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  1. Thanks, but only Cat 9.8 & 9.9 works with 58xx :'(
  2. Radeon 58xx are supported with Catalyst 9.8 and 9.9 only (Drivers v. 8.651 or 8.66RC beta). Tried with Catalyst 9.7 and the card isn't detected. Buckly, ATI released new drivers for 57xx & 58xx yesterday. Try it, I'll do the same right now (8.660.6) EDIT> Still having crash with new drivers :/
  3. Just something to add. Do NOT take this power supply. People usually put nothing in it but: - Indicated voltage is not true. - You'll have to buy another one when it'll burst - If you are unlucky, your other components will be impacted. I think you really have to buy something reliable and power-efficient. At least, you will keep it a long time (7-years warranty on Corsair). I recommend you a Corsair power-supply, or for the 500W, the Silver Power SPSS500 will be great. (For the rest, I would personnaly take an Intel but AMDs are good value for money. 4850 is OK but take a 4890 or a GTX 275. But if you have a tight budget it'll be a bit too expensive perhaps)
  4. Same thing. Corsair TX 650W power supply, and the card is very well cooled
  5. Same problem with my 2 PC equipped with ATI Radeon 5850. Tested with 8.651 and 8.66RC Beta drivers. Doesn't change anything. Sometimes I crash on spawn, sometimes few minutes later. Doesn't happen in offline mode (tested 3-4 times..)
  6. Buy a single-GPU card. SLI creates noise, heat, and you'll buy 2 cards but you'll never have a 200% increase on framerate. And it's binary: on some games, SLI/Xfire don't work at all. Take a ATI Radeon 58xx, or a 4890. Cheapier and better than GTX 275.
  7. Catalyst 9.9 Random crashes during playing sessions... ATI Radeon 5850 Win Seven 64bits RC.