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  1. Navy only had very very little sense right now compared to air only. 1.36 provides supplies everywhere but combats aren’t guaranteed for that branch. A gameplay overhaul is needed first. But meanwhile everyone can access fairmiles. Vehicle-only packs would have the opposite issue: supplies aren’t guaranteed. The good news from this poll is that you all keep supporting our premium offer!
  2. Thanks for the feedbacks! From surveys we know that the pricing is one of the top3 reasons why some don’t afford a subscription. They however have not mentioned any issue with the monthly recurring model. This is a MMO after all. From ingame stats we see that a large proportion of players never take a plane, and reversely that ace pilots rarely actively contribute to the ground war. Finally, f2p and starter accounts don’t provide a solution for those that want to enjoy a full career across all tiers. Especially for our veterans that know how to play the game. The Combination of all these points make these offers a potentially relevant solution since we can now attract and retain part of these inactive players, hence further increasing the population. I hope you will help us spread the word
  3. That's something for @CHIMMto consider and would be a temporary measure
  4. As you may have read from the new roadmap, in a couple of days we should be ready to release our new career-based subscription (ORGANIC ONLY). This offers a more affordable experience of WWII Online, and we hope that f2p and starter soldiers will take benefit from it, hence contribute to a population growth. Remind that premium is at 14.99$ and remains one of the best proofs of your support to this project. I drop a quick poll to gather your pre-release feedbacks about the announced options: All Infantry Subscription: $9.99/mo USD All infantry classes Includes all Airborne & Airborne Transports Includes Trucks / Haulers Includes Light ATG and AA guns Includes Fairmile Boat All Air Force Subscription: $9.99/mo USD All fighters, bombers and airborne transports Includes Airborne Infantry Includes Rifleman and Trucks / Haulers Includes Fairmile Boat All Ground Forces Subscription: $12.99/mo USDAll Army Persona access All Infantry All Tanks All Guns All Haulers All Airborne / Transport Planes Includes Fairmile Boat Please write down more feedback bellow. Thanks for your participation!
  5. I believe everyone part of CRS2.0 agrees. Bmbm has designed a great concept for the new UI, and its work is going to be resumed soon
  6. I was describing a "thumb up" feature " from other players, like on the IRL Waze app when a driver reports something.
  7. Post scriptum allows to report directly by pinpointing with the binocs IIRC. That could also be useful. Another idea, From planetside2, is the situation awareness regarding "shots". It's an instant circle drawed for half a second over the map where someone shot a bullet or a round.
  8. Just adapt the lifetime of the report if you believe the 1 minute is too short. But drawing arrows is useless since the information is already outdated 30 seconds later. Furthermore, most of time a movement is towards the town (attacker) or FMS/FB (defender), thus easily predicted
  9. <Brainstorming> Or adding a "confirmed" feature by clicking existing reports. Report icons would fade out in 1 minute (instead of the current 5?) but the timer would reset every time it gets a new click (max 1 click per player per report per minute). The icon would show the original spotter as the list of those that confirmed it, and hown long ago. This would further improve situational awareness and reward team play. Mobilize support now and help the team move faster towards such features !
  10. 15 players online could ideally be fighting in a single AO, indeed: most populated side attacking, least populated side defending. That could become possible with population triggered AOs. However it is just a matter of communication and coordination. Proximity based AOs won’t solve that issue.
  11. I also wish the new UI can help improve information management. This is a good idea
  12. I would personnaly agree with low armored units to spawn at depots ONLY if we also limited depots to bolt-rifle-units only (rifleman, grenadiers, engineers, sappers, mortarmen...) Heavier weapons should make a ride from FMS/LMS or from the AB to increase its fear of death.
  13. We could let barbed wired stick to surrounding objects but in counter part increase the minimum distance of deployment up to 30 meters from any CP (friendly or enemy).
  14. IMO there shouldn’t be any zoom effect when aiming. Eventually when aiming + pressing MAJ key. This would greatly improve close-combats.
  15. Why didn’t he shoot a HE shell on the ground? It clears it all in one shot. Or the watcher could have thrown a grenade. the tank traps and gun emplacement just need one sachel to be removed (each rifleman carry one of these) if you see someone intentionally making abuse of PPOs, report it with .report <message> to warn game moderators who are 24/24 online did you see this?