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  1. FB models should be completely redone. Based on a concept with multiple rural buildings where both vehicles and inf would Spawn randomly (like the current barracks). This would decrease camping occurance and favor Real rural battles. FBs should be unavaible if the origin is contested thought. Bomb effects should also be thought about (e.g. temporary desabling of vehicle spawning when having a destroyed veh Spawn state, but that can be repaired by engineers)
  2. Could be tried during intermission ?
  3. What do we do with Tier0 DLCs? Indeed ideally you should keep Tier-X vs Tier-X battles to please all ranks, but where and how?
  4. Please do a .bug at the location, Merlin will get the exact coordinates
  5. Damn they left some behind? J/k
  6. Found that old article from Gophur announcing a vision for 1.35 back in... 2012 : https://www.wwiionline.com/index.php/component/content/article/17-development-notes/11370-135-and-the-wwiiol-roadmap It mentions squad missions, HE audit, US paratroops and more PPOs Also changes to the FRU : " Once placed this will become your new origin and you will then have a new limited range where you can advance your FRU "
  7. can we expect realistic damage so that you no longer die if hit in the leg or arm? Just bleeding to death. then we can add medics
  8. It will become available with a one-time purchase package!
  9. Welcome back guys , please grab an ammo box and follow the premium players. When the premium dies, grab his rifle and shoot
  10. Just tried to help answer the tow question but you are bringing it into a larger debate I can't take position with as I have no clue neither on how good it's going for the artists. I am happy enough some guys are learning it thoroughly and I know they prefer to keep it a suprise until it's sure the work passes QA.
  11. DLCs will also come to organic reservists in the coming months , or you cab grab an account on steam instead? DLCs at 9,99 unlocking a truck will be available in September. That being said, being a hero builder I pay a lot to have such a second tow account. It's not fair that you can do this for free.
  12. Expanding Zealands is already planned after France , then it will be UK E coast. There was a video from Xoom some time ago . look at the screens in this French article https://ww2ol.jeuxonline.info/actualite/54605/actualite-wwii-online-mai-2018
  13. Or let sappers and (upcoming) ammo bearer build a PPO ammo box? (Cool down timer 10min)
  14. Indeed but I answered before the latest update. Plans have changed, obviously but at least it offers free rifle to old premium
  15. Thanks odin! Not saying these should be added but here's the list I brainstormed so far: Increasing max rank limit (if any) Access to non-combat roles (logistician, medic...) Customized items: clothes, face, decal, vehicle cammo... 48h premium access (rank restricted) 48h army, air or navy full access (no rank restriction) 48h Ranking boost (points x2) Specialized ammo/rounds Access to exclusive player-placed objects (PPO) Pay-per-hour / per-kill / per-deaths prepaid premium packs Access-ticket to special scenario/map event(s) Closed-beta access More ideas? @jwilly