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  1. I'm having a subscription issue and I sent in my ticket on November 10. Today is the 15th and I haven't received a response and the ticket still shows up as "new" when I check its status. My current financial situation requires that I get this resolved as soon as possible. Is a nearly one week wait period normal? If it is, I honestly have no problem waiting a bit longer so long as the issue is resolved in the end, but I just wanted to check here to see if this was normal in the first place.
  2. Was with you guys for nearly 4 years, before we we're all called the 23rd armored. Back in the day when they were two separate groups that were like one, the 82nd and the 23rd. Hell, back in the day when we were playing Axis and our area of ops was St Truiden and Tienen. And all that to be kicked out for a single six minute axis sortie. Why?
  3. They're so elite, they won't even talk to you unless you're in their squad.
  4. One grandfather joined the USNR and became a radio repairman. I think he was stationed in the Phillipines, don't know if he ever got attacked or anything. Other grandfather was an artillery spotter (US army) in Europe. I think he was the one that flew planes and spotted for the artillery, I can't really remember... he died before I could really learn about him. )= I was only 2 when he did. The real question should be "Who's grandpa/father WASN'T a World War 2 veteran?" Seems like every man of fighting age at that time was, well, fighting.