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  1. CRS

    You are beating the dead horse into oblivion here we have had this conversation oh 100 times in the forums!! Here is the problem …. we are all human and we want to win no one likes to lose so if you are on the team that is losing most people cry nerf and just quit playing that campaign or goto the other side because they want to win. This will never change unless we as a COMMUNITY stick it out and just keep playing the game. There always has to be a loser there will always be someone that killed you even though you think they are hacking ect... I have played both sides for a long time and I see the same thing always …..why didn't that guy die he is cheating there tanks are better than ours there planes are better than ours yada yada yada. Well its not true the fact is sometimes people just get the better of you and you don't like it so you blame the game and quit playing which hurts your side even more. Its like a vicious cycle over and over again lol. One thing I know that can be fixed is relying on other people to make sure there is supply and AO's and people leading attacks and defenses. I think the game system should be changed in that aspect and I believe CRS is working on it, because having to rely on someone else to even be in game to make sure the game is running properly is a bad idea for sure to many people (even me) sometimes get mad and don't want to play for awhile then you have no one to rely on and count on to make sure everyone is having the best gaming experience they can. This is where CRS needs to step in and have Leaders assigned to each side to make sure there game is running properly like supply attacks and defenses ect… we have what at least 12 CRS staff that actually play the game? Those people need to be the ones we can count on to make sure the game has what it needs to be fun for everyone. But as far as winning and losing hey we all lose sometimes so get over it and just try to have fun its what I am doing now....if you quit you just hurt your team that much more...….. Malvoc out.....
  2. Sking that's good to hear hopefully things get worked out by the end of my sub I have till nov so we will see what happens. Also I think Okie got me sorted finally in HC but we will see what happens
  3. Sorry but I have to unsub this game has become so one sided that its impossible to have fun for me. Very little you can do with no HC online and I even tried to join HC lol but that's seems to take forever. I am just curious do we have a timeline for 1.36 so we don't have to rely on some other player to actually log in to play the game. As owner of a company myself I know that me as the owner am responsible for how my company runs I don't count on my customers to run my damn business so what is going on in here??? CRS needs to step the hell up and cover map HC positions till this crap is fixed!!!! Otherwise its the same old thing I have seen it on allied side and axis side now to with the no HC crap so you sit and stare at screen till other side attacks then you cant defend because you have no supply in said town what kind of a war game is this?? This is why we have no players as of now you guys realize this right??? What new players would want to waste there time and money waiting for someone else to log in so we can actually play the game?? Malvoc out......
  4. Been seeing some new players lately in game trying to help them and get them interested in playing . Do your part guys I know its not easy playing teacher but we gotta help these guys if we want more players!!!
  5. yay patch delems… stop whining will be fun starting out new
  6. I would be HC but I play low pop side so I cant be that's one of the set backs of HC you can only play that side while your HC...
  7. All I am saying is when there is no HC and we have said town that just needs a brigade moved in so we can PLAY THE GAME its not that hard for a Rat to simply move the brigade or remove said AO so we can PLAY THE GAME and place a new 1??? I am not trying to bash anyone or make more problems for anyone I am just looking for a way to still be able to play the game. When people log in like myself and see no hc and other side capping towns we cant defend because a simple move isn't able to be made its just plain stupid. Nothing makes people log more than not being able to spawn in and defend or find an attack that's what this game is all about. So why cant you guys step up if you are online and no one else is? Would you rather us log out and get pissed off and unsub for awhile cause we cant even play the game properly that we pay for??? Malvoc out.....
  8. I look forward to this intermission game lets see what happens !!!!!
  9. I think when we have no HC on if there is a RAT on they should step up and make the moves the player base is asking for I mean how hard can it be??? I have seen to many times this map no HC but plenty of Rats playing and when you ask them they don't even answer back. Why cant they move a brigade into a town so we can at least play the game and defend properly or place an AO ect..??? Malvoc out....
  10. logged in axis Saturday 7/14 about noon time we had 2 axis missions and allies were softcapping Frankfurt lol I just logged back out because there was nothing to even couldn't even defend because there was no supply just sit and stare at screen that's why this game is dead right there EVERY TOWN SHOULD HAVE SUPPLY PERIOD!!!!!!!!! you cant have fun or play the game when you cant even spawn in to defend now can you?? Malvoc out.....
  11. This would be awesome if we could set a date to have a major battle and everyone shows up for both sides . create attacks that take place on certain dates and have people sign up for both sides would make for some fun attacks I think with no extra supply returning you would have to rely on strategy and tactics instead of run and gun...
  12. Look I don't care who wins the map anymore I just like good battles and lately (past 6 maps) it has been so one sided population that I am tired of even playing... you are either looking for someone to kill or you are getting raped by 40 against 10 odds. Today when I logged in I went axis because they were showing underpop and there was an attack on bertrix. Mind you this is Sunday afternoon and there were only 3 mission with 7 axis players total in game lol. I am tired of the same old thing every map personally. It makes for terrible gameplay you are either rolling the map or just cant keep up either way I would like to know why numbers are dropping so much?? The start of this map was awesome huge battles and both sides not giving up made for some great fights but now its back to 40 against 10 odds it seems which makes game very boring to me. When you can AO a town and just walk right through it with no opposition what fuin is that? Do you think its fun because your winning because there are damn sure no targets to even shoot at ? This goes for both sides BTW before I get flamed for saying this lol. When are rats going to come up with some kind of solution to this decade old problem? I love the game and community but hate the way every map ends up being 1 side way overpop….you would think by now something would have been done to try and fix this and let me tell you spawn delay just drives players away no one likes it on either side its not the answer and never will be. There has got to be some kind of way to make battles at least somewhat even and give a great experience for winning or losing side.... Sorry for the rant I am just tired of same old stuff every map. I say you pick a side and stick with it for the map win or lose!!!! Malvoc out.....
  13. I have never seen numbers shift so much 1 way and then the other as I have in this campaign!! But at this point you are either fighting with a 30 sec delay or just getting run over by numbers.... I have been fighting on the low pop side cause I am tired of waiting 30 seconds to spawn. But honestly game is getting more and more predictable and boring hard to find a good even sided fight at this point, you either wait 30 seconds or get totally run over by numbers from other side trying to defend lol Malvoc out....
  14. I was a little worried about it but after a week solid of great moves and hard fighting over the weekend it turned out to be a success!! Allies had plenty of time to retreat but never did , I don't know what they were thinking you guys had to see it coming?? Anyways that just goes to show map is never over till its over!!!! Congrats to axis side lets finish this map off strong and move on to the next one!!! S!! all on both sides for some great battles so far Malvoc out....