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  1. I have been playing for 6+ years but I have always played 1-10 FPS. I have never stayed one side in a campaign because I can't play offense without being 0-1 FPS. Please help me out I have tried everything! My computer is: A Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz Memory: 2GB L2 Cache: 4MB Graphics: Intel GMA 950 VRAM: 64 MB shared system I play on OSX as well. About 2 years ago I had about a month of game play on partition where I averaged 125-250 FPS but it kept crashing and then my boot camp was destroyed and I keep getting fatal error every time I try to make a new boot camp so that's out of the question. Please help me
  2. I have played WW2 Online for 5+ years and have never had an FPS over 10 even with a good Mac. But I love the game even though it is sadistic :-(.
  3. Allied 1st Tank Platoon Sherman M4A3 (2)
  4. i'll take a Sherman 76, M10 or CH7.
  5. My computer handles way better on the mac version now however I still have the same bug for bootcamp. I get around 50-150 fps on bootcamped version of ww2 online but when i get near 200 fps the game crash's so I have to avoid looking at the ground and look at places of lag.