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  1. The UI overhaul is indeed critically urgent but as they remove brigade spawning it will impact the whole UI content a lot
  2. Sweet ! Can we have more screenshots from the ground ? Do you rework the bush line as well ?
  3. Agree with you and As said the proposal is to enhance the visibility in open fields
  4. @merlin51 I don’t know how many types of bushes we have in the world but I do identify three main types who where initially: - high hard-bushes (mostly in towns), that were replaced by small bush lines where people can hide in - X-bushes lines (mostly across open fields near towns and roads), replaced by the most common high bushes - a third one, pretty rare in the fields, that DOC already replaced by hard stone walls. I would suggest to replace all of these by hard elements that will provide better cover against the new HE. Furthermore, with the arrival of small arms ballistic audit and the smoke rounds, it would be nice to provide a clear sight in fields but with better cover and more movement constraints for vehicles. Let’s replace city bushes by some kind of removed barricades and objects. And the other ones in the open fields by these kinds : And if another type is available, a continuous high bushline that should not be crossable.
  5. It’s comiiiing so excited ! That may be a revolution to the game . I can think of so many situations where battles would have had a different outcome with a large smoke screen. It may drastically increase the lifetime of units. combined to the ballistic audit of small arms, the infantry game may become very sweet. I hope the smoke will be bigger and longer than hand grenades.
  6. I get killed all the time in trucks :-o
  7. Terrain do not allow underground structures iirc
  8. Let’s also add barbed wire that should be allowed to collide with other terrain objects, and destroyable by riding with a vehicle over these, or a sachel.
  9. If it’s not possible to reset timers, then Trucks should be able to deploy tank traps and ATG pits without cool down timer.
  10. To allow what you suggest, all missions should then have as origin the AB. The two FBs between towns would then behave as default mobile spawns for all these missions when they have no own FMS up So even if a side lose Both fbs, their FMS can still stand up, but reinforcements will have to leave from further behind. Not sure how to handle spawn origin however.
  11. What if both FBs between towns (when any) were no longer attached to a side and were no longer destroyable, but should be captured like a normal CP to serve as spawn origins with supplies taken from the rear town. You must own the first FB for 5 minutes before being able to capture the second one closer to the enemy’s town. This could really move battles in open fields (between fbs) thanks to our current FMS’.
  12. @bmbm With the removal of specialized brigades and the set up of a new UI, it could be the right moment to allow specialized missions to be created. A mission leader should be able to select the type of mission he wants to lead. This may help him focus attention on the objective of the mission, more easily gather and coordinate players, and enhance the combined-arms battlefield experience. It would also provide a better visibility to OIC of available ressources and preferences. Mission types would offer different supply compositions: - Motorized infantry: all infantries except engineers, light ATG, armored transport, trucks, light CS tanks, Armored vehicles - Armor: trucks, tanks, armored vehicles - Support: trucks, armored transport, engineers, mortarmen, heavy ATG, AA, SPAA, armored vehicles In a second time, each mission type could have their FMS/FRU behave differently, i.e. have different deployment rules/radius and allow to spawn different (more advanced) units. Yes, I also think about some kind of mobile garage tent for vehicles, not further than X km of origin and not closer than X km of target.
  13. Indeed good point. Also @XOOMI would speak of a « demo account » and offer something different than f2p on steam. We should no longer mention « f2p » which is definitely confusing
  14. A F2P could receive private supply access to all units (they don’t deplete the premium supplies) but with a limit of 5 kills per sortie (then their ability to fire stops), and a global limit of 100 kills before going premium to continue. People must be guaranteed to have fun to understand the potential. A special decals could warn other players if a unit is F2P.
  15. LMAO couldn't retain myself from laughing so hard !!