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  1. CRS tried topographical maps some 10 years ago in closed beta. The solution back then didn't work. The lines was black and took over the view. In other words, map got very "cluttered", making it very hard to read. Maybe if the lines could be more vague, in some grayish colour. The topographic lines has to be subtle one way or the other. They can't be the most outstanding feature. It is to be a more "pulled back" feature.
  2. We need whips. Just for disciplinary reasons. Whips exceeds speed of sound…
  3. I been missing such a feature. Not sure it is easy to add though. Hopefully it's.
  4. Thanks PittPete! It works now. Awesome!
  5. Each time I try to log in on the beta-server the game CTD and opens a new window in my browser with this link: Can this be fixed too? I'm on a Mac. If I try to log in with an account that isn't a builder happens the same thing with the difference the browser window has this link: A friend with a builder account can log in on my computer so it must be something with your internal settings for my account.
  6. Ok now I get you. Otherwise is the abbrevation TT for Freigthers. Just as DD is for Destroyers. It's a maritime abbrevation. But I now understand what you mean.
  7. Congratulations Xoom! We're all indepted to you for picking up the baton and keep pushing this game to where it is today. I am amazed and in awe of what you and your team of jolly volunteers have been able to do. Things that was said never will happen. Hah!
  8. I'm all excited. Awesome work lads. But the Navy need much more attention. Especially should all ships and boats be able to place FMS (ships) and LMS (boats). Please give the Navy some strategical purpose as in real wars/life.
  9. No one who use Mission Control with the mouse with more then 2 buttons? Only me?
  10. I like this. Question is if they working on, or evaluating a new terrain engine that can add this and much more in a better way? Xoom, any input? Maybe even spill some beans on this? I mean, Unreal Engine 4 together with a new Terrain Engine with real world scale of say 1:10 would be the bomb.
  11. Mac
  12. My old client had another name. I assume from your answer the Beta has to overwrite the live version and after that I have to reinstall the live version. Correct?
  13. If I chose the Campaign alternative do I get this link: In otherwords, it seems the server says I have the wrong client installed…
  14. I connecting to the Closed Beta-option. I'm in Sweden, Europe. Could that be the issue?