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  1. Ideally a mission should not be linked to an origin nor a target. Indeed
  2. Automatic missions should only be activated for defensive Ones with as origin the AB of a DO. depots and FBs are less needed as it requires better understanding of the gameplay to use these
  3. A fundamental question is: Does the constraints on AO numbers benefit or hurt overall squad engagement / online population?
  4. Well That is how I understood the new rules, being in opposition to the former « capture AB first to kick the flag ». But like I said, that rear linked depot could indeed be removed now that we have garrisons that remain active. Until then we should adapt.
  5. Or allies shouldn’t have captured AB before the rear-linked depot... rules are the rules, as bad as they might be, and the winner will be the one who best understand these. the discussions and ideas to improve cohesion and make real squads more useful/powerful are good imho. However be careful when you wish to not be able to deploy behind the lines, that can result in hours-long entrenchment. Attackers might not have enough population during some time zones to push through.
  6. The process of creating a mission is still the same, but creating a mission from a garrison has issues, indeed. For some reason the game thinks we are not part of the garrison when trying to create a mission on the map, even if we joined it with a right click. We need to go back first on the brigade Tab. Myself take a while to find it out each time. QA let that glitch pass in their validation phase probably because the new UI will change it all. So Please be patient for the new UI and save your energy on finding solutions to make squads more attractive, or make imbalance more easy to cope with!
  7. The new UI process should ease it. Still in development and we are all eager to try out its alpha!
  8. Actually Xoom announced For the ongoing roadmap that these map-marked waypoints will now also show up ingame.
  9. Probably the fastest complain fix in the game’s history! Also the waypoints should fade out when you aim towards it. So it should never block your sight, except from side views.
  10. As drkmouse said, why not kill the FB? Defenders have a full rear garrison available while attackers have their supplies coming slowly. Attackers are taking a risk to attack from there since you could counter it. Their players might also be upset to not find full supplies and to not support the attack. Pure Player-driven game, let’s not forget it!
  11. Not everyone can afford to wait half an hour to get action. Heavy infantry EWS is pretty easy to get, you cannot expect a new town to only have 5 new infantries after 30 minutes, or would you?
  12. Rear linked defensive depots may indeed be removed imho, now that all depots remain playable from its garrison. At least it forces a travel from the rear FB, although I would prefer a real backup of the AB supply to its rear FB, instead of pouring fresh supplies from the backline town as well . Not sure defenders have been using it extensively so far though
  13. Since armored vehicles can only spawn from the AB, there need to be a backup spawn as soon as it is captured. Maybe the best approach would be to make that rear FB take its supplies in the frontline garrison instead of the rear one. Not sure if this is do-able easily.
  14. There were two annoying things: aircraft indeed often render like that when I follow them. Maybe my ping is high. The other thing is the mouse is used, which was the optic one used on a rough surface. Next time I will use my laser one on a clean surface. When trying to track fast moving aircraft the result was pretty poor indeed.