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  1. Too bad the beaches and slopes don't really look like that ingame. Ah well, guess no wwiionline today. I'm off too, lol
  2. Ai needs to be limited to LoS only. It's pure BS that an ai MG can see through hills, buildings, trees etc. It starts shooting at a certain range whether you are concealed or covered. That is the one thing that bothers me.
  3. Patch? What are they doing now?
  4. I always liked this one, lol. When emotes were ingame:
  5. We used to have those ingame in the buildings that had fire escapes.
  6. They need to bring back the emotes, lol. Anyone have the old video of someone getting pushed off a roof after being pushed up the fire escape? That was back when inf had colliders and would bounce off each other if you ran into someone.
  7. I don't have a second account. Never have, never will. I've pushed paks for 30-40 minutes just to have an AO pulled as soon as I get there, lol. CRS needs to let 251's tow pak40's as they could IRL.
  8. Never take saying the unsayable word lightly. Bad things happen when that word is typed in forums or ingame chat. It conjures a portal allowing gremlins to screw with the game code.
  9. The Margate/Ramsgate area is good for some fun. Tanks can fight it out in the area between Margate and the AFAB at Rams. Inf can fight in town to the east. Just need to make the rams/margate depot allied and lock capping
  10. New players need a history lesson about "soon" and why it's a forbidden word in the world of WWIIOL, lol.
  11. Congrats. I graduated basic at Ft. Knox in '85 and was at Benning with the 82nd '85 to '87. Keep him away from Victory Drive, lol, and make sure he shaves and shapes that beret. Apparently they don't teach how to wear it looking at some of the other guys in the group pic, lol
  12. Buy this man some spray tan or something! Legs so white they're over exposed, lol.
  13. XOOM did the incorrect slope modifier on the sherman front armor get corrected in this update? You mentioned you found it. Just want to know if it got fixed.
  14. Thought the US was going to have Stu's in their ToE? none in the beta for them. Those stars make great aiming points. That's why the germans quit putting the cross in the center of the hull after poland.
  15. Beta showing "maintenance" status so can't play that either.
  16. been waiting this long, what's one more day, lol.
  17. Uh Oh. No campaign through the whole day thursday. Will be updated on Friday. Sounds like they hit a bump. Beta open for intermission style play. Guess I'll put on Netflix and hit the sack.
  18. hmmm. campaign says "offline" but beta is back to "open"
  19. I would just like the ability to turn off only enemy icons when flying. WB had that feature and I always used it. Made the game more exciting by having to identify what I was fighting against once I got close enough to see what it actually was. Second option would be to turn off the plane identifier and just have the halo.
  20. out of curiosity, what happened to the colliders for inf? I remember being able to push someone up stairs and off a roof. that was always a good time. If two inf ran into each other, they would bounce off each other. now they just run through each other.
  21. He wasn't SS. There were no SS in NA and he was in the DAK.
  22. So how does this story end? Saw it was still here and had to ask after rereading it again. For those that don't know, there was a POW camp just outside Roswell, NM where some German units were sent after capture in N. Africa. It was a small town called orchard park. It has been years since I went there and the only thing left were the concrete blocks that were the foundations of the barracks and a bit of barbed wire. The POW's built a drainage canal through the town and on the side of one wall of it, (it is made of large stones and concrete) is an iron cross the POWs built into it with the year and unit number. It is still there and a small park has been placed there to view it. A great deal of the Germans were put to work on farms and many stayed on in Roswell after the war or moved to Texas and Colorado if they did not want to return to Germany.