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  1. Please. For the love of this game. Please. Please end this boneheaded, gameplay-killing, frustration and yawn-inducing garbage. This the one last piece of advice I have for whoever cares about this game enough to invest time and energy into further development. Having the capture objective and spawn point be one in the same means that the game boils down to spawncamping....over and over and over and over. This is the way it's been ever since spawning at depots was put into the game. I'd argue that in the 15 years or so since, the game has degenerated into nothing but spawncamping punctuated by what is occasionally truly awesome, inspired gameplay. Nevertheless, spawncamping is the core of this game. Even before depot spawning, it was ABs. There are alternative WWII titles available now in which this is not the case. This is no longer hypothetical. It can be done. I strongly advise that you consider doing it; consider removing spawncamping as a core gameplay mechanic once and for all. Please. For the love of this game.
  2. BTW: INCREDIBLY DETAILED analysis of the tank duel at the Cologne Cathedral!! The level of detail here is truly stunning. There are two pages of analysis, including actual descriptions from the crewmembers and/or their families. It turns out another of the Sherman crew actually survived (the assistant driver Oliver Griffin). He and the gunner (John Gialluca) were the only survivors. In the Panther, actually; four of the five crew escaped (one was killed inside the tank). The fate of only three is known for sure: One of the escaped crew died at a hospital of wounds he sustained, two survived (including the commander). The fourth crewmember can't be accounted for. What's most interesting of all: The Panther actually already had its gun pointed in the direction of the Pershing when it came into the intersection (while the Pershing's turret was still traversing towards the Panther). The Panther should've had the first shot, but hesitated to fire (a choice that decided the outcome). According to his family, the commander (who survived) was expecting another Sherman and had initially believed the Pershing might be a German tank (again, this all unfolded within a fraction of a second), so did not take the shot. This is plausible: German tank crews were exposed to visuals on the Sherman during training, but had no idea about the existence of the Pershing (indeed, according to the site, US troops were in awe of the Pershing, some even believed that it was a captured German tank when they first saw it, lending credence to the Panther commander's account). http://www.anicursor.com/colpicwar2.html
  3. 100% false as evidenced by this game. I've played for 17 years and what you describe doesn't happen in WWIIOL. Absolutely, unequivocally not. After almost two decades of info on the damage model and everything going on under the hood, and endless assertions about fidelity, I make the following conclusion: Since it does not happen in this game (i.e. claims that penetrating rounds harmlessly go through tanks like swiss cheese but cause no crew injury, and that this is "realistic" because "shrug"), then I don't believe that what you describe happens in real life. In other words, unless the trajectory of a penetrating round includes the position of the crew members at the time of penetration, then the crew incur NO DAMAGE and may continue to operate the tank normally as if nothing had happened.
  4. Regarding the very famous video of the tank duel at Cologne Cathedral (some of my favorite WWII footage): The first video has it wrong. The Sherman commander (whose left leg was blown off) actually died due to blood loss soon after. As I understand, *only* the other crewman (supposedly the gunner) survived. In other words, out of the Sherman crew, one and only one crewmember survived vs the Panther. On the other hand, despite multiple hits by the mighty Pershing (including some MG fire for good measure), AFAIK every single crewmember in the Panther survived the encounter (which seems miraculous when you watch the footage at normal speed). Conclusion: Panther = excellent tank Sherman = hunk o' junk
  5. Some pretty decent action last few weeks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9fhdEW9FeiAtPgOZmAlEw
  6. Great news, definitely a step in the right direction!!
  7. OMG, REALLY???? I so so so hope that's true. No offense, but it's been clear to me for many years that the HC system is the number one thing wrong with this game. Beyond any bugs, beyond any other gameplay deficits, beyond the graphics, if I could change one and only one thing, it would be to get rid of HC. Its removal would be incredible and a very long time in coming. Instant gameplay improvement. I'm skeptical that CRS would actually do this (since HC is like a religion to some people). I REALLY hope this is true. I'd heard that they were switching to town-based supply, but I'd not heard that HC would be eliminated. If true...OMG, AT LONG LAST!!! Can anyone confirm this???
  8. Some new content on the channel, including 40 minutes of what I think is excellent infantry gameplay at Le Catelet. Opinions will obviously vary, but this is IMO my favorite kind of gameplay in WWIIOL: almost 100% infantry, not overly crowded (i.e. no Battlefield-style twitch gaming where you spawn and die within 10 seconds), and a realistic *feel* at least to me. " Just pure gameplay footage, with no explanations or narration, is missing something. " I hear you bro. Thing is, my favorite gameplay videos of games I've never played are ones with *zero* commentary. Especially annoying are ones with some dude's zombified headphone-wearing face in the corner (why the hell do I need to see your face???) or someone just cracking jokes non-stop. There's a place for those videos; they can be fun, but just not what I'm going for. Anyway, I think the video would be worse if I had a blu-ray-style commentary track running ("...and as you can see, there are EI in the woods north of us")...I've actually never played those commentary tracks during a movie and have zero interest. I always just want to experience the game; I can always figure out what's going on. For years, I wanted to do the same thing with WWIIOL but I didn't have the hardware or the software (OBS Studio doesn't work @ 4k for me). So the whole point of my channel is not to explain anything, not to provide any information whatsoever, just what you see is what you get: " No commentary, no music. Just pure gameplay." That said, because this video is 40 minutes, I do have some links to specific video times in the description (along with some basic information about what's going on at each time). This is there just in case someone is bored and wants to skip to a money shot.
  9. LOL!!!!!!!!! Oh man, this brings back memories...
  10. LOL, what game are you playing??? I've played for 17 years and every other damn tank kill by air has been due to this gamey, fake BS.
  11. This is exactly the point made by the video, listen carefully (link set to start at the timepoint where this is discussed): https://youtu.be/7t2cRZTv14o?t=7m25s
  12. No. ...and anyway, I would love to hear why you expect an indirect bomb blast to "kill" a tank while also expecting that same tank to be able to withstand direct hits from high velocity anti-tank rounds? What exactly do you think the bomb blast is doing? In the case of a crater being formed (which is not in the game but could arguably be simulated), why would this have physical effects any different from, say, the tank accidentally driving into a ditch? Bombs absolutely can and did destroy tanks. ....it just happened mostly while they were in pieces on assembly lines rather than on the battlefield.
  13. That scenario is Nvidia's "DSR," but unfortunately it doesn't work with the multipliers I need in order to get 8k at the moment (it used to with previous versions). As far as post-render: screenshots (and possibly video) forthcoming!
  14. <S> all, I've started a dedicated World War II Online Youtube channel (something I've wanted to do for 10+ years). The whole point is World War II Online videos recorded at 4k with 32x CSAA + 8x SGSSAA and -3.0 LOD bias. No commentary, no music. Just pure gameplay. It's taken me this long to do it because it wasn't until now that I finally have the hardware, and the video resolutions are now high enough to allow sufficient fidelity to get everything across that I want the viewer to see. Previous attempts I made at uploading gameplay videos simply didn't work because the bitrates and resolution prevented the viewer from clearly seeing enemy units at the distances at which I was engaging them. Problem finally solved. Again, I'm recording at 4k with 32x CSAA + 8x SGSSAA and -3.0 LOD bias (the highest magnitude LOD bias allowed by the driver; this renders distant objects at higher resolution textures, ideal for a game like WWIIOL where vis distances are over 1 km). Of course, I have the horrific post render filter off (something that should have been removed from the game years ago), and unfortunately I also have normal maps off because the black tree bug still hasn't been fixed since it was introduced with the Christmas snow patch in December 2017. Another unfortunate reality is that I have to significantly alter the color grading (using references) of the videos before I upload them (otherwise, a sunny day with blue skies would look as dark as if it were overcast; there are other color problems as well...). I think the result is about as good as you're going to see this game look visually at this resolution. Worth mentioning that I've previously played @ 8k resolution (downscaled via hacking Nvidia driver registry settings). Unfortunately this no longer works with current drivers, but I believe I can get around that. If so, I will upload 8k videos instead (yes, Youtube has 8k videos). In the meantime, I have good, action-packed footage all from a single day of gameplay. Of course, I'll generally only upload videos that are sufficiently interesting in terms of action (or otherwise worthwhile). These videos are actually intended for the general audience of gamers who don't currently play WWIIOL but might. Whenever I've been interested in a game, I always look up gameplay vids on Youtube to see if it's worth my time. That's really the point of these videos: To show off pure WWIIOL gameplay to potentially interested players the same way the countless other gamer channels do. My channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9fhdEW9FeiAtPgOZmAlEw Here one of my first uploads (18 kills in two sorties with k98k): (btw, I'm not going HUDless just for the sake of the video. I prefer to play with minimal/no HUD whenever possible. You'll notice I switch on the HUD quickly every now and then just to check chat or ammo, etc).