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  1. @XOOM The pricing model could evole towards something related to ranks, each subscription unlocking access to the next category. Downgrading your subscription would downgrade you temporarily to the lower category's max rank. An audit should be performed about what privileges and equipments is given, and how many points are needed to rank up. Note: you still need to rank up!! Example : ENLISTED : $4.99/month (or 6-months at $23.9 - 20%off) Enlisted E-1 Recruit Recruit Recrue Rekrut E-2 Private Private Soldat Grenadier E-3 Private 1st Class Lance Corporal Caporal Gefreiter E-4 Corporal Corporal Corporal-Chef Obergefreiter E-5 Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Unteroffizier NCO : $9.99/month (or 6-months at $47.9 - 20%off) Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) E-6 Staff Sergeant Colour Sergeant Sergent-Chef Unterfeldwebel E-7 Technical Sergeant Quarter Master Sergeant Adjudant Feldwebel E-7 Master Sergeant Sergeant Major Adjudant-Chef Oberfeldwebel Officers : $14.99/month (or 6-months at $71.9 - 20%off) Officers O-1 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Sous-Lieutenant Leutnant O-2 1st Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Overleutnant O-3 Captain Captain Capitaine Hauptmann O-4 Major Major Commandant Major O-5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Oberstleutnant High Command : $14.99/month (or 6-months at $59.9 - 33% off - lower prices to reward leadership involvment) High Command C-1 Colonel Colonel Colonel Oberst C-2 Brigadier General Brigadier Général de Brigade Generalmajor C-3 Major General Major General Général de Division Generalleutnant C-4 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Général de Corps General C-5 General General Général d'Armée General Oberst C-6 General of the Army Fieldmarshall Chef d'Etat Major Feldmarschall For the same income ($499/month) and the same bandwith cost, it'd still be better to have (100 x Enlisted ranking up to NCO) than (33 x premium + 67 x f2p), as probably 40% would upgrade later to NCO. There would no longer be a f2p option, or just limit it to rank2 with reserve rifles and smgs but without capping.
  2. If no one manages to set up a defensive FMS while attackers managed to coordinate and hold a strong set up (after destroying all depots), then it should definitely generate a .fallback
  3. PLEASE make the other pricing packages (3-months, 6-months and 12-months packs) also available on Steam. And the $8 starter pack could indeed be adapted as well as it’s only worth half of it.
  4. I thought about making this only when AO is up so it cannot be done in advance?
  5. Situation : Currently the destroyed state of a depot has no meaningful impact on it. Idea: What if the destroyed state would unactivate its spawning ability as long as there is an AO on its town? Only the attacking side can damage depots but the defenders can repair these. in counterpart: -Increase the amount of damage needed to destroy the depot, similarly to bridges’ settings -Add a (shorter) air siren back - Add a « depot on fire » icon on map to have a visual of destroyed depots -Add a system warning message « depot philipville-flavion has been damaged and no longer provide supplies » expected consequences: it gives more sense to bombers operations/support as fighter support, and allows to modify the battle patterns in towns. defenders cannot neutralise enemy spawnables but it won’t be usable if it’s in a destroyed state as well (bombing error or previous battle state) In case of a counter-attack, the new owner of the town won’t be able to use the depots he destroyed though! If there is no AO, destroyed depots can be used to react when ews rises up and to avoid pre-camping situations
  6. The idea is limited by the actual meaning of rank points. Still with the current ranking design, this feature would mostly suggest lower rank players to stick to more experimented players, which is the purpose.
  7. Could FBs be changed to country farm buildings with a larger ground pattern ? I think all veh/inf spawns are far in the open places so no clipping issues to be expected. Ideally, make vehicles/guns spawn randomly on the floor of both buildings, while infantries spawn randomly on the upper floor of both buildings, similarly to Depots and AB inf spawn design. I would expect their destruction to require more combined arms work. Eventually, in counter-part, allow bombers to induce X% of the damages (with a damaged state change) so that it lowers the required amount of engineers when coordinated.
  8. I couldn’t know because I don’t fly planes, I shoot them down with my AA at the FMS.
  9. % of other units’ earned points (Theoretical RTB statut) to improve and reward cohesion, teamplay, support. -infantries: 20m from other inf/guns/vehicles -guns: 100m from other inf/guns/vehicles -Vehicles: 200m from other inf/guns/vehicles -boats: 500m from other boats -planes: 1km from other planes
  10. No, just one bomb... on the FMS.
  11. Because someone is stockpiling every flag
  12. Changing capture points appears to be on the table. open places have been suggested but with the new HE audit it could become a hellmare to capture as these would easily be cleaned off
  13. The general idea of converting a truck into a fixed manned gun/aa/my nest is okay. but Not sure I would want these spawn inf as well, it should remain a separated feature
  14. That answered my question thank you. I wouldn’t do the ride. Hence we would keep the current bad situation where we wait for someone to do something alone without grouping up first