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  1. The problem with this game right now on allied side is no one listens they don't want to take orders or play as a team I tried to do a co-op last night and no one would listen I told them don't run into town yet it will just make axis defend harder but every person who spawned ran right in and were in cps before we could even cap 1 at a time like lemmings and they died every time then are spawn was found out before we could even do anything............. There has to be a leader and followers not just random people running around shooting anything they see. Sometimes its better to not be seen or shoot at that at gun ect... if you want to cap the only way is TEAMWORK!!!! Malvoc out.....
  2. yes it takes just as long to cap try it some time lol
  3. I hate intermission on weekends only time I really get to play a good bit!!!!
  4. cap timer is not faster for underpop side....
  5. If you look at the allied wins it was when axis came over allied side and maps last about 10 days lol this game has become boring and predictable.... But congrats axis again for winning when no one is playing you know how to game the game I would say. Hopefully we wont have to rely on supply moves soon or HC doing them and we can at leats put up a good fight and have a map that's lasts for all tiers to come in. I mean why even have American forces if we only see them 2 out of 10 maps?>> Malvoc out....
  6. Lets all just hold hands and agree we need some changes in this game right now its so unbalanced it isn't even fun I can say the weekends have some good fights and weekdays around 5pm EST is awesome sometimes!!! As for balancing numbers I come to the conclusion its fking impossible you are gonna play where you want and if forced to play somewhere else hell it would even [censored] me off lol!!! I do not like relying on a few players to run supply for whole game and map I think placing attacks would be ok but the moving supply around sucks and lately we have no HC even on... Malvoc out....
  7. Please get rid of this after game loads and it tells you who is overpop it like a invitation to easy street and most people gravitate towards the side they see is overpop cause that's where the fun is how about just letting people pick a side instead of telling this side has more numbers and you have to wait this long ect.... Also get rid of spawn delay that just tells that side hey you way out number the other side go ahead and attack they don't have the numbers to counter attack or defend...All you are doing is giving them knowledge that they outnumber the other side which is a real advantage in my book!!! Malvoc out....
  8. First off you have to have players................. come play allied for 1 day and just sit back and watch then you will understand are side is not only low pop but most don't listen when you cry for help why do you think its so easy to cap flags for axis side? We have no playerbase worth a damn the don't listen or react or we just don't have enough players period.... Malvoc out...
  9. I don't think we need you any ranker lol you smell bad enough!!!
  10. That's why this game is broken because you have to rely on people to move brigades and be smart enough to understand what is going on right now seems like allied is lacking enough HC to even cover all time zones. So we are stuck with periods of no HC online at all or just a new guy that's it. I have not even played this new map so I don't know what happened but its getting old and killing my buzz when I do try to play but cant even spawn and defend because all are brigades are in traing which makes more people want to go to the other side where they can spawn stuff at least =) I think a lot of allied HC are tired of doing a job..yes a job instead of being able to just play a game that's why I resigned from hc awhile ago I feel like if anyone should be watching map and brigades there should be allied Rats and Axis rats covering the map not paying players!!!! Malvoc out....
  11. I believe KMS on this one it is rare and mostly paranoia but sometimes it does seem like suspicious stuff is going on. Most of the time its vet players watching ews or watching fbs with .own Malvoc out.....
  12. That doesn't work blkhwk trust me I have reported this many times along with half the allied playerbase during that TZ .
  13. Something where mission leader can open mission publicly when fms is set and ready for attack /defense but that wont stop the greentags after mission is available lol
  14. We need to bring back squad mission or have a way to make missions private unless you want everyone to see them . There has been some suspicious stuff going on where it seems like people have accounts both sides watching mission so they know where people are going and are there waiting to kill them . I wont name any names but the past few weeks seems like this has been happening regularly . Its just to easy to make a free account and see what the other side is doing..... Malvoc out....
  15. Just for the record Merlin 17lber does not flip over I can jump burms with it and its stays up this thread is about the French 76mm atg which has sights so small I cant see the numbers and flips over at will no one will even use it on allied side. Stop hi-jacking my thread like you are some know it all you noob.... Malvoc out....