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  1. This is a good point, and perhaps a review of what impels someone to take-up a subscription is needed too. But that isn't the main point of this thread (most people don't want to use rifles/what needs to be done to improve this?), and if anything underlines the point that I am making .... that being that most players do not choose rifles, instead just move on when that's all that is left. But since you have taken me down this path now ..... players that are paying to play should never be penalised with a restriction on game access .... I'm talking about Side-lock and spawn-delay here. Maybe that should be the carrot for a sub .... rather than access to SMG. In fact, I can absolutely guarantee I have never, never waited through a spawn-delay in order to fight my way into a CP with a rifle. That is a combination of factors that would definitely cause me to leave a fight, and often-times, the game. If that was what I was getting all the time with subscription ...... well that'd definitely be the end of my subscription. As it is now, that combination arises often enough that it causes me to rethink my sub everytime I am confronted with it. Try and force me to use a rifle in these circumstances?? Buh-by, cause that ain't the game I am interested in. <S>
  2. Exactly. If we are not going to adjust the quantities ... then this is the alternative solution. And pistols would be exactly that, ... equalizers. And how can one advance a fairer argument for this, than that? Armed with a pistol, even I would then grab a rifle and re-enter the fray. As in Mons this evening ... I arrived on pfmosquitos mish, spawned in with the last grease gun to defend the CP he so courageously capped .... and was immediately sawed in half by a German LMG. two more attempts, first with our own LMG .... dead in seconds ... then with an SMG ... same effect. Then, we were down to rifles, and I went to Brakel. Rifle vs ELMG .... waste .... of ........ time .. no point in even attempting. BUT....if that rifle had a small automatic available ...... then I would have kept charging into the breech. There would have been at least some hope ..... The Mons attack floundered btw .... and not because I was the only one that left. We were down to rifles, and nobody wanted one. <S>
  3. Also agreed. Look, my complaint was not with the rifle itself, per se .... the weapon works fine in its intended role (which is not inside a CP!). My complaint was that it is obviously used less than any other unit type (despite all the cheerleaders of the rifle that have appeared in this thread), and that reveals a problem with the TOE quantities. We are being provided a whole bunch of rifles not because they are useful in one of the most common types of engagements encountered in the game, or desired by most of the playerbase, but for some other reason that is not all that clear. This solution .... give the rifleman a "backup weapon" ... would make the rifleman a far more desirable unit to use, and would have the effect of keeping people in the fight a little bit longer. Myself included. If we can't, or are unwilling, to adjust the lop-sided number of rifles available in a given brigade (which I still maintain the majority of players seem unwilling to select as their first choice to play with), then lets at least equip the type for that part of the game that is so predominant ..... CQC. I predict this will lead to a whole new complaint in chat, and one that is far more relevant and realistic .... "We are down to SMG's" <S>
  4. Yes, I have always suffered this .... especially nauseating for me has always been the "head-shake" that informs you that an attempted movement or choice is illegal. For whatever reason movement in vehicles is also fine for me too. <S>
  5. ...or, fewer players ... <S>
  6. That's an interesting theory ... I don't use both types equally, but perhaps the majority of other players do? Look, I'm not saying the rifle doesn't have a place in the game. I couldn't even count the number of times I've been caught out in the middle of an open field with an SMG, while an enemy rifle plinks me from 250m away. But to suppress the EFMS until an engy arrives you need something like the SMG once you cross that field. Likewise clearing the CP's .. absurd to think of doing that with a rifle when there is likely to be a German LMG in there. We need the right tools for the job .. and the job lately is dominated by just two activities; clearing CP's and suppressing FMS's. That has been 98% of my gameplay in recent weeks. And when we run out of the right tool .... well I just move on, and I think most other players do too. <S>
  7. Think of how many times you have heard this. Or it's cousin .... "There is nothing here except rifles" And why is that? A: Because almost nobody ever chooses to play with a rifle in the first place, so that is what is left after the fun part of the fight has ended. Talking about the basic infantry rifle here too, not the Sniper guns or the ATR's .... or for that matter the other special units like Engineer, Sapper, or Mortar that also carries a rifle. Just the basic infantryman. The semi's are obviously popular too. But if the basic rifle was actually fun to use, that would be the first item to get depleted in the spawn lists. As it is (mostly) useless in CQC, and at least half the game is nothing but CQC .... why then is the spawn list so heavily weighted with rifles??? A full spawn list should have 300 SMG's and 35 rifles, NOT the way it is now. Can we swtich this around? How about giving the players the weapons they want to use, rather than forcing players (and this will mainly affect defenders the most I think) to grab something they do not even want to use? We are paying for this afterall .... shouldn't we be able to get the equipment we want to use when in the game? I'll tell you what I do when a town needs a defense. Grrab an SMG and go check a CP, then head out to hunt for the FMS/FRU/EMS....whatever. If the SMG's are gone, I try to grab a unit that carries an automatic pistol as the backup weapon (so the British units are out of contention there too ... Webley just doesn't have the rate of fire or clip size to be helpful), because you can still clear a CP pretty effectively with an automatic. Failing that, I will resort to an LMG (I play Allied so LMG isn't exactly a first choice as it is with the Germans). But once that stuff is gone, I seldom then grab a rifle .... and I just move on to the next town. That is exaclty what I just did in fact ..... selected a town that had two CP's down .... saw the remnants of the spawn list (which included still 145 rifles), and instead of helping with the defense .... just moved on instead. At least until the game CTD'd. Then, I came in here to spend some time [censored]ing instead. So what do you think? Increase the SMG's and decrease the rifles? Great idea, yes? No new coding or skin designing or balistics development or steam preparation required. <S>
  8. This would be a massive improvement in the airgame .... as Frantish said ... in a DB-7, you have 6 or 7 seconds to adjust your lineup before having to reset the vertical in the bombsight for the actual drop ......... so presently; Target finally appears .... back to pilot seat .... AP off and adjust course then AP back on ... back to bombardier, look again .... back to pilot seat, AP off and adjust course again and AP back on.... back to Bombardier aaaaaaand it is already time to drop. It's Just not real There. That's two votes for 10 km viz limit now. <S>
  9. "Since clearing cookies is a good thing to do, for security purposes, there would have to be a feature on the forums to remember your choice, when you sign in." Exactly .... this isn't a problem with my browser, it's behaving properly. It's these forums ..... why do website developers feel it is a good thing to hassle people??????
  10. "Would you like to show notifications from" No. Not ever. And I don't need to be asked every single time I load a page either .... Also, posting this, it occurred to me that we need a Forum Forum. <S>
  11. x52

    Solved ... bug in firmware ..... Leaving Jostick Properties window/Control Panel open while in-game reactivates button number 6.
  12. Model 8 trench gun (pump) was still very much in service in WWII ... I still have my Grandfather's!
  13. x52

    7 7
  14. x52

    Map to primary fire button on Joystick 1 (button 6) hasn't worked in game for some time now .... try to map in keymapper, game doesn't even see it. Map manually in cfml file, and even though button is recorded correctly, game still doesn't seem to see it. (button works fine btw ...) Anyone with any ideas about this? <S>
  15. .. no experience with the 900's, but I have dual 780's, and have been super happy with these ... Watch though ... there are like twenty different types of 780's ... make sure you're getting the ones that do the math most efficiently without catching on fire.