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  1. Well that precisely answers the question, hence I know that *if* the game offers more opportunities to use big guns, whatever units they are mounted on, you will be happy
  2. Extra idea based on @Kilemall‘a concept of Area AO: Allow HC to « activate/deactivate » divisions that are authorized to start EWS-based AOs (thus only over adjacent towns of their brigades) If you deactivate a division, ongoing ews-AO setup from its brigades can continue but no new one can be triggered, so that the activity would slightly move to another division if required so. Whatever the design, it would however keep some kind of flag/HC empowerment
  3. I really wished we had more poll options like a top-3 or so. Even survey monkey hasn’t that option.
  4. I want to be able to give a « community love weight » to these parameters , as to make a ranking of all weapons accordingly, so that it can help with some priority decisions. I re-formulate the question to make this list universally relevant and added the option «it always depends on the mission type »
  5. That would be very interesting for sure. I think only Xoom could write that down at a later stage though. At this stage the idea is just to start from community requests, trying to keep it as general as possible, and guess what part of the game would benefit from more detailed discussions or analysis before roadmap gets written in stone.
  6. I put together a list of requests that made 99% of forums' topics for the past 6 months. Could I please ask you to make the poll and validate if something is missing on the list? The objective is to help leadership getting a clear understanding of what is expected (VS what is technically and financially possible). You are free to share your comments about your wishes. You can also write down your top-5. And please stay constructive regarding opinions you don't agree with.
  7. Any weapon, considering that choosing armor is probably because you like higher fire power for example. Plane because of movement speed. Ships because of caliber and fire distance. No? Added! Thanks You are perfectly right. But if you could decide between different mission types with any supply?
  8. Please provide your opinion and don't hesitate to develop further bellow!
  9. sorry I misread your post!
  10. Why another .command that no one use or understand, and that is unreadable in the chat window? A formal tab in the UI showing up active squads and some info would be better
  11. If LMG were able to shoulder fire IRL, I would be okay with these suggestions
  12. About muzzle climb,What if we removed customized mouse sensistivity while firing, tempirarily using a default one? So that the effect is the same for everyone.
  13. Well you are a good example of how LMG should be used, so I don't understand why you don't support the change. Have you suggestions for counterparts if LMGs are no longer being able to shoot while running?
  14. On 41 sorties this campaign, 37 were with the Germany LMG, and You have a K/D of 4.54. That's impressive. How many of these kills have you made while running ?