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  1. Thanks for the update. Once again this prove it was a good call to stay with 10.14. I don't play at work. I just wanted to test it out on the old PowerBook (2015) I have there to see how it handles it.
  2. This is an odd one (I guess). Yesterday at home (OS 10.14) could I start up v1.36.5. At work do I get the message that Apple can't verify 1.36.5 from malicious programs why the client has to be updated before the OS will allow it to run. At home do I use OS X 10.14, at work do I use OS X 10.15. x64 client on both comps. Is it the difference in OS X versions that creates this? I guess CRS need to update a certificate to Apple…, or is this something else?
  3. The x64 client runs on High Sierra (macOS 10.13) too. That's great news since I still resisting to install Catalina on my home computer. I havn't had any time to play though. So I don't know yet if there is any issues.
  4. Bilton?
  5. Will the chat be posted for download for us who couldn't attend?
  6. It's a very though match, but you will win this Doc. You're a winner! !S
  7. Before you press PLAY, look at the lower left corner.
  8. It's all about how much RAM you have. On my old iMac (2010) had I 12 GB RAM. That was enough to run 3 WWIIOL clients. When I tired 4 clients did they all CTD in circa 10 minutes from overheating. 3 clients runs very stable on an iMac. A third client is great to give your gun some infantry support. And as you probably know already do you easily swap between the clients with cmd-Tab.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Got it! I should had figured Eastbourne out myself. Duh! I of course didn't check the towns for buildings this time. But I remember now when mentioned that those places has nothing but the AF building. My bad again. Doh!
  11. In my world is a deep port always a front line port. Any enemy can sail there and start camping. Especially when it can be predicted that the port will be used to spawn from.
  12. I just went over the online map and found a few places in eastern England, and one in south that missing their Army Garrisons. It's the following towns; Coltishall - No Army Garrison Martlesham - No Army Garrison Ipswich - No Army Garrison Eastbourne Shore Defense - No Army Garrison (I assume it should have one since it has a AB.) Not a big deal I know. So no hurry on those I guess.
  13. I suggest the N spawn is facing E and the S spawn point is facing W. Then both ships has to swing starboard with their guns and torpedos to bear.
  14. Nazı zombies?