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  1. I had same issue. When I moved the game to applications, it worked. Thanks ahwulf
  2. When I play, I get about 30-50 fps. Then when I zoom near a tree, or look at a tree zoomed in, my fps tanks to 8-10. Is there any way to adjust the tree settings? I love the new trees but they kill my fps. I have read where this is happening to pcs as well
  3. I've only CTDed at airfields since I started playing again. I noticed it only happened when the aa ai was shooting on the AF I was taking off from
  4. I think I found a bug when I am the mission leader and I personally mark stuff on the map, it will not let me. It gives a message saying I'm not allowed or something similar. I can accept other's marks but not my own
  5. 2x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon 4GB ram the graphics card came with the comp when I bought it
  6. i've tried this a bit ,but no success. I'm not sure if it's with textures or not. I hadn't changed any settings from 10.4 to 10.5 and I got 2x the fps when I upgraded, yet get this choppiness when moving. That's why I'm confused. Maybe something about polygons or something.
  7. I have a duel 2.66 intel mac 4gig ram ATI X1900 card I noticed a huge increase in FPS almost double what I had. I read the leopard post and know about the sound bug, which I noticed in game. The one thing I didn't see in the post was when I turn and move around buildings, it seems to be a lot choppier than before. The FPS doesn't drop below 20 when turning, but the visuals look like I'm getting 5 or less FPS for split seconds. Anyone know any fixes or have this issue?
  8. I noticed when I CTD about 80% are when I have the map open, and zoom in or am moving while map is open. The rest are just random. Anyone else notice this?
  9. same, but i was able to apple f and q after despawn. There was no cursor after i despawned
  10. i see it. I used to not be able to see it,then after a patch, it was there.
  11. sweet, got it to work Thanks a bunch guys!!!
  12. thank you for your help. Does anyone else have CTD issues? They mainly happen around big battles when i look at a town, but a couple of them have been on the outskirts of town where multiple poly counts shouldn't be an issue
  13. I've been CTDing more and more lately. Is there a way I can defrag my comp? I have a duel intel mac (think its 2.6, I'm at work ATM) with 4 gig ram and ati card (i'd have to look up the card to see what it actually is). Also, do I need to DL updated drivers for the card, or do they come with the auto mac updates? -Thanks
  14. I remember you could program progressive flaps while flying in the old keymapper. Now it's not possible unless you alter the code. Is there a way to do this for mac flyers? I have seen the fix on the forums, but I don't know how to imput the code.