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  1. Would've been better to put a computer together from scratch,Alienware costs a lot..very overpriced. Putting together a PC isn't too hard,maybe you could've gotten a friend or something to help you..everyone knows that a brand PC is prone to have problems in some applications.
  2. Specs would help a lot.
  3. No offense,but if he gave you that "Badass modified" celeron then I would not trust him,you are better of buying premade packages (Not custom.) from the net or building them by yourself.
  4. For some reason this option does not work for me,it only works if I put it on the regular Windows Vista compatibility. Not sure about the No Load thing though.
  5. I wrote it as a all-round,not for this game only. This game probably runs better on a Voodoo than a GTX295.
  6. Get a Radeon 4890 or a GTX275. Should be around the same price and both have pretty good performance,however BGE seems to hate ATI cards but it seems to be fixed with the beta coming "soon*" *Winter 2011
  7. ATI people should stay with 9.7 since the releases after that have not been working with BGE,apparently 9.11 doesn't work either.
  8. The 4870 issue is causing random crashes,so sometimes it can take long until it crashes,sometimes about 15 mins..
  9. The drivers are not working properly with the game..9.7 is the latest stable and it does not support the HD5870.
  10. ATI graphicscard? If it is (5870 and very old cards excluded...) then download the ATI Catalyst 9.7 drivers,the newer ones crash the game a lot.
  11. It's pretty decent for a laptop,I'm sure the game will run ok,but heavier battles might make it very slow.
  12. Yup,Windows 7 also has the Volume thing on the right bottom side. So you're good.
  13. Right click Play Online,press properties,go to Compatibility and tick the small square that you see. That ALT-TAB mouse in screen thing happened to me in Vista before,I had to press ALT once again after getting back to BGE.
  14. The current drivers work fine for the HD3xxx series,so you'll be fine with the 9.7 drivers. (Latest working ones..)
  15. Yeah,and also,never buy a Killer NIC card or whatever they're named..they cost a lot and do not give you a big advantage at all..slightly better fps and ping is all,but it's not really worth the price.