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  1. Supply doesn't matter numbers do even though allies have all these tanks what is happening in game?? They are losing because they have no numbers and no HC. This game has become all about numbers you don't even need tanks to take towns hell all you need is more guys than the other team at 5 am in the morning and roll towns with a 5-1 advantage it isn't rocket science guys.... Malvoc out.....
  2. I would like to know who asked for the spawn lists the way they are now cause I sure as hell didn't and neither did anyone I play with.....
  3. Supply still the same as last campaign?
  4. more like axis and allies won allied map lol now that they all going back we screwed again lol.....
  5. Did you read my post?? 1 axis guys was capping flag in under 1 min and it was taking us almost 6 min with only a 6 sec spawn delay??? and we had 5-6 guys in the flag if that's right your scale is stupid.....
  6. Cap timers are way out of whack have reported it several times but no one is doing anything about it at 6 sec spawn delay axis are capping flags in 1 min this is no exaggeration allies are capping in 5 min please review and see for your self if you don't believe me ask the whole allied side they will tell you even the axis players that are playing allied have noticed this.... Malvoc out.....
  7. Why did we get new veh for Christmas and this welcome back soldier and none of the veh are even in game cause its tier1 lol that means no one get to play with them till end of January lol makes no sense
  8. The tank game is ruined anyways, really its so hard to stay alive in a tank in this game that's why a lot of people quit playing all together.....
  9. Lets just ditch the French and call this game D-DAY and fight from the beaches and try and push are way in lol!!!!!!
  10. Ok gimme my brit grenadier back then......
  11. Basically French got screwed in tier 1 we get 2 more s35 and 1 more char while axis get 3h and pak 38 French get no new atg no stuart and just a mas40 yay and you guys think this is great lol if we were not winning right now you would see how bad this really is lol....
  12. nothing better than the die while firing atg that keeps shooting you straight on while the player just hold the fire button to lol
  13. We should at least have as many smgs as other side period having less is a slap in the face as far as inf numbers go all bdes should have same numbers period
  14. Yeah merlin well axis lmg shouldn't be fired from hip and should involve a2-3 man team like in real life to huh???
  15. Okay axis get 3 types of smg total of 45 French get just mas total of 40?? That is totally unfair why do we not have are grease gun say 35 mas and 15 grease gun per inf bde sounds fair to me