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  1. Only Bumping this for 3 reasons 1: So many Axis people seem to hate you, and imo to be so hated is damn respectable as alot of people hate me because i'm a pr**k I can relate. 2:23rd is the only squad that is capable of making me cry and cut myself whilst sucking the blood Edward Cullen Style. 3. Gambolo is a shexy beast.
  2. I fly with the force.
  3. There is no greater thread in any forum ever
  4. Suggest we give Giggadee a bunch of hugs for being an awesome leader
  5. Medal looks orgasmic, any chance of a ribbon? Was a fun event, had to go after first wave which blowed :/
  6. This will be happening tomorrow (11th for me tomorrow) or the American 11th (which is 2 days from now)
  7. stuka in group 2 please
  8. Stuka Please