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  1. Not more inputs? It was an interesting discussion, very easy to change from a developers’ time point of view.
  2. (Brainstorming) Instead of an early warning system, The EWS could be seen as the report of actual threat and battle intensity close to town. So the ranges would then be decreased altogether and not increased. Manual contact reports (hence recon squads) would instead be in charge of that « early » reporting, like we did before EWS, patrolling over enemy FBs. This would help defenders better balance their forces and help f2p focus on higher density battes with less travels (both for attackers and defenders, consequently). This could also ease maneuvers for attackers with group-based surprise assaults which is what squads will look for. Not everyone wants defenders setup in the fields or sniping from depots before attackers managed to setup their ZOC. Maybe we should consider that frontline towns are more like no-man’s lands and that actual forces are deployed in backline towns. Our gameplay would better fit that concept, altough I would personally also like some brutal attackers vs defenders combats. But that could be achieved by other means
  3. Xoom is preparing something to be announced soon. In the process he might have hit a button or two until he gets things set up. Nothing should be taken as granted so wait for his official speech. From a business development point of view, a lot of things have happened the past months/weeks and changed perspectives, for the better. The move of the servers and the new billing portal definitely contributed to consider new possibilities.
  4. Why are you calling my name? I May tell you that this new colocation will help reduce internal costs, so that the business plan might be adapted consequently, opening new perspectives for those who might be tight on their wallet but really want to remain part of the WWII Online. The first step is that the free trial became full access and no longer infantry only. That was an easy quick change. Let’s see what can be done next! SOON(TM)
  5. At least these Towns where we have fortifications in Belgium: -Dinant -Liege -Namur
  6. Disy chain, multiple FMS per missions or shared FMSs between missions are all example of ideas that would require lots of code overwrite. So the question is « how sure are we that this would be the optimal solution among all possible ones and is there no cheaper alternative? ».
  7. I agree and Ingame polls are just one component of multiple sources of feedbacks and aren’t influencing decisions alone. Ingame polls are often inspired from forum or offline survey information, with the purpose to get a wider perspective. Analysis happens only by comparing multiple questions between each other. Also, since there is always a balance/mix of opinions, a suggested idea is never applicable without further thinking anyway. The alternative is to not even wonder what players might answer and keep decisions based on an internal vision. Like CRS1.0 did. That would be easier of course. so I don’t understand what you meant, if you could develop more or give an example? if it is about the question/options, please submit your suggested polls in the idea forum. We only have 8 lines and a very limited amount of characters
  8. I try to systematically add these. Except for questions where there is no other option possible (then you only have « no opinion »). You can always pm me your feedback. The only question where the « other » was unfortunately lacking was « How would your like to see team deployment & cohesion improved? ». there was one question where I forced a choice between possible options « What stat does influence your satisfaction the most? ».
  9. If there was a top list of players that have most dropped ideas in the forums, I would probably be in the top3. Now that I see things from the inside I better understand why it cannot be achieved overday. The good news is that change is possible, altough very slow. One of the most difficult barrier is the diversity of expectations from players. Altough we all love the same unique concept of simulation, we all want it to be played differently... Some online poll results really surprised me.
  10. Right now the decision was made to remove it, and I will keep attention towards finding out and suggesting alternative improvements to our mobile spawn mechanics.
  11. Which town? Never seen that anywhere, we have a 360 Degrees open arena with porous buildings everywhere, not even close of what a real Belgian town looks like. Btw I live in Belgium
  12. No changes made!
  13. If you set back the default keys, does it work?
  14. Hey, guys, just give me some time to discuss it with HCs and Leadership. It was introduced with some good intentions; if it somehow failed of course I will try to push it on top of the topics to be looked at. Very busy at rats HQ with the next patch, the payment portal update, and the other big projects going.
  15. This might be something the new UI will provide. Need to ask @SNIPER62 Selecting a target will also filter the attached missions. If we somehow also had information regarding the enemy forces engaged on that same objective, I personally believe veterans would use it wisely to balance forces and set priorities