging, and make it fire when standing only. Hell we had a 20+ page thread on this years ago and it was essentially ignored by the old team. The current functionality is a travesty, period. - "Magic trees" surrounded by invisible force field It's difficult for me to envision a straightforward fix for this, but yes, it's a problem, and yes, it's bad. - Death lag In all the years I've played this game (going on near 20 years!), this has led to the NUMBER ONE bug-related complaint I've heard more than any other: "He shot me through the wall!!" No, bullets are not going through walls (although maybe they should; that's a different story). No, there is no CRS conspiracy. No, there is no cheating software that allows players to put bullets through walls. What you're experiencing is death lag, period (either that or one of the rare times when an HE blast effect actually killed you indirectly). FWIW, I believe that this is the #1 bug complaint I've heard in the history of the game.
  3. I tab in and out of the game all the time and this doesn't happen to me. Might be your RAM (shrug)?
  4. Game-breaking visual bugs (that for utterly weird mind-screwy reasons, this community seems to care nothing about....like a hoarder living in trash but is used to the smell and sights so doesn't see it as a big deal): 1. Black tree bug (introduced with Christmas snow patch). 2. Sliding infantry corpses that move around the ground for hundreds of feet as if they were hockey pucks. 3. Firebug
  5. Yes, he's cheating. The question is what to do about it. This game has nothing whatsoever like Punkbuster or other anti-cheating software, and to my knowledge there's nothing under the hood that would let the Rats automatically detect this kind of crap. Right now, the only detection method we have (and have ever had) is decent folks like goreblimey stepping up and pointing out this BS. In the past, this has largely been okay (given the rarity of cheating), but cheating software is prolific and arguably easier than ever to come by these days. In the meantime, the only possible solution I see in this particular case is to permanently ban and hope he doesn't simply create another F2P account. @goreblimey please keep us updated on this. If the Rats do nothing about this, I want to know. If the people in control now really love this game, then I'd like to see zero tolerance for this crap.
  6. Anyone know if vorpX + Oculus Rift plays nicely with this game? Cool if not, just curious if anyone with a Rift or Vive has already tried this. I know plenty of people get the headset for the sole purpose of playing non-VR sim games like DCS World and IL2.
  7. I disagree 100% that graphics are responsible for how the game fares with those folks. Exhibit A: https://store.steampowered.com/app/505460/Foxhole/ ...and there are plenty of indie games with comparatively primitive graphics that are extremely successful on Steam. It's the gameplay that matters above all.
  8. zebbeee, thanks for shining a light on this. Awesome work m8! FWIW: Numbers should get a little a better in the coming weeks with high school/college kids out of school for the summer.
  9. Very interesting data. Looks like Steam was wrung dry by February...and for all that, we have about as much people online this year as we did in 2016...and less than in 2013? Wow. And XOOM: " Should I continue to play this game based on X amount of people or not? " Are you serious? Yes, of course, that's one of the single biggest considerations I have when I decide whether or not to log into the game. I thought that would be obvious. The game is NOT fun with low numbers, period.
  10. Thank you. Xoom's comment definitely took me aback. Of course player numbers matter to us; they probably matter to us more than any other single factor! I literally refresh the webmap to get a sense of the population. Can't tell you how many times I've logged in to an empty world and then just shrugged my shoulders and logged out. I'm paying to have fun, not to log into no-man's land.
  11. THANK YOU for finally pointing out that the emperor has no clothes!!!! sydspain, you've just written one of my favorite forum posts in all the ~18 years I've been with this game. The Steam roll-out was a failure, and on top of that, the reviews are mostly negative (sorry to say, but I remember CRS folks posting in these very forums claiming that the numbers will be huge). As a day one player (who eagerly followed this game's development as far back as circa ~2000), it's deeply frustrating that negative criticisms by mainstream audiences have consistently been dismissed out of hand; by the old dev team and the new, it seems. With the coming of realistic first-person WWII sims like Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose (YES, they are in some ways far more realistic than this game, regardless of outlandish CRS claims about what's going on under the hood), WWIIOL is on the verge of obsolescence (YES, this time is DIFFERENT; you can only come back from the dead so many times). In an alternate reality, WWIIOL could be considered an MMO adjunct to this next generation of WWII games, a more massive version for players who want the same kind of action on a larger scale. It's simply not there right now. I am NOT "bashing" this game or CRS. I love this game. Always have. And I absolutely, positively appreciate the commitment and hard work going on behind the scenes. I have donated money in almost every fundraiser, and my Dad was a member of the first group of builders (convinced to do so by me). I just really hope all that hard work isn't misguided or being carried out under false assumptions about what's "good" for this game. Like talking to a wayward son who desperately needs to get his [censored] together, I feel obligated to point out that things are not peachy right now; claims to the contrary are frankly infuriating and insulting; been there, done that. I have a stake in this game (we all do, some more than others), and I feel like I've damn well earned the right to air my opinion on this. I'm looking forward to the KE/HE audit, I'm looking forward to the dispersion audit. I despise HC and AOs (always have). I despise the spawn and capture system (makes the gameplay absolutely atrocious in close quarters because it leads to nothing but stupid spawn-camping). I despise the UI. Oh and minor graphical updates would do wonders for this game. I couldn't care less about Italian units or new tanks and planes; these are a total and complete waste of dev resources IMHO (the proof is in the results; these will not gain you new subscribers, period). Sims like Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose, or heck even a game like War of Rights (where your choices are a muzzle-loading rifle and a bayonet) will attract more active players despite having far fewer choices for equipment. All these extra equipment choices amount to is a marketing bullet point; but gamers don't give a crap about that; they don't ask "which online game has the most choices for equipment?" It's NOT a smorgasbord of equipment choices you need, it's good gameplay and good graphics, period. I don't claim to know the right answers, but I sure as heck feel it's fair to point out what's NOT working right now.
  12. Climbing into the titanium swiss cheese trees and getting 25 kills as a sniper was incredibly fun too, but it was intensely lame and unrealistic. Best to just remove bunkers from the game once and for all; follow different spawn models (i.e. Post Scriptum) and abandon the cartoony, ridiculous spawn camp warz. Hell, remove the whole "flag building" concept entirely and re-do area capture too...
  13. AFAIK, this is already happening. I have no idea why. The bunkers were completely unrealistic and made for bad gameplay (sitting in a small room with your gun aimed at a wall two feet in front of you). Unless you're a suicidal Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima, this is silly BS (and not fun). When I put on the nostalgia goggles, I have fond memories of tense, desperate bunker defenses...and then I remember how utterly stupid and unrealistic it is to do that in the context of a camped AB, where you run from a spawnpoint to a bunker and pray that you warp enough to avoid the bullets. The more I see that the playerbase is into garbage like this, the more I'm inclined to finally leave this game for good and switch to the new batch of WW2 titles on the horizon (i.e. realistic options like Post Scriptum or Hell Let Loose). Camped spawn points and gameplay consisting of a bunch of players packed in a room like sardines with their guns aimed at the door is *NOT* what the new devs should be aspiring to accomplish.