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  1. While I understand the need for the attackers to share the love, being an event where we try to re-enact Pearl Harbor, it was accurate. On December 7th, the IJN had 3 main targets: 1) US Aircraft Carriers 2) US Battleships 3) US Army planes at the 4 main airfields When they found out the Carriers would not be the harbor, they focused the attack on Battleship row (the next biggest threat to their empire). One of those Battleships, the Pennsylvania, was in drydock. Both of the destroyers infront of her were destroyed when the dive bombers attacked her. Had the ship not been in drydock at that time, I dont think both ships would have been as badly damaged as they were
  2. At one point, we did have 50 ships (30 DDs, 14 Fams, 6, Freights).
  3. You guys worked your asses off to make this happens, thanks a ton. Ill make sure to help out next year, so you, jammy and gig can have an easier load If we want to involve all 3 teirs, perhaps a D-Day event? Im not sure when the last time we did one was. You could have the Fams as LCVPs, carrying troops to the shore for the landing, with only a 20mm gun allowed to be used each. DD's can provided shelling, transports carry tanks and guns, and move in after troops secure the beach. You can have paras drop behind lines early. The enemy, Axis or Allied, wont have much of a navy, but they'll have lots of ei, ets, eguns, ea, etc. Give the attacking force 2 hours to take a town. If they dont, they lose. Ive got a lot more ideas on this one, but if that ever gets any grounds, I can post elsewhere or email
  4. USS Tennesse? (Dunno, switched from the St. Louis). Not sure if it counted just mine, or also my captains (Kh21shrk), but when I exited I(or we) had 6 hits - Stukas 3 Kills -Stukas (all 3 during the 1st wave)
  5. Good Points 1. Great event, everyone had fun. 2. Team work! 3. Great location 4. Was great to see so many ships Bad Points 1. If you had a crew memeber with your ship and he didnt show, it caused problems 2. There would be 5 minutes of battle, then we'd wait for 10 or 15. The battle didnt last long enough IMO. 3. Campaign was still going on during this. Why couldnt we have extended Intermission a couple of days, so that we could shut off the main server and everyon comes for the event? Improvements 1. Recommend a 3-1 ratio for attackers 2. Have a few enemy Fams attempt to infultrate the harbor (represent midget subs). 3. More torpedo bombers. Many of us ship mates were saying we never saw a torpedo bomber today... 4. Ships AA cant fire until the first planes fly past (In the real event many guns were not manned when the attack started). 5. Put the planes on Ford Island. I didnt like the line of DDs to the south, it took away from the attack at the island. 6. Unless we completely fill every ship, I think there should be a lot more 1 manned ships compared to 2. While they'll be more ships to attack the planes, if you follow step 4, there wont be as many by the time they can return fire... Looking forward to the next event, this was a blast!
  6. Sunk: 7 (4 Battleships, 2 Destroyers, 1 Minelayer) Heavily Damaged: 9 (4 Battleships, 3 Cruisers, 2 Desroyers) Lightly damaged: Avg around 30 or so (4 cruisers, lots of destroyers and support ships). Aircraft Destroyed: 188 Aircraft Damaged: 155
  7. Been trying to enlist, but was having problems. Email sent in, hopefully I can join the forum soon
  8. Not sure, I dont see myself on the front page...
  9. If it isnt rescheduled and we still are moving ships, Ill take the USS St. Louis or any other cruisers or DD's.
  10. Requesting the command of USS Detroit. Will check back soon