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  1. Thanks all for the feedback it helped a lot. The first question is obviously incomplete and thus irrelevant. The other questions will be changed.
  2. Not for those considering that the MSP is a good anti-camp feature, and willing to offer temporary safe spawns to a target
  3. Thanks, That would indeed be a conclusion if you answered: limiting the spawning area (direction & distance ) [OR] by reducing the fog of war (finding the enemy) Mobile spawns should be more easily spotted But also: Creating skirmishes outside towns (variety) since that would virtually make behind-the-line deployments useless and thus moving all forces towards FB. I corrected the wording
  4. For those of you enjoying summer or holidays, I drop a poll to help me validate future in-game poll questions. These are about game play. Please, drop your comments/corrections/suggestions below. Thanks!
  5. Maybe this little manual will help you: https://store.steampowered.com/manual/251950
  6. Thanks all! Updated the manual with some feedbacks received from other sources
  7. Here is the first version of a new game manual I have been writing. Feedbacks and spell checks welcome (remind that English isn’t my first language) https://store.steampowered.com/manual/251950
  8. Thanks, good feedback. changes: Question: What further improvement would you expect regarding mobile spawns? Answers options (max8): 1 Mobile spawns should be more easily spotted 2 Mobile spawns should be less easily spotted 3 Mobile spawns should be less easily camped 4 Mobile spawns should be less easily destroyed 5 Mobile spawns should be harder to destroy 6 There should be more mobile spawns available for battles 7 Mobile spawns placement/displacement should be eased 8 No opinion/It's fine Other questions allows to know if players expect anything regarding frontline placement. @major0noob Summer holidays always bring numbers down. That being said, I am convinced that if the game play gets improved, more would play. Working on it as you see. Just trying to give leadership a clear view of the situation with factual data. But to be effective the poll questions and answers must be well thought.
  9. List of suggested questions regarding mobile spawns: Question: What further improvement would you expect regarding mobile spawns? Answers options (max8): 1 Mobile spawns are too easily spotted 2 Mobile spawns are too easily camped 3 Mobile spawns are too easily destroyed 4 There aren't enough mobile spawns available 5 Moving mobile spawns upon deployment should be eased 6 No opinion 7 8 Question: What should mobile spawns mostly be about? Answers options (max8): 1 Spawning at a location unknown by the enemy (stealth) 2 Spawning closer to my target (travel) 3 Spawning closer to my other mission members (team play) 4 Moving battles to strategic areas outside towns (variety) 5 No opinion 6 7 8 Question: Mobile spawns should NOT deploy "behind the frontline" Answers options (max8): 1 Strongly agree 2 Somehow agree 3 Somehow disagree 4 Strongly disagree 5 No opinion 6 7 8 Question: Bring back the manned-truck MSP (no PPO, instant deployment) Answers options (max8): 1 Yes 2 Yes, but only when their engine is ON (presence awareness) 3 No 4 No opinion 5 6 7 8 Question: A "super FMS" deploying heavy AT/AA guns, 1.5 km away? Answers options (max8): 1 Yes 2 Yes, but only on the main roads 3 Yes, but visible on map for enemies (similar to FBs) 4 No 5 No opinion 6 7 8
  10. NCOs can drop ammo boxes, as can trucks. Just setup near the wanted building?
  11. I have also been suggesting similar stuff to improve the squadtool page. @B2K is still working on the HC tool first. So he can better tell
  12. @delems Actually there was an "other" option in the list. it got pretty much answers, hence my conclusion I am missing an important point regarding gameplay expectation. I was thinking maybe it's about more combined arms, more fear of death or more/different capture objectives. @tater I see where you are trying to go, but the options already allow us to conclude that: If people don't want faster deployment to the battle but do want increased situational awareness as improved Teamplay, then indeed we could think about better team-based waves, limited to the FB sides. Both sides know the action will happen there, and expect grouped enemies, so their situational awareness is improved.
  13. This was one of the question. The list seems uncomplete. What would you add as option? Question: What game play experience needs immediate improvement? Improve our situational awareness of enemy's presence Accelerate our deployment to the battle area Improve our squad/team cohesion Increase our survivability (mean TOM) Give us more freedom regarding AO placement Add more secondary objectives
  14. Yes this might be possible
  15. Farewell soldier, my thoughts to the family and friends.