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  1. W00T! Parachuting dogs comes before Christmas. Next after that is Motorcycles by following Easter. B2K said so… Awesome! Next big question is, when will we have Snipers?
  2. Darn! I use at least 4 buttons; Shot, Aim, jump on and off, binocs. No one else who have solved this issue?
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. Will install it at the work comp first to see how it works before I migrate at home. Don't won't to have roll it back on the home comp. And it won't be a biggy for the work comp since I really don't play from work anyway.
  4. I wonder if anyone is using OS X 10.14 (aka Majove) and is able to play WWII Online? At the moment am I holding back the upgrade waiting for the 64-client. While on the topic, is there any rough forcast for when CRS hopes it can be released? I'm fully aware that you really don't know. But I guess you have an idea for when you roughly expect (hope for) it to be ready.
  5. It's a very though match, but you will win this Doc. You're a winner! !S
  6. Sorry for my poor reading skills. I understand the discussion is about the depot buildings. I don't know why I was reading in to it as the Barracks in the ABs. Mea culpa!
  7. Please excuse my poor understanding of English construction terminology. I have to ask, the infantry spawn building has 2 floors, ground floor and a 2nd floor. Still it's considered to be a 3 story building? How come?
  8. Oh, I thought that OS X 10.14 was the end of 32-bit. So I can "safely" upgrade to 10.14 and still play WWIIOL? Have been holding back as you can understand from my question.
  9. Before you press PLAY, look at the lower left corner.
  10. If trucks can supply ground units with ammo so should Transport aircrafts. These aircrafts can load the same or even more than a truck. Our trucks carry a rather small load. The Opel Blitz could load about 3300 kg (3.3 ton). A Bedford took about 3000 kg. The Laffly took just 800 kg it seems (I have no good source here). A Junker 52 could carry 3900 kg, some sources claims 4400 kg. Douglas C-47 had/has a cargo load between 2700 kg to 3500 kg depending on who you ask or messure. Same principle –> same function. What I also want to see is Transport ships to give supply. If it's possible should also Destroyers and Fairmile's be able to supply all ground units (but not each other). Not sure such a mechanism is possible.
  11. It's all about how much RAM you have. On my old iMac (2010) had I 12 GB RAM. That was enough to run 3 WWIIOL clients. When I tired 4 clients did they all CTD in circa 10 minutes from overheating. 3 clients runs very stable on an iMac. A third client is great to give your gun some infantry support. And as you probably know already do you easily swap between the clients with cmd-Tab.
  12. Thanks!
  13. CRS tried topographical maps some 10 years ago in closed beta. The solution back then didn't work. The lines was black and took over the view. In other words, map got very "cluttered", making it very hard to read. Maybe if the lines could be more vague, in some grayish colour. The topographic lines has to be subtle one way or the other. They can't be the most outstanding feature. It is to be a more "pulled back" feature.