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  1. How's the situation around Whitestable and the coast artillery? I remember it was dramatically upgraded to make it almost impossible for german Destroyers to take out the factories at Whitestable. Has this been changed back again? The sail took about 2 hours IIRC. And RAF has an airfield just on top of Whitestable to help with the defense. It was great fun to do the 2 hour sail since you could expect RAF bombers trying to take out your DD.
  2. .bug report everytime you run into bigged stuff like this. It will help CRS enormously.
  3. The premapped mouse and keyboard setups for vehicles doesn't work with the release candidate for Steam. Neither is it possible to remap according with to wiki as above. I sent in two .bug reports on this during the weekend. IIRC was it Bloo of fixed this some 10 years ago. I'm glad he still in the house. I hope he can do a quick fix for this.
  4. What I really love is the nukes. Awesome move Xoom.
  5. And they have parachuts too. Sweet!
  6. Congratulation CRS team! Especially a big thanks to Xoom and Maypole for believing in this awesome game.
  7. Sweet! Thanks mate…
  8. Link please… Is there a WWIIOL YouTube channel? What happend to the Soundcloud channel? I liked it.
  9. Better yet, why not let them place a FRU from where infantry can spawn, just as trucks can. A Fairmile can load at least 3 times (probably 5-6 times if in need) as many troops as a truck.
  10. My understanding is that the sounds are recordings from real life weapons and engines. I'm not saying all weapons and all vehicles has the sound from the real source attached to it, but it is all real recordings from real weapons and engines, and some of these recordings is from the right source.
  11. I agree Atgman, and it is kind of easy. Tell the Rats you have good sound engineer skill and a decent recording equipment. They will tell you the specs for the sound files. Then you go and record the new sounds. We had a guy (a subscriber) doing that for them before. Mike is his name.
  12. The Universial Carrier and the similar French carrier has been on the todo-list a long time now. Don't know when it will be next though. The new team is working to produce their first new vehicles. When they have this new experience under the vest might we see more stuff coming. Hopefully the UC together with a full set of US vehicles, and a full set of tiers (T0-T3) of SPAA for all countries.
  13. We have death screems in game. That is pretty kewl for this old rock…
  14. Truthfully, if France hadn't falled in 1940 making the German attack a huge failure, I'm not sure Japan would had dare to attack the American, British and French forces in Asia. Hence Japan wouldn't had attacked Pearl Harbour. And the American First movement would had prevent US to enter the war. Maybe then Nazı-Germany would had beating USSR because they wouldn't get any support from USA. Or Nazı-Germany might never had attacked USSR 1941 after a military catastrophy against France and UK in 1940. If never attacked would Staling thrust USSR against Germany in say 1944 or 1945. What would had happen then? Maybe the American First movement who was a strong Hıtler supporter would had demanded Roosevelt that USA should support anyone standing up against USSR, including Nazı-Germany. USA siding with UK and Nazı-Germany against the red communist invasion into Eastern Europe. That is most likely…