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  1. The Whips squad started the use of fortifications to secure their bunker. It was a 100% closed area as you could only use the FMS to join the internal perimeter. The Allied players rushing the bunker were probably having great WTF-moments: Today the Allies had the same, with still a small opening towards the barracks: This definitely forces combined-arms teamwork. One single bomber pass destroyed everything though. How do you like this new type of gameplay? Should this doctrine become common practice?
  2. Still, attackers (in WWIIol) want stealth to set up their ZOC first and will NEVER ride towards a well-defended area. A good (fun long lasting) attack is probably one where both sides managed to consolidate their ZOC. Hence I was wondering how it would play out if: - Spawnables were capturable without AOs (not supplied yet?) - AO could be launched only on a town where a spawnable is owned and hold So that we would combine both gameplay: stealth for attack initiatives anywhere over the frontline with your squad, while defenders can set up defensive fortifications around the spawnables and wouldn't have to worry about other flags, creating that "localized" battle that tater and delems are speaking about. Current AO limit would still avoid map rolls. EWS could still trigger a small defense setup, but focused on spawnables. Attackers would probably setup their AO only on towns where they dug in and can hold the spawnable/ZOC strong. Owning the spawnable is often the first thing most players are waiting to invest into an attack. This would probably best work in towns where the spawnables are placed 200-500 meters out of towns (newer parts of the map), where the scenery objects are concentrated along the road mostly (dense CQB area), and without too much vegetation around to maximize armor support (or trenches effectiveness)
  3. just increasing the life timer to 72 hours could provide some kind of persistence, and allow pre-build fortifications in case the frontline advances there. Just need a volunteer to patrol once every 3 days. typically a squad duty not sure how many the server can handle though, I think there is a limit per tile. nor what happens the limit is reached and its impact of performances. @OLDZEKE could tell
  4. If a question feels being too narrow, it will have been done on purpose as soon as it offers the answers "none of the above" and "no opinion". This gives a clear view about whether the suggested items were sufficient or not. Some questions might have been wrongly formulated though. Please PM me whenever this happens. I have already planned to poll again old questions that were not relevant. Best practice comes with experience as well. Each answer rises 10 new questions though. Right now I just poll and compile the results in a large table organized per topic. your forum suggestions are screened and copy/pasted as well. So that each leader will be able to get a quick view of feedbacks and ideas. Since they are definitely smarter than I am, if a poll was misleading they will tell me as well. It does just help get your Axis or Allied voices through edit: So far only a few polls were flagged as "Extremely popular opportunities to think about", and made it into the game: bombers contributing to FB busting, faster cap timers, and sticking PPOs. It was not a 51 vs 49 majority, but more a 90 vs 10 one (all sides, all branches, all TZ combined). So don't worry about the counting.
  5. A poll? Sure!
  6. There are some good things coming in to help reduce clutter and improve transparency, this should help
  7. many have forgotten how much the gameplay experience was impacted by that change of vegetation, indeed. But we are aware of this.
  8. He’ll write “watch your six” visible from 7km high
  9. (brainstorming) if PPOs were drawn on the map, we could allow HC to remove some manually. That would help against griefing but also with performances if it becomes an issue
  10. To start with, you could just propose to increase their current lifetime. QA probably needs to test to find an optimum between expectations and performance
  11. Updated for 1.36.5
  12. The reason why it is not displayed is because some fear it will ease spying. However the current system can already be abused by someone who really wants to know where enemy FMSs are. So we could indeed think about the pros and cons of displaying it on the spawn screen, similarly to what most games do.
  13. (brainstorming) What about seeing PPOs on map within a 100 meters radius? This would allow to close parts of the town without frustrating defenders as they would see where to run through. Actually everyone would better plan their moves, especially if vegetation also showed up on the map. Eventually hoovering your mouse of the PPO would provide some info (e.g. timer before disappearing, player that build it)
  14. good feedback here. Load-out is being introduced in the next patch for bombers. It could be extended to tanks and guns as well. That would allow other munitions to be introduced. Not sure it is already capable to evolve with tiers but that's probably on the wishlist. Scotsman provided all the correct data, it is a matter of time and resources, not a matter of will. prod is working on ball penetration audit. let's wait for the results.
  15. not sure About that idea: imagine *creates 30 fake accounts* *spawn them all on the axis side* *Rules the map with Allied friends*