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  1. The FMS design can be improved a bit, fore sure. As could new PPOs help.
  2. < Brainstorming > Starting point is our large map USP and its capability to host many players. However we have inheritated from a spawn system which is paradoxicaly extremely rigid and fails to keep a good balance between cautious tactics and fast-paced-action. As a long-time player I feel that it would be the right move to try out the following concepts: 1. Allow to dynamically change the target of our current mission You join a "team", no longer a "mission". This should improve team cohesion when moving from a succeeded/failed objective to another. 2. Allow a mission sortie to be started from any spawn origin available to our side Mission (team) members should be free to chose where they should spawn from to achieve their objective or get as quickly back to their place. ML could still (optionaly) limit the available options for team control. 3. Instant sortie respawn Why are we forcing players to go back to the menu each time they press escape? If conditions are met (equipment and spawn availability), give us the option to let us instantly restart our sortie. You can still apply an extra spawn delays when any. It would be even better with a popup showing some of the ready room information and allowing us to change spawn origin (see suggestion n°2) abd weapon before respawning. 4. Shared FMSs and FRUs FMS and FRU should become AO-centered objects to be shared - hence available from the ready room (see suggestion n°2) - between all missions. Some teams could specialize on setting up advanced spawns for the whole AO. 5. New use of depots: covered FRU deployment area Make depots non-spawnable but let Mission leaders deploy a FRU inside any friendly-owned depot building (radio on the floor; spawn point could still be upstairs), whatever distance from an enemy cp. With rules n°2 and 4, these would immediately be available as spawns for all missions, as long as these stands up. Depots should become real ZOCs in town for both sides; no longer a magical flood faucet. 6. Replace ABs and FBs by HC-placed spawns Let sides chose how they deploy their heavy armor on the map, and remove the attacker/defender mode. Towns would define territority control limits but would behave as no-man's-land for army troops. Rules to be discussed.
  3. Especially with the new 1.36 I would like to see towns marked with their real country flag when allied owned. To the garissons you could add nations troops indeed. The alternative being offering it as a DLC option.
  4. If you know that the enemy will be coming, I think players would be more likely to spend time setting up a real ZOC. Similarly to (captured) flag defense set up although this is unfortunately not a combined arms experience .
  5. This is a very good point @lemkeh. In other words Should the spawn point (FMS) continue to endorse the role of being an objective by itself, or should it become distinct from a related capture/destroy objective (Somehow similarly to depots being separated from the flag building itself). Which leads me to wonder if, instead, the trucks should build (non-spawnable) "objects" visible on map to all, defining a ZOC and that would limit a radius around which trucks (and MLs) can/must deploy FMSs which would remain camouflaged (300m?) Once it gets destroyed, either FMSs around closes or new ones cannot be setup (still requiring area clearing). FMS should then become easier to destroy though (by air and HE) but the ZOC object would need sappers.
  6. Thanks for the development, it’s more clear for me. I agree with knucks that covered ops should be paradrop and hotdrop. Eventually consider back ML-placed FRU for rifles only. we can still discuss the timer before the info is unveiled. eventually also limit the info to ground units only. Not saying this is a magical Idea that would solve all issues, as it should come along with other changes, e.g. new PPOs, improved terrain vegetation...
  7. The game dynamics seems much more intense and last longer when enemy FMS is marked, don't you think so? We currently think about the use of stealth FMS' because no one think about grouping up and setting up a defense. this is a design mistake IMO. If you know that your FMS will be announced after X minutes (simulating enemy's recon), mission leaders and players will change their way to use it. Hopefully in a more clever and fun way, I.e. see players regroup around these and coordinate towards ground control. About air attack, we can spawn AA and deploy multiple FMS' in the ZOC (easier to do as these are visible to all friendlies )
  8. The location would also be unveiled to the enemy side as well, so spying would no longer be an issue. Defenders must prepare to catch the incoming flies.
  9. Any feedback good to take. Arguments welcome though
  10. < Brainstorming > Starting point is the role of FMS to become stronghold points outside towns and foster defense/attack activities. currently there is a major difficulty for players to find that kind of action and global communication isn't optimal (friendly/enemy icons not shared between missions). What would you think of Letting FMS' and FRUs being automatically reported on map to both sides after 3 minutes in order to ease global battle activity focus ? (Eventually longer timer for underpop; shorter timer for overpop) So that global defense/attack coordination becomes easier but also necessary, similarly to town flags being visible to all on map and already generating that kind of spontaneous coordination.
  11. Maybe young players from steam (release sept 2017) prefer the darker side indeed. Need game data analysis to confirm
  12. It’s « wwii online ». Full letter words are indeed not taken into account
  13. IMO AB should be re-capturable from spawnables linked to rear towns only. If owner recap the AB it should provide back the supplies that remained at capture.
  14. Conclusion: axis took their holidays from May to August? That’s historically inacurate =o If you take global stats since campaign 1 the result is 65 victories for allies and 78 for axis (quickly counting from mobile browser, could be mistaken by a few units). According to you what could be the reasons axis have won so many campaigns lastly?
  15. Compiling all the recent opinions about unbalance and the impacts of SD mechanism, I am wondering if an intermediary solution could be to simply remove overpop SD on Tier0 units only. So SD would only apply when reserving a Tier 1/2/3/4 weapon at spawn. It would rebalance the side with a globally lower firepower applied to the overpoped side (with the same rules that previously applied), still leaving the ability to quickly respawn if needed/wanted. Furthermore the reservist experience wouldn’t be hindered anymore. thoughts?