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  1. My (fresh installed) Mac client is giving: "teul_ERROR" Is this a symptom of the network issues, please?
  2. Hiya Folks. I've a two screen Mac Pro connected Radeon HD 5870. I can't seem to set resolution in game for either monitor. Monitor "1" in the settings app presents me with options which don't seem to be honored. Monitor 0 comes up with nice resolution on the loading screen but defaults to something pretty low in game. I have to use monitor 0 because if I spawn in on Monitor 1 as infantry I spin constantly and there seems to be something strange about the way the game captures the mouse. Finally- the "Read Me or Die" button on the launcher does nothing, though with the "die" imperative I feel like I'm missing out on something. Any ideas, please? I'm fine with deleting anything under my ~/Library folder to help with this (haven't done so yet). Thanks, JD
  3. I don't get any resolution choices in the drop-down- and modifying my wwiiol.xml file to my desktop 1920x1200x32 doesn't get me that resolution. If I run the preferences program it puts "0x0x0x0" (yes, 4 parameters) into the XML file and I can't run the game (black screen). The game DOES play at 800x600x32, but what's really irritating- it DID play at 1920x1200x32, or a seemingly native mode as of a couple days ago. No software upgrade, but the game trapped- and after that, it's been like this, that I can't run it at any resolution that 800x600. (I started another thread on this, but I'm hoping to play the game this weekend...)
  4. Morning, all. I was playing a a couple days ago when my game crashed with a full bug report. I had just finished a long "run around" mission. Now, the game starts in VERY low resolution and there doesn't seem to be an adjustment for that. Previously the game would use my desktop resolution (1920x1200) but now, it's really low. I've cleared out everything I can think of in my home directory with a "for i in `find . | grep ww2ol`; do rm -rf $i; done" and have reinstalled the game, (which allows it to start- that was a problem before!) Any troubleshooting info available anywhere? So I've used the "Settings" application and there's no resolution listed there. When I then try to start the game, I only see a black screen. This might be something about the problem: my wwiiol.xml file has: When the game was running in low resolution, I had "800x600x32" in there. This is a Snow Leopard runnin' Mac Pro- with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT. WoW runs fine in full screen mode, native resolution, so something else is going on here.
  5. D'oh! Make that "Mac Pro"
  6. I was the one Gewehr was helping. I was able to get into game. I had to delete my preferences, then start the game, then exit, then go edit the xml file by hand so I had decent resolution ( ), as the preferences application seems to corrupt the video settings for my Power Mac. It's been 2.5 years and the game does look better, indeed.
  7. I always used that fake sound as the most distant sound possible- whenever I heard it, there was enemy around, and since it was directional, I could generally tell where- but I knew it to be a threat a couple KM away- useful sometimes when I'm on long resupply, not so useful defending an FB (whazzat? Enemy on the way in?)
  8. I've a dual G5 2.7. I got it for the processor speed over the quad 2.3. Good decision- the game runs fine, and it's strong enough for all else I do with it. Got it as a return, too- so $500 off allowed me to upgrade to a faster GPU, also a return. All in all a good deal, and for about $2,500 I had the fastest single threading Mac around. I think it still holds that record, even a few months down the road.
  9. I've had to explain the "I can't despawn without getting an MIA, and my own AI will kill me anyway" bug about a zillion times. PC Guy: "Hey! Town is capped!" Moi: "Yay! Can I get a ride back a town, anyone?" PC Guy: "Just despawn, dude!" Moi: "Can't. I'm getting an MIA here." (<- I start to jog back a town) PC Guy: "? JUST DESPAWN, you'll be fine!" Moi: "No, I'm getting an MIA. I have four kills and I want to log a success. Can you give me a ride back or no?" PC Guy: "Oh, hold on, I'll get a truck." Moi: "Nevermind. I forgot- my AI just shot me."
  10. I've spawned at a blown FB too. I despawned as an MLE. I went outside to smoke, came back in, and spawned, to find NOTHING there, and when I did a .fb, it came back with the correct information. I despawned (RTB) and waited until my vehicle reservation expired, at which point the game told me the facility was closed.
  11. There are other ramifications for the patient who stick around town hidden whilst the town is capped. AI will always stay "friendly."
  12. Changes. It's all about changes. And fun. The game has changed for the better. You'll like it. You might not so much like the Mac bugs, though...
  13. I have an extra mouse with a scroll wheel- they are 9$... That'd fix your trouble, and allow you to be more efficient at EVERYTHING else in OS X- want it? :-)
  14. I believe that to be a "known feature" of the C47. I hear pilots laughing about it when they see it for the first time...
  15. Doc's said it's on the way.