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  1. If I may pinch that screenie...here is the path the 2nd rifle squad took. The panzer made it as far as the circle.
  2. Final position of axis forces after retreating from town. Only two soldiers left: amled and myself Plus both pz (one disabled) This event was a lot of fun. Many thanks to chiapet for an excellent job leading our squad. Was a very balanced and fluid mission, so well done to pillbox especially! PS: after cease fire, I ran towards AB to join the photo shoot with only ammo can in hand. When I suddenly appeared in front of 10-12 assembled allied soldiers...no prizes for guessing what happened next...bastages :-)
  3. Preparations for the final attack as our leader "amled" joins us in the clump of trees. Due to wide open fields between this position and town, a...volunteer...was selected to...test... the approach :-) Remarkably, our squad made it across the 200m open field intact, aided by suppressive fire from the panzer. However, soon after reaching town, a fast and furious firefight broke out amongst the buildings on the outskirts. Most of the remaining axis were wiped out in less than a min. I was fortunate to be slightly further S than the rest, and was able to enter the nearest depot building along with "amled".
  4. This is as far as we moved S, before being recalled to our earlier position in clump of trees. Now that the enemy tank positions have been determined, the panzers have moved into contact. The NW panzer is likely to have been disabled around this time. Note the two recon scouts in town/AB area. We were recalled in order to rendezvous with our remaining panzer and its supporting inf squad to secure the area. A tremendous firefight occured between the pz and the bofors, shaking the ground non-stop for a couple of mins until "Illyria" silenced the bofors from in town. The panzer then moved up to our clump of trees to support the final attack on the town.
  5. @ monsx: both tanks were multicrewed. Following the initial contact between mechanised squad and allied NW squad, our 2nd rifle squad reached a clump of trees when we were immediately engaged by an A13 forcing us all to ground. In the image below, you can clearly see the 1st rifle squad spread along a bush or berm line, the 2nd rifle squad in a clump of trees, and the 3rd rifle squad in a reserve position. There was a berm halfway between the 2nd and 3rd rifle squads that we later used to reposition briefly to the S of the road. Elements of the recon squad continued to push into town. Player "alphie" tries to break our tree line directly to the S, but is quickly cut down by an A13.
  6. AAR: First time playing realism event. Joined Chiapet's 2nd rifle squad. Total number of axis was around 37 players. Judging by numbers on TS, the allieds had about 2/3rds this amount. Initial movement towards town. We were on foot. "Ohansolo" did a great job of forward scout until he CTD'd. Other squads were further ENE of us in 251. Recon soldiers were beginning to spread to the N and S of town. Initial ei contact made to NW of town. Both stukas were shot down soon after this point. Panzers were held way back at this stage (rearmost icons on map).
  7. Attention KFS1 and others, see my thread in support forum about possible reason/fix for this error. link
  8. Firstly, I use dial-up (56K modem), XP (no service packs) and IE6 as my browser. I log into the game (as Allied) using a shortcut from my desktop (http://www.mirror.wwiionline.com/launch/launch_allied.html). History of problem: 1. Downloaded 1.19.1 full install patch (wwiiol0001191.exe) and installed it. I did not uninstall the previous version first. 2. When I tried to log on to game using new version, the load-bar would remain stuck at "Authenticating" and eventually give a "Network error-#1 Login Handshake Timed Out" and return to desktop. 3. Uninstalled both versions and reinstalled 1.19.1. Same error occured when trying to log in again. 4. Uninstalled Playgate and reinstalled latest version of Playgate. Same error again. Despite this, I was still able to connect successfully to the training server, and pass the connection test to CRS's servers (test program is located in KFS1's sticky thread) OK, now the next bit is even more confusing, but bear with me. There are many tweaks for this game, one of which is close down as many background apps as possible. When I click my shortcut, a browser window opens to the Play Allied web page, as well as a separate window for the TOS/username/password. I usually click to agree to TOS, click Launch, and then close the browser before the game starts to "load" (i.e. before the desktop disappears). With the new patch, if I close the browser window like this, it will always give the same error - Login Handshake Timed Out. However, if I don't close the browser, the game loads correctly. I did some consecutive tests (i.e. as soon as game either loaded or crashed, I tried again): Leave browser open - success. Close browser - error. Close browser - error. Close browser - error. Close browser - error. Close browser - error. Leave browser open - success. Leave browser open - error. Leave browser open - success. Leave browser open - error. Leave browser open - success. Leave browser open - error. Leave browser open - success. Leave browser open - error. Leave browser open - success. Remember, this is all using a shortcut from the desktop. When I went thru the web site manually (Quicklinks->Play WWIIOL->Play Allied and then click Join Now), it worked when I left the browser open, but only every third time?! i.e. success, error, error, success, error, error, success, etc. (Note: you may need to start by closing the browser at least once, to get this to work) Hopefully, this may help others, and point CRS in the right direction to fix this mysterious bug.
  9. hueyman, I have/had the same problem with hanging on Authenticating. It still does it first time, but when I try a second time it now works. Beats me what's changed - the first time I tried logging in post 1.19.1, it failed on 6+ attempts.
  10. I've had a similar problem connecting to game server. I could log onto the training server fine. When tried to log onto game server, it would stop at "Authenticating" and give "Login Handshake timed out" error. I didn't remove the previous version of the game before installing the full install (wwiiol0001191.exe). However, I have since removed all versions, and re-installed 1.19.1 and the error still persists. Checknet results: Test Starting. Test 1: Main Pri -OK- 371ms Test 2: Main Alt -OK- 341ms Test 3: Main PingPri -OK- 360ms Test 4: Main PingAlt -OK- 350ms Test 5: Main Chat -OK- 361ms Test 6: Event Pri -OK- 351ms Test 7: Event Alt -OK- 331ms Connection tests completed OK.