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  1. Ok it was fixed by putting the scaling DPI on!
  2. Yes that is correct.
  3. Alas I have tried all these things. The bizarre thing it calls the display "\\.\Display1" Which is rather weird.
  4. When ever I try and run the game it appears Windowed in the centre of the screen. I have tried everything to try and get the game to run full screen. Complete reinstall everything. Open to ideas.
  5. I am here fear not...
  6. Can some one help a friend of mine to resub? He can't remember his account password and the email for the account is now dead. His account name is Genjeft and the old email address was and his new address is Could someone help him? Je5ter
  7. Guys I am pulling my hair out. I have had this happen before and I can't remember how to fix it. I have my usual suite of CH controllers and they have worked mapped for years as three devices. This weekend I plugged in my logitech steering wheel to do some F1 racing. Now when I go to use my CH products BE only sees one device. I have of course unplugged the steering wheel but it by default selects itself as the default device and makes itself the device for legacy programmes. BE is now reacting like a legacy programme and only selecting which every device I make support legacy games. I am running windows 7 32bit. I am having a real FFS moment here.
  8. It is very shallow being the Godwin sands. Not so much tricky as expensive. Still if the cash can be found then it will happen.
  9. Ah that is different then. Still think the team that uses the Allied kit will find it tricky. This is not the thread to discus the strengths and weaknesses of Allied Tier 1 kit suffice to say I disagree.
  10. I agree but you will admit the Axis kit set is very generous.
  11. Since I am not going to be taking part I put 10 UK pounds on 91st to win. Looking at the forces on both sides if they Axis squad loses they really have to be poor.
  12. Blimey New York. I am in the UK and if the time was right to get some cash one could just jump the pond for the weekend!
  13. A well thought post but we have seen this before and the Rats have fought on and delivered. What they need is some serious investment and that means someone from outside comming in a ploughing some serious cash in to build the game or produce version 2.0. But that has risks as has been seen by APB et al. I don't think this is the end of the line. It is a serious attempt to get some cash in and steady the cash flow. Unlike APB and other MMORPGs we have played and invested and I can't guarantee this but I doubt they owe any investor currently a huge amount of cash that needs instant repayment. I have switched to the 12 month plan so there is no change in cost to me and the rats know of my continued support. What they may need to do is outsource some development to get somethings done cheaper?
  14. She was a great ship. 13 sailors died on her during the Falklands War.
  15. Sounds awesome......I will have to check it out.