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  1. I was going to add this material to my visual game ideas thread, but I think it should be posted in this Game Ideas forum -- and BTW, thank you whoever recently gave it the one (1) like; although, I believe that my visual game ideas thread is legacy predating the Game Ideas section lol; perhaps CRS will move it. This is an extension of that thread largely created to help development. Again, apologies for any borrowed character likeness that you may see in the models (for example, the final model); please consider it subtle flattery for respect of your game character as it is used in a positive game dev context; also, the handle has been, at least minimally, altered. Capital Cities - Extended (Battle of Berlin) This theme was used as not only a means to show what could be possible by adding these 3 large cities, but as a vessel to show gains the company can make by allowing players to embed 3D models and even submit them for use in the game. Having a specific 'development' aspect for 3D model/animation viewing/submissions and even C++ code snippet/module discussion would be an improved step toward a more player contributory element. In this possible Berlin map (showing only the core), note the double-flag choke points that could add indoor shoot-outs within large chambers, the addition of different types of choke points that could affect a particular country's industrial/resource/research effort, and the inclusion of a limited airfield (AF FRU) and POW camp (moved [attrited] flags of captured brigades could be liberated). Observe that the historic buildings and monumental structures bring a unique aspect to the capital city. Capital cities would provide a refreshing environment for players to fight in -- likely even significantly boosting the morale of defenders culminating from a period of losing streaks. Of course, they could also be used in the game's marketing adverts. 3D Models of buildings/structures A way to embed 3D models for viewing in forums is using Sketchfab, P3D, or even PlayCanvas (this allows code exportation). An example is this Berlin Zoo Flak Tower model that I made here at this link; as you can see, I have progressed from MS Paint and GIF animations to Sketchup [free version] and PlayCanvas I made this model and obtained its 10ea textures (no larger than 1KB x 1KB in size) royalty free from www.textures.com. The model itself can be obtained as a Sketchup file ("FlakTower_Sketchup_scaled.zip" or as a 3D Collada file ("FlakTower.3DCollada_scaled.zip") at the below FTP link using Username "ftp@w00teez.com"; there is no password. ftp://ftp.w00teez.com/ *Note: I hereby give both of these 3D files ("FlakTower_Sketchup_scaled.zip", "FlakTower.3DCollada_scaled.zip") royalty free to CRS company to be used in whatever capacity they so choose. With the model, a damaged state can quickly be modified from it as well, such as that shown here (just add the object's colliders upon add/placement). WWIIO player contributions can really help this already awesome game improve even more.
  2. OMG- no feedback yet?? Say something chaps, throw a bone or even rotten fruit ... Lol *Note: This should not even be called an idea, but rather a natural evolution of the game. To provide credit -- and great thanks, the thought of paying Doc Doom to develop the map further, in which these cities would subset, was most recently re-introduced by biggles4 (Game Ideas forum link here). This was MS Paint shopped from in-game map screenies and the previous WWIIO Go-Go campaign. Again, apologies for any borrowed character likeness that you may see; please consider it subtle flattery for respect of your game character as it is used in a positive game dev context; also, the handle has been, at least minimally, altered. Capital Cities - something more to fight for After 15 years, the map currently has 500+ towns. If just three (3) more cities are added, then they should probably be these. Capital cities could provide the game with new strategic objectives and could be included in special campaigns [or not], intermissions [or not], and marketing adverts. As the historic cities are large and unique, with monumental structures and special fortifications, they could also provide a new refreshing environment for players to fight in whether on attack or defense; heck, fighting in them as a defender may even make losing fun! London campaign Berlin campaign Paris campaign
  3. Totally agree with you on this Mingus -- you should provide a poll to see the percentage who would vote for it.
  4. Sounds like a great buy snappahead; for less than 300 bucks it would be difficult getting the latest and greatest of all components. You are also right about this being a single-threaded game; it may be awhile before more of it becomes multi-threaded -- of course, one couldn't expect a game's complete run to be multi-threaded as some operations would still be sequential; also, multi-thread code errors too can be quite nastier than standard single-thread types ... so I hear. enjoy your new rig and WWIIO in magnificent High Definition!
  5. I don't know if this would be good as far as permanent change, but I definitely vote for more fun map action and if this would do that, then I have no problem voting it in for this next intermission and maybe a campaign or two -- if it proves to actually be more fun, then of course, my vote would be permanent. Great idea, BTW, gassault.
  6. What?? -- not, even one (1) like for meh last image? You guys are a tough crowd, ... but we have another *Note: Here is another old idea that most all have likely considered. To provide credit -- and thanks, the addition of VOIP was most recently re-introduced by dougywu and major0noob (Game Ideas forum link here and here) and the addition of chat channels was most recently re-introduced by Mingus (Game Ideas forum link here). While this was MS paint shopped from in-game chat screenies, it uses several images together to form a [GIF] animation (we're making progress). Again, apologies for any borrowed character likeness you may see; please consider it subtle flattery for respect of your game character as it is used in a positive game dev context; also, the handle has been, at least minimally, altered. Chat - Extended Note: A chat that implements both Voice & Text with more channels. As we spend much time with this particular game interface, some additional possible features [options?] are displayed.
  7. I agree that England should be tough and I normally wouldn't give a hoot-n-holler about invading that island if we had the USSR to capture instead, which was the reason that the weight of Germany's historical attack on England declined considerably by late 1941; if Germany kept their end of the Molotov-Ribbontrop Pact longer, then it is likely that England would have suffered greater losses than they did and perhaps would have been invaded -- even successfully. In this game, England is a unique part of the map with towns that we don't know as well (we don't fight in them often or at all) and hence present more interest. So, I wish they would at least make invasion more likely if for no other reason than keeping newcomers from becoming 'bored with France' or seeing a void of any opportunity to ever participate in such an invasion (attack or defense) within their handful of months (or even year) of playing WWIIO before they move on to another game.
  8. Sorry about what happened to you, de4thadder. I have some issues too; my grandfather died from a stroke at 42, so at 47 I try to take care of my cardio and circulation in diet and lifestyle. BTW, consider a good quality fish oil. Hope you heal up good and quick.
  9. *Note: Here is another idea that many players -- if not most all, have likely thought about. This has been MS paint-shopped from screenies to be displayed visually. Apologies for any borrowed character likeness; in my charge, please consider it subtle flattery for respect of your person or -- in my defense, at least one character has been removed or altered hee hee. Capture - Extended Note: While many FPS games implement shoot-em-up action and 'tactical' flag capture, perhaps WWIIO could one day extend the existing capture feature to increase strategic and tactical objectives. This could offer a rewarding twist for players who prefer an extra stealth mode. In addition to the currently acquirable choke point structures and towns, capture could boon to include equipment and other players. After all, capture of all the above did occur in the actual WWII on both a small and large scale. Perhaps vehicles, maybe disabled types only -- or not, could be seized if within close proximity to an enemy base, depot, or even FRU and if the action is conducted by certain enemy infantry types using a capture function similar to that of building fortifications; the timer could be initiated by an individual -- or a group, and its time could decrease as others join. Also, perhaps de-spawning (ESC key) could be disabled once a captivity timer initiates while the ensnared could still shoot or move out-of-range. Consequences of another player being captured could include being temporarily unable to play a High Command role, having their rank significantly drop, and a suffix tag like "-POW" is added to their avatar's in-game name until the end-of-campaign. These additional capture options could add a new type of game objective and be marketed as a unique feature that further differentiates WWIIO from other cookie-cutter FPS games. Lastly, as mentioned by many others previously, perhaps premium subscribers could have a personal garage (storage pool) of their captured vehicles whereas non-premium acquisitions drop into the main pool after initially giving the appropriator(s) 'spawn dibs' for an hour, etc. Note: To provide credit, the coastal bunker idea, while not new, was most recently re-introduced by jwilly, the scout plane idea, also not new, was most recently re-introduced by imded, and the captured vehicles concept, also not new, was most recently re-introduced by dre21.
  10. *Note: This is another idea that has been floating around the community; it is likely that everyone has had this idea. This has been paint-shopped from screenies to be displayed visually. Aircraft Carrier Note: If troops can stand on Fairmile decks without falling through, why not carry this idea to aircraft as well. Perhaps aircraft carriers could be made in three (3) steps: 1. Shear the top off a destroyer model 2. Scale the remaining hull to the proportion of a larger cruiser class vessel 3. Add the flat top/deck structure ... and then you could have an aircraft carrier. Perhaps the initial aircraft carrier could just be used for intermissions until the hybrid unit is modeled for the separate countries and with more detail for closer realism. You could make it spawnable only by the highest naval ranking officers -- a type of capital vessel where a premium subscription is required. Perhaps Britain could get three (3), France two (2), east US two (2), and Germany one (1) at any time. The addition of such a craft would be a boon to both air and naval players and likely add marketing appeal if included in game adverts. BTW, thanks sydspain for your earlier compliment.
  11. I apologize if another thread was already created on this. I know this existed for our previous forum format and this new forum format is great, but I don't see a "preview" button. It currently looks like one can only post-edit their thread. Thanks
  12. I dont agree with th e perma-ban, but I wholeheartedly agree with the other mechanics of B2's idea, ... heck it's just for a 2-3 day intermission. Who knows it might be brought back again-and-again by popular demand.
  13. The warning is there for the 'few' abusers that may use the channel for non-Help comm, but you see ... [wait for it] The poor chap who is new to game may barely have ballz to post what they ashamedly think may be a 'stupid question' for vet players or upper level mods to answer ... then, when they scrape up those guts and do it --» BAM! They get that warning like a cerebus guard dog in their face barking not to mess around on this channel, which may include them (in their minds) if the higher players/mods responding feel like their query equates to time wasting trolling drivel. It is just not UI+F (user interface friendly). This is just my 2cents though.
  14. For many years many great minds involved with this game (players and developers) have tried to think of an effective side balance solution ... to no avail. While there is extreme resistance to the only effective solution we currently know - - side lock, it is viewed as a crude sledgehammer to a problem that opponents perceive will decrease game enjoyment and hence subs. This is a presumption or hypothesis, as it hasn't been 'tested'. I am certainly for CRS 'testing' your 60 minute side-lock idea for an intermission, a tier, complete campaign, or more for quantitative results to be gained and analyzed as to whether it would actually improve the game experience -- or not.
  15. How about fake brigades. In the real ww2 didnt Rommel make fake tanks of wood and Ike in England made fake airfields with fake planes to simulate units that were really phantom.