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  1. Steam is never coming lol I have been hearing steam for over 2 years now
  2. Hew was always a great help to me when I was running map he will be missed big S!!!! Malvoc out...
  3. You got what it takes to play allied then prove it join us on the allied side and help fight off the AXIS hordes....its a really target rich environment! We need good players that aren't afraid to defend and do what it takes to hold the line. Sometimes it gets boring but for the most part there is a lot of action like secret para ops and fb take downs!! So test your skills and draw upon some courage and do your part to help win the war against the evil Axis side....(playing allied has been known but not proven to make young mens balls drop and become true soldiers) Malvoc out........
  4. You complain more than my wife during sex Delems lol.... this map has been better than last 10 maps both sides fighting and taking towns left and right instead of 1 side defends while other caps empty towns all day....this is way better than any map we have had in a long time so pull the tampon out and go kill some smg's if you think there are to many lol Malvoc out.....
  5. what does netcode do?
  6. Yes and I think rdp hitting tier 1 helped get the numbers for this weekend!!!! there were some great battles both sides!!!!
  7. Yes 7 days sounds good to me with reset on Fridays afternoons for the weekend is a great idea!!! We need stuff like that to draw in more players for the weekend!!! This last weekend was packed full of action I loved it both sides fighting tooth and nail!!! Malvoc out....
  8. Yes what we have no sucks I'm ready to go play another game and not cause allies are losing its cause I'm tired of the same old crap every map 1 side rolls and we never make past tier 2 its just getting old... Malvoc out....
  9. 7 Days would be fine and I like the idea of starting tier 1 instead of 0 makes a lot more sense that way!!!!
  10. If you feel like I do please say so on this thread and lets see how many people would like to play all tiers in a map??? Malvoc out.....
  11. Game is boring and 1 sided and we never even see all the equipment these things need fixing try advertising and a game release in stores??
  12. It just really sucks because that's my fav is americans and there equipment I don't know about the rest of the people in game but it gets boring using the same [censored] all the time when we have such better equipment we never get to see lol.. Malvoc out....
  13. I would really like to play with the americans and all are good toys but every map seams like we are lucky to get 1 week if we even make it to that tier can this be tweaked so we can play with everything we pay for as prime membership holders??? Malvoc out....
  14. I was a part of III Corps 43rd inf div we also had 53rd recon and 23rd armor each division did its job and when we had numbers we were a force to be had lol. We held the dirty south and always did a damn good job of it. We were famous for 40+ armor columns from reims to mazagran vouziers area our main AO was charleville all the way south I have seen so many massive battles over that town back in the day =) Malvoc out...
  15. Has anyone in here been watching the map we are having a slug fest right now and you guys in forums whining this could be the best map ever both sides fighting hard no one giving up get in the game guys!!!! Malvoc out....