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  1. Its xp pro Is it easy to upgrade or do i need to reinstall windows?
  2. So I have put in 4 X 1 GB ram cards into my motherboard. But only 2.25 GB are showing. Why is this? and is it possible with Windows XP Pro to make all 4 GB show? I have just also installed a radeon HD 4850 Thanks Mowers
  3. Thanks all, I appreciate the help; you saved me a load of cash as I was about to go out and buy a new graphics card. I updated the drivers and - hey presto - the shader model problem went away. Regards Mowers
  4. The computer tells me that I do not have shader model 1.2 when I start the game. Can I update this? Or do I need to go acquire a new graphics card? I have a GE Force 7600 GT I have 2 gigs of ram. AMD Athlon 64 x 2 dual core processor 4800+ If I need to replace the graphics card which one should I get?
  5. I would still love to take part in this if possible
  6. Bah, is there any way to just show up at this point? I dont care which side, I would just like to participate if at all possible.
  7. Well thanks alot guys, really very much appreciated. I went and did what you basically all suggested and went to Dell and downloaded the audio driver from their site rather than from a random website. The result is that the audio is now working perfectly. It will make a big difference to me as I have about 20 hours of travel tomorrow and I can now watch a couple of seasons of entourage to pass the time. You've made a difficult trip good, so thanks alot and have a great weekend. Mowers
  8. I can believe it but the lap top is only for when I am travelling and its the lap top that has the problem rather than my desk top.
  9. Thanks. It was a sigmaTel driver.
  10. Well sound just stopped except for 1980s beep type things. So I looked at the driver and the computer said it was faulty. I then removed it, downloaded it from the internet, installed it. Works fine, except for the headphone socket doesnt work now. Indeed the computer doesnt even seem to realise there is anything plugged in because it keeps chucking out sound through the lap top speakers Thoughts anyone? Thanks Mowers
  11. Does anyone know if I can use mortars and not run out of memory? It just keeps crashing to desktop after 20-40 minutes of play.
  12. I normally run WW2OL very well. But recently (in the past week) I have started to get this running out of memory problem and I think its connected to mortars.
  13. strip out your graphics card and put in a Geforce 7800GT Nivedia Mine FPS went up 50 points....
  14. My computer is about 2/3 the capability and I get 50-110 FPS on max graphics.