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  1. as the title says I see the axis tanks finely have the north corps camo replaced with western europe camo. anyone know what happened to vonzoom? vondoom? von something or another. also...You last visited: 11-17-2011 at 06:13 PM still channels 10,20,30?
  2. twas Vondoosh.. sorry it's been 5 years. I suppose I'm just happy I remembered Von part.. as for xoomxoom I know he went to the dark side.
  3. I helped mahduece a month or 2 ago with the same issue, system specs were similar in that they were "modern" he gained a instant 30fps boost by doing 2 of the 3 things I suggested. try setting Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering both to 4x, if you get an fps gain, try AF @ 8x and AA @ 6x or next step up. if fps falls go back to previous. the problem with getting hardware made for processing loads of information, is you well tend to need to give it a proper workload in order to get decent performance out of. like for example, my Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3Ghz, with 4GB of ram, and BFG Geforce 9800 GTX 512MB, I get better fps with Vert-Sync & triple buffering enabled WITH 4x AF and 4x AA. 30fps average in a fight where the visible player limit is hitting its maximum which I believe is like 64 players being rendered @ once, be it friendly or enemy. 30-60fps in town with light to moderate activity, and 50-120fps outside towns with light to moderate activity. btw yes I have a 120Hz moniter, a Samsung 2233RZ 22" 1680x1050@120Hz LCD. EDIT: oh btw I run HIGH settings with post processing disabled.
  4. what motherboard do you have? I used to have a evga Nforce 750i mobo, I replaced everything but it and still had the issue, got me a gigabyte ep-45 UD3R mobo and all the problems went away.
  5. try using driver cleaner, program found @ www.guru3d.com if it still does it there is more types of trouble shooting you can do, the last thing you want is to spend money to fix something that didn't need replaced. and for some reason my personal motto comes to mind. " If all else fails, Reformat. "
  6. CRS is a software company, not hardware. as for 6Gbps vs 3Gbps on SATA connection speed, you most likely will not see a difference unless the HDD can read/write at those speeds. personally I would check Western Digitals website for their fastest read speed HDD they offer, minus SSD's. my Seagate 500MB .12 drive has 130MB/s read speed, yes megabytes not bits. that comes out to just over 1Gbps gigabits, 125MB/s = 1Gbps. 12.5MB/s = 100Mbps.
  7. the problem with most 1066Mhz DDR2 ram is it's just overclocked 800Mhz. (notice the voltage increase to 2.1v to achieve 1066Mhz speeds) I do not believe they sell them anymore but I myself have a set of OCZ Low voltage ram. basicly 2x 2GB sticks of 1066Mhz ram w/ 5-5-5-18 timings @ 1.8v. my Gigabyte EP-45 UD3R set them up properly upon first install.
  8. need a G15 app for ammo, health, and stamina bar. allow me to remove it from the HUD onscreen to give me better view of whatever it is i'm looking at .
  9. it would be nice if CRS did a purge of their system on all 14 day trial accounts that haven't been logged into in the past year. so basicly trial accounts older than 1 year = purged from system. free's up storage space for CRS, and allows more names to be available for those who do wish to subscribe.
  10. buy Samsung HDTV's instead?
  11. wrong forum section. oh and i just watched that youtube video, looks fine to me, 38t has a very good 37mm gun, and pair that up by being that close to the target you fired on, seems fine?
  12. hehe $1000 upfront can get you a lifetime subscription to Battleground Europe. an ingame icon to go next to your name a gold builder tag for use under your name in the forums. your name on the dinant bridge. and it's tax deductible!!!! << this bit is sarcasm.
  13. so they droped mcafee? I hate all them anti-virus/malware/spyware programs. only one I truely like is AVG, because when you uninstall it it actually removes a majority of itself from your computer, rather than just from the start menu, and desktop like well.. norton.
  14. as long as you make sure to not disable the ones in use. if you right click the controller and go to properties it should give alittle list saying what is connected to it.
  15. I do not make it up, I did note the improvement is very small, but it is there, I would not have posted at all if it did not do anything but it does. also canadian if you haven't already look for a window xp services tweak guide, disabling the ones you do not need will free up a few CPU cycles here's a good one http://www.blackviper.com/winxp/servicecfg.htm I generally use the SAFE section.
  16. CRS used to have it select just 1 core, but they found it had better compatiblity with computers and resulted in less CTD's and white maps when both cores selected. no performance changes happened though.
  17. ok here's a list of suggestions that DO improve fps but the improvements varies and most the PC's I have gain a small boost, only 1 machine gained a 10fps boost, and that was the one i'm using now. I have no idea what the 915 board BIOS is like or if it is even customizable at all. so I will only focus on software changes in windows. go to device manager. disable the USB 2.0 controller, if you have any USB2.0 devices leave it enabled if you want webcams/thumb drives/etc to run smoother/faster, does not affect mouse/keyboard. disable unused USB controllers, with WinXP you'll have to manually check which controller is in use before you disable it, because in vista it will not allow you to disable something being used. do the same for IDE/SATA controllers not being used. here's a screenshot of my Device Manager the little black arrow by it means it is disabled. btw my device manager does look alittle bare because I disabled things in the BIOS so they're disabled hardware side meaning no tweaking in windows. EDIT: also it does help if you have drivers for everything, including chipset drivers which can be found at intel.com, chipset drivers tell windows how to use your motherboard, it also installs drivers for your controllers for SATA, USB, etc.
  18. no Service Pack 3? I do have a bunch more suggestions for you but they're :advanced user: type ones you might end up having to reformat your computer just to get it working again, or even reset the CMOS back to factory defaults LOL
  19. game is CPU limited, sound card will be of the smallest impact to game performance next to waxing your modem for better bandwidth.
  20. if you replaced the video card and have the same problem, then it isn't the video card. btw I had the same problem as you but I replaced my motherboard and my problems went away completely, now I can leave the game open for 6+ hours without CTD or CTHL.
  21. I've had Physx on and off makes no diff, by default I have it turned off.
  22. his fps looks normal for a onboard setup. updated drivers will not improve his fps to a noticable amount.
  23. I usually do 0% packet loss except in WW2 which usually runs 0-75%. I thought maybe my line was bad so I redid ALL of my coaxial for performance&quality since I use Comcast which only provide cable internet, I put the cable modem on the first splitter off the main line to the house to reduce signal loss, I used a RG6 triple-shielded cable for the modem, I replaced the splitter comcast gave me with an quality outdoor 2Ghz low-loss one, called comcast and had them run an entirely new cable to the house from the pole, which did prove to be damaged and have water inside it. funny thing though? aside from boosting my downstream signal from 35 to 40dB, and dropping the upstream signal from 50dB interference down to 41dB which is pretty good btw, I got no improvement to packet loss
  24. it has been out since the 19th. I also wish the CRS teamspeak server would upgrade to the 3.0 beta. what I really like about the 3.0 beta is they finely got a 64-bit version.