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  1. Just read the title, interesting idea. what about removing FMS/fru on défensive objectives ? Keep it only on attack missions , even on defensive ao’s
  2. From what I remind, a PPO desappear if no player came close of it for some time. So each time you walk near a PPO it resets its despawn timer
  3. I was just going to post this. We definitely need a video instead of a training which doesn´t help as it mentions basic tools which any FPS player already know about. players don’t answer on the chat, they want to do everything by their own and don’t understand how to spawn from a specific place. And it IS difficult to understand the logics. We need means to show them how it works.
  4. Similar topic here
  5. What if the opposite side set ao on the attacking town as well? Multiple FB with attack from the rear ?
  6. As explosions and AP physics are being audited, what about its visual effects to give players much better show and immersion ? Ideally each explosion should continue generating smoke/dust for at least 30 seconds (if the engine can handle it). Mortar HE explosion : Light bomb explosion (air): Heavy bomb explosion (air) : gun AP explosion Grenade :
  7. Historically, tanks got some. It may help a lot infantries to progress to town. Or at least give some to light ATG guns to give them a new support role.
  8. In this game everyhting is about roleplay and communications. The mission leader has therefore a very critical role. When leaving a mission on which we have been for more than 10 minutes, we should be asked to evaluate the leadership of the mission leader (note from 1 to 5). The latest 50 evaluations given to a ML would provide a global note that could be attached to the ML in the battle/mission tab. With such a system players could favor MLs doing real management, or just be warned to not expect much leadership. It might also improve the roleplay part of leaders. It would look like this : Note that if a ML leaves or if the leadership is transfered, it should reset timers to 0 minutes. It is important to have spend more than 10 minutes with the current ML. The ML should take his role seriously until the accomplishment of the mission if he wants to be evaluated and attract more players on his future missions.
  9. The problem of FMS has been raised by different players during the last couple of days. Its impact on ingame coordination can be negative because of the current UI design. Therefore we could add a simple pop-up message before spawning, allowing the player to chose whether he will use it or not. Notice the information about the distance-to-target compared to the origin, useful both in attack and defense missions. If you have selected a heavy unit that cannot make use of the FMS, simply make the mobile spawn button unavailable, but still warn about it being active :
  10. Interesting discussions have been raised the last weeks around the current UI, and its failure to make players understand the game mechanisms without reading 10-years-old wiki and squad guides. If I make a compilation of some ideas, I would propose this kind of new welcome screen : - (left) A complete game map overview with attack/defense objective highlighted and arrows showing the movements of units between towns - (middle) A clear overview of attack and defense AOs, followed by non-AO related missions which I would call "support missions". Notice the "balance" indication of opposing forces. - (right) A complete overview of missions having as target CPs related to the AO town. Notice the "population" indication about the division of friendly players currently involved in that AO. A filter allows extended searchs between mission. When clicking a mission, eventally zoom the left map to show the origin/target of the mission. - (right down) A chat window showing the complete chat history of a selected mission, in order to evaluate the activity and to rapidly interact with the leader or other players involved in the mission. - (upper left) two instant-action buttons refering to the current P1 objectives, and the most populated attack/defense mission of it (i.e. defense mission of defense AO, and attack mission of attack AO). Note that we should add a priority-parameter to AO's as it does currently not exist.
  11. Interesting observation ...
  12. There need to be a more visual means to uncheck FMS box but it is still compatible. maybe the FMS should be considered as a new independent CP which takes supplies from a town, but from where a new mission has to be created, hence being available to anyone. Setting another FMS would not cancel the last one, but just add an extra CP until it is destroyed. I however think this would be complex to code and to illustrate somehow on the map.
  13. THIS. clicking a CP should filter all missions related to that CP (origin/target). clicking a mission should not center the map on the origin, but zoom out over the whole area and draw a green/red arrow from origin to target.
  14. So you want to force people of a squad to regroup despite their inability to communicate and to follow orders ? I would personally kick and ban these people of the squad to not frustrate the motivated ones, and guarantee the true definition of "squad". In however understand the request of private squad missions like in the old days, as it allows to prepare an attack with strict control on what is spawned. It can be useful at the very start of an attack coordinated by the HC, before opening the attack to lonewolves. Instead I would give an ability for HC to restrict available material and spawn origins in a town (inactivate for a period of 5 minutes), but also to let them give a squad (and hence its members) the authorisation to overpass this restriction. That way HC could organise strictly organised battles as well and give weight to squads. it should however not become systematic on every AO to keep some diversification and let everyone a chance to grab heir favorite unit or spawn from their preferred origin to go into battle.