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  1. We should at least have as many smgs as other side period having less is a slap in the face as far as inf numbers go all bdes should have same numbers period
  2. Yeah merlin well axis lmg shouldn't be fired from hip and should involve a2-3 man team like in real life to huh???
  3. Okay axis get 3 types of smg total of 45 French get just mas total of 40?? That is totally unfair why do we not have are grease gun say 35 mas and 15 grease gun per inf bde sounds fair to me
  4. Its not winning or losing for me its the fun factor and when you got 8 guys trying to hold a town against say 20 - 30 guys that are always using comms and teamwork you can never win.... allied side last map had no teamwork at all unless I logged in and started herding sheep even then no one wants to sit in a damn CP for more than 5 min what fun is that instead they all run out and chase opels and pzs while the other team tells there guys hey allieds are out here camping this fms switch now and rush town and guess what they listen no one on the allied side seems to want to take orders or give them except me it seems like yes we have HC that log in and play the game but that's it they are not leading or doing what has to be done they might as well not even be HC...
  5. delems enough dude get over it you sound like a baby man. just cause you want something and get on here and whine about it doesn't make it happen it makes you look like an [censored] lol relax game is still playable and people are still playing so whats the problem?? You need to have the satisfaction that your winning ??
  6. AHC

    Will someone please give him some cheese......
  7. My point is your letting said side know they have the advantage and it seems sometimes I log in and says we overpop and we really are not maybe that should be checked into?
  8. Merlin spawn delay doesn't force anyone to play other side all spawn delay does is aggravate people If I see my side overpop im still gonna play that side see what im saying all that timer does is let people know hey are side has more numbers we don't have to defend we can just attack they cant attack we are not worried about it they are low on numbers on that side...……. Half the time I think spawn delay is broke anyways I log in and wait 2 min then see my side is getting rolled we cant even defend lol
  9. I know we have talked about this 100 times but spawn delay in game and at loading screen need to go away all it does is tell the other team HEY GUESS WHAT YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE YOU HAVE MORE PLAYERS ON THAN THE OTHER TEAM!!! Also in my opinion it is broken I load into game and it says I have to wait 2 min cause my team is overpop then I get into game and we don't even have enough players to defend???? Please I beg you take the damn spawn delay out of game its a waste of paying customers time . I don't give a damn who is overpop I shouldn't have to wait to play a game I pay for!!!!! I am going to set a poll on this thread please as a community lets tell CRS what we think about this !!!!
  10. I still think rules of gameplay and movement rules should be posted so everyone understands what is going on including me they shouldn't be hidden away where you have to search for them! It also helps the regular players out in game including new ones so they know what to do and what to target instead of running around like a bunch of lemmings ffs. In fact it should be part of training process when starting this game as a new player. It would let them know what current objectives are ect and why things need to be done in a certain / order ect...
  11. merlin exactly they only had 1 ab and still were able to move in. As far as me searching for rules I have no clue where to find them why cant they be posted in forums so all can read and understand what the hell is going on I am tired of getting different answers every time!!! So lets make and official rule forum so people know how to play game and what to do in certain circumstances??? I am its the blind leading the blind here Malvoc out....
  12. I would like an actual list of the rules for bde movement and town capture please I am tired of rules changing from town to town. We owned both abs st quentin axis capped them back and then we recapped 1 back before they could move flag in but it still let them move into town Now last night in cambrai same thing happened but I couldn't move any brigades in till we had all abs back allied Please explain this..... Also like I said above please post the actual rules for movement capture ect including fbs I am sick of capping an ab then both my allied fbs go axis because of some stupid bug. And don't say report it we report stuff all the time and nothing is ever done it seems...... Malvoc out.....
  13. I know on the allied side all of a sudden numbers just dropped off big time we had 2 squads basically quit, over what I don't know. But game is basically unplayable when you have 6 guys defending against 30 lol. I tried to keep the lines stable yesterday and all I got was axis players coming over whining that there was no one to fight..... Only reason I stayed on all day yesterday was there were no HC at all besides me. I wont be that guy any longer though I shouldn't have to put up with axis players coming over whining saying we are not putting up a good fight if you don't like the situation and your bored then come play allied and help balance it out is all I can say..... Malvoc out....
  14. CRS

    You are beating the dead horse into oblivion here we have had this conversation oh 100 times in the forums!! Here is the problem …. we are all human and we want to win no one likes to lose so if you are on the team that is losing most people cry nerf and just quit playing that campaign or goto the other side because they want to win. This will never change unless we as a COMMUNITY stick it out and just keep playing the game. There always has to be a loser there will always be someone that killed you even though you think they are hacking ect... I have played both sides for a long time and I see the same thing always …..why didn't that guy die he is cheating there tanks are better than ours there planes are better than ours yada yada yada. Well its not true the fact is sometimes people just get the better of you and you don't like it so you blame the game and quit playing which hurts your side even more. Its like a vicious cycle over and over again lol. One thing I know that can be fixed is relying on other people to make sure there is supply and AO's and people leading attacks and defenses. I think the game system should be changed in that aspect and I believe CRS is working on it, because having to rely on someone else to even be in game to make sure the game is running properly is a bad idea for sure to many people (even me) sometimes get mad and don't want to play for awhile then you have no one to rely on and count on to make sure everyone is having the best gaming experience they can. This is where CRS needs to step in and have Leaders assigned to each side to make sure there game is running properly like supply attacks and defenses ect… we have what at least 12 CRS staff that actually play the game? Those people need to be the ones we can count on to make sure the game has what it needs to be fun for everyone. But as far as winning and losing hey we all lose sometimes so get over it and just try to have fun its what I am doing now....if you quit you just hurt your team that much more...….. Malvoc out.....
  15. Sking that's good to hear hopefully things get worked out by the end of my sub I have till nov so we will see what happens. Also I think Okie got me sorted finally in HC but we will see what happens