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  1. That's definitely something that would be nice to model accurately
  2. I wished someday HCs would sit together and organize a REAL event.
  3. Or just the truck deploying (back) as manned MSP and offering all guns? the advantage of manned MSPs is that they remain extremely fragile to their environment, which would be a fair balance for such a use.
  4. Sachel dropped at 21sec, exploded at 31sec. 31-21=10sec. Just re-adjust the clocks in your head
  5. Reserve HCs can remove/place AOs by just right-clicking towns. So, volunteering as reserve HC can help. There is currently an ingame poll regarding the audit of AOs which might help better understand what is actually expected. It is acknowledged that the impact of AO mechanics might have been underestimated and that the changes from 1.36 have not yet been balanced with enough counterparts to please all players’ segments. That being said, ANY change would have to come with new counterparts, and thus so much new discussions, corrections and compromises.
  6. The result will depend on build timers, cool down timers and the object's lifetime. It will most probably be used to reinforce local ZOCs in open fields and transform these in pure infantry battles. Mortar support and paratroopers might probably become more often needed to reach the eFMSs, theoreticaly resulting in longer and more dense attrition battles. I don't think we will have 3-4 lines of trenches fully encircling towns like we would have had IRL. I hope some squads will take the time to try it though, as it would definitely offer a new cool gameplay experience where tanks would remain outside urban areas. I am personally not fan of our flat and porous terrain which decreases survivability and therefore does not support teamwork. And Playing with PPOs is definitely faster/easier than changing our terrain, unfortunately.
  7. Tanks can't camp it that easily and can't cross it. There are exit paths every few meters. Cammo nets are on the wishlist, altough yes planes are expected to strafe like they would have done it IRL, but AA can more easily setup with safer cover as well.
  8. For those who don't read the website nor their emails: https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/development-notes/modular-ppo-trench-system this is a little side-development opportunity following your discussions with Scotsman some weeks ago, it is not slowing down other announced developments in the roadmap. Which new battle doctrine do you envision with these? Happy 2020!
  9. I asked and oldzeke confirmed that you need direct hits with at least 4x100Kg bombs (or equivalent). That is very difficult to achieve. Maybe it could become a issue the day we have more pilots again in the sky.
  10. I have never seen any FMS destroyed by air support. I guess it is harder than what we might think
  11. Welcome back !
  12. These were also mounted on opels and sdkfz251s, right? unfortunately the production department has a critical lack of ressources because of unexpected IRL priorities that struck some volunteers. Everything has been critically impacted (map expansion, new units, UI, buildings...). Not to mention the big infrastructure projects (billing platform, servers) that consumed most of the energy from the heads of departments. 2020 will definitely deliver more than 2019, but if more volunteer artists want to consider to join, drop an email to Xoom happy new year everyone
  13. Any desktop screen can be rendered as a large screen in VR. Not actual VR but quite a step towards it
  14. (brainstorming): what if garrisons got longer resupply timers compared to brigade flags? That Would make attrition more important and make manual resupply more meaningful.
  15. This is a long standing objective! As soon as we get this, we could limit capture only to the flag a mission is targeting. This would further help cohesion for the leader towards his objective