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  1. Thx for organizing the event Frantish it was good fun!, I'd really like to see more of that sort of event, maybe even fighter squad challenges over the channel at high alt, anyways we lost 1 fighter from the spitfire group of 8, we didnt lift the spits until we saw the BB column go yellow, making it to around 22k on first reports of contact with ea somewhere near dover, then it was dashing from furball to furball hunting for 111's until there was nothing left to shoot at, then a leisurely rtb for tea and crumpets! good fight to all involved. S!
  2. Turncoat!!!! - put me down for a spit1a, goin on safari for a Tig(g)er! S!
  3. i got in a few times, every time i despawned the screen froze, now every time i log in i get the red padlock bug, cant even enter now! any fixes?
  4. having same problems in wiin7, mouse pointer is frozen at entry screen, run compatability mode, changed to vista ser pack 2 but still not working, downloaded win7 latest mouse drivers from saitek, stumped now?
  5. Gday, After despawning, the "mission results" screen freezes and after a few moments u can go back to brigade screen but theres nothing on screen, go back further to "persona select screen" and all of them are padlocked, restarting the game the personas can all be padlocked or it may let me back in, it seems to be a toss of the dice?, i think it may be a cookie problem, any1 able to give me a fix? Thanks