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  1. check out Krakken they are reasonably priced and very good also really comfortable and the cord is strong enough that it doesn't get broken easy
  2. Everytime I log in axis are overpop and allies cant even get an attack going I also noticed we only have 1 ao most of the time to is game gotten that bad ?? Why is no one playing allied and all axis??? I personally will not resub in game because all I can do is defend on allied side there are no attacks and no leadership... the way it looks population will be all axis soon...does anyone care or is game dead???? Malvoc out.... We need some axis players going allied to balance things out will any step up???? also please don't delete this thread =)
  3. LOL more like I kill your attacks all the time =) I don't mind getting killed as long as we hold are towns I just hate the fact anytime we try and attack I cant even get 3 people in 1 flag capping much less 10-12 And most attacks we never even cap a flag before HC switches to another town lol Happy hunting and please keep spawning them tigers guys I get a really good feeling when I assplode your asses in them!!!! Malvoc out...
  4. hahah henning not so long ago you were allied and whined about tz3 to or have you forgotten......
  5. OMG David you get it !!! You win the prize
  6. Ok let me say this Allies can not cap towns because of the way it is right now period all we can do is defend..Axis can not cap towns except in tz3 with the way it is right now. We don't have the numbers on allied side to get 10 people to even attack a town and like someone said axis spawn right next to depot . It is just impossible for allies and axis right now unless there is a very bad numbers advantage..
  7. Wanted to see who thinks cap timers should be shorter
  8. Problem with the tiger is most noobs get within 1k of town and get assploded when I use it I try and stay 1.5k out of town (effective range) and spot and kill . I look for good elevation and line of sight. Most of your players seem to think its uber and drive right up to town and leave there side exposed for my 17lber to one shot your arse lol. You have to be smart with your equipment and use it the way it was meant to be used!!! Malvoc out....
  9. To complicated just put America in and lets kill stuff!!!
  10. Great timing on doing this Xoom as we will soon hit tier3 and all the goodies will be available!! Kudos and hope we get some guys to hang out and stay awhile!!!! Malvoc out....
  11. The problem with this game right now on allied side is no one listens they don't want to take orders or play as a team I tried to do a co-op last night and no one would listen I told them don't run into town yet it will just make axis defend harder but every person who spawned ran right in and were in cps before we could even cap 1 at a time like lemmings and they died every time then are spawn was found out before we could even do anything............. There has to be a leader and followers not just random people running around shooting anything they see. Sometimes its better to not be seen or shoot at that at gun ect... if you want to cap the only way is TEAMWORK!!!! Malvoc out.....
  12. yes it takes just as long to cap try it some time lol
  13. I hate intermission on weekends only time I really get to play a good bit!!!!
  14. cap timer is not faster for underpop side....
  15. If you look at the allied wins it was when axis came over allied side and maps last about 10 days lol this game has become boring and predictable.... But congrats axis again for winning when no one is playing you know how to game the game I would say. Hopefully we wont have to rely on supply moves soon or HC doing them and we can at leats put up a good fight and have a map that's lasts for all tiers to come in. I mean why even have American forces if we only see them 2 out of 10 maps?>> Malvoc out....