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  1. for me its the same as cadce and viruses: CMD-TAB while in the field causes game to crash everytime. It seems to almost work but when finder is supposed to come up game crashes and my screen goes all black. I have to move a window around for it to clear. CMD-TAB at brigade or persona normally works. iMac G5 2.0GHz 1.5GB RAM ATI 9600
  2. Come check out the 'new' website and forums at
  3. Maybe this is not only mac related, but i am not able to use my mouse on map (like moving around the map) when i'm capping a table. I've noticed it twice already, maybe i should do some more testing or can anyone confirm this bug.
  4. I've been able to enter twice on my imac G5 with normal patch. Had to try it two times though, the first time i always get an error, but the next try it works.
  5. I was able to play yesterday after patch on an imac G5. I had to relaunch though, I had an error the first time I loaded the game.
  6. add me to the list with all those not disappearing fbs and not updating of maps and flag buildings