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  1. Nope its all good now.. thanks
  2. ahh okay thats good to know. i allready made a ticket to,. so its still just a waiting game
  3. i just resup for the game.. been many years sinse i last played this game.. even if i did drop by now and then.. but ill wanne give this game another try but when i resup and it says i am active, when i try to get ingame it says that i am still inactive ??? i have update my billing so that should be good there.. so why cant i join??
  4. Guss whos back well kinda checking it out again is there more players now ingame?
  5. best one here then
  6. so whats up.. long time since i played.. anyone i know still playing?
  7. going in to 2nd week without even getting in to the game, so i unsub again, dont wanne pay for a game i cant get in to, so hope next time you guys had fix that problem
  8. thank you
  9. i still dont see that server list when i log in(game) ?
  10. not here still whirte screen
  11. still the same for me, cant get in
  12. thanks for the news, good to know that you are working on it
  13. yeah i tryed that to dont help,. u need to do it by paid pal, only way it works,. but when u get in you cant play u will get a white screen, when u try to log in, so dont bother until they fix it
  14. well i do hope they are working on it. but they can just come in here and make a respond, so we know, its not going to make me try again antoher time thats for sure
  15. well yeah it does, well its a shame