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  1. Which town? Never seen that anywhere, we have a 360 Degrees open arena with porous buildings everywhere, not even close of what a real Belgian town looks like. Btw I live in Belgium
  2. If you set back the default keys, does it work?
  3. Hey, guys, just give me some time to discuss it with HCs and Leadership. It was introduced with some good intentions; if it somehow failed of course I will try to push it on top of the topics to be looked at. Very busy at rats HQ with the next patch, the payment portal update, and the other big projects going.
  4. This might be something the new UI will provide. Need to ask @SNIPER62 Selecting a target will also filter the attached missions. If we somehow also had information regarding the enemy forces engaged on that same objective, I personally believe veterans would use it wisely to balance forces and set priorities
  5. All other (more popular) games offer the opposite experience: keeping your spawn in the back and fighting in no-mans’ Lands. That is why I would personally think of a positive outcome for more distant depots from the town, and pulling the flag out to make it easier to capture and hold for attackers, but force attrition battles to progress
  6. What is your theory? I am not sure I understand
  7. I’d move the Bunker outside the AB area, like we already have in open air ABs. except that I would keep them along the road and not middle of nowhere in the fields
  8. In this concept I move the bunker (capture) flag outside AB and leave the spawns alone, so that the enemy has no reason to be in that area. With this design you can drastically decrease supplies and hence ease (local) attrition effects. The overall battle would last longer as well.
  9. (brainstorming) What if for each cardinal direction we would have a Full AB, but setting up spawns and flags in a specific order to improve City fights: along the roads with buildings in-between: [town civilian flags]—-——[AB spawns]———-[bunker flag]——[depot spawn]——[depot flag] ........................................... FB this allows to divide battles into cardinal areas (N, E, S, W), since you can contest and hold the depot flag until capturing the bunker which is reinforced only if defenders control that area from their depot. Less camping , more dense close combats
  10. IMHO, in villages, Buildings should be deployed along the roads mostly, and as far as 500m in every cardinal direction, with a higher density at the center (church or market place). The rural parts should have more vegetation and non-crossable objects for vehicles (stones walls, hedges, etc), so that armour either stay away from town, or have to move on the roads to the centre of the town. Spawnables would be at the very far end of towns, also along the road.
  11. Last year Xoom indeed created the business data analyst position, with access to all game data (population, sorties...), in order to support discussions with a better view of actual figures. This is a huge move towards the community and a outstanding decision that CRS1.0 never offered. I am honoured to occupy that role for now, until I can provide my final report and let leadership conclude if it (or I) helped or not. I have mostly been busy setting up the base for accurate data analysis. Unfortunately it takes time because data isn’t easily available and I had to first analyze which would be actually useful. This had recently been done and developers are going to provide me the data requested as soon as they got spare time. I also had to create a clear list of existing game parameters and variables. Then I had to set priorities, and focus on points that matters or that could provide the highest ROI. That was -and remains- the most difficult part as I decided to base my conclusion on surveys and ingame polls, but results showed that we have very different population segments with contradictory expectations and complaints. Polls need to provide clear answers, to concerns or opportunities, which requires to have well-thought questions and its list of answer options. A very good understanding of the game is required to be able to write those, hence you will see me sometimes using the forums to validate some of these. Finally I have to link data with game design, I.e. selecting which data, or combination of data, can help provide information regarding a specific topic. For example regarding population balance, like you said, it is not just about the number of players online or spawned, it could be visualised I terms of balance of sorties, TOM, k/d, unique players, supply, ranks,... But then you also need to filter suggestions according to do-able action, including technical and organization constraints. And as soon as a change could be implemented, track the evolution of the data and conclude or correct. The faster capture timers for teams, as the capability for bombers to destroy vehicle spawns at FBs, are the first additions to have followed this exploratory bizdev path. I am eager to finally get the answers to many of our questions, but I am doing it as volunteer as well.
  12. First, the pricing is decided by playnet, not CRS. Don’t shoot at @XOOM, his vision is more in line with the general playerbase judgements than you may think. Just give him a bit more time to deliver its work. Tons of things going on behind the scenes. Second, balance is not about total pop. The mechanism should be as efficient during low pop zones as high pop zones. Even if you made some time zones free to play it wouldn’t solve the main issue.
  13. Server up again, thank you for notifying
  14. Server being restarted