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  1. I have HD Fat Cats with head motion tracking that were used with the first person view from a UAV. Equipment like that would fulfill two-thirds of this experience. Then there are equipment manufacturers that are already working on motion tracked VR weapons too. If you raise the rifle to your shoulder, it switches to aim view inside the headset at the same time.... This stuff would be really awesome inside the WWiiOL world. <S>
  2. Yes it would .... users could select "Regular Mouse" or "VR movement" ... if you can run a mile without any need to catch your breath, go for it. It's just the swimming I worry about ..... not much of a swimmer in the first place here .... and I can't imagine buoyancy is aided with that thing strapped to you. <S>
  3. Interesting set-up there ... but I was thinking more like this ... Would fit into the corner of a room in your home, and these setup start at around two grand, not including the HD VR goggles ..... there seems to be a half dozen companies producing this type of equipment now. <S>
  4. Will WWiiOL work right now with any of the VR treadmills that are available? If not, can a modification be written for mouse and views that would support this tech in the game? Given the miles we put on as infantry (no Jeeps ..... ) being able to game on a treadmill would probably benefit a lot of players. <S>
  5. Could this be related to pfmosquitos observations about weapons not firing? I've noticed this too ... satchels that won't drop. Seems to happen at an EFMS if you crouch to drop the HE. <S>
  6. Anybody? It's a good question ... <S>
  7. 75 .... keep pushing. Thank-you! <S>
  8. 70 ... progress ..... glad to see it. Thank-you! <S>
  9. Enjoying the campaign .... well, specifically, I am enjoying having access to equipment that can deal with the more advanced German tanks. In particular, the Achilles and Firefly (although I have rarely been able to get a Firefly). So, another way of saying this is that i would also enjoy tier 2 (I don't really play very much in Tiers 0 and 1 at all anymore) if it had better equipment available for the Allies, and not just the Germans. <S>
  10. A week or so ago, while Allies were defending Ham, there was "friendlies" building obstacles at the exits to the AB, blocking the ability of Allied tanks and guns to exit the AB. This was hardly the first time I have seen this .... I have a problem with that ..... so having some kind of tag on each obstacle that names the player that planted it, would help greatly to out the sadistic trolls that play only to frustrate the rest of the PB. Maybe we need an MP class (with Jeeps!) to police the PB ..... <S>
  11. Correct. It is a hard choice, but it makes no sense to keep building 32 bit anything when 64 bit is inevitable. The mass of what will make the switch difficult will only grow. Yes. This is what you need to do. Agreed. How long did CRS spend working on the Firefly that players will rarely ever get access too. it is an all but meaningless addition to the game. How many reskins/repaints of how many different items, that makes not a wit of difference to game-play have been released in the last few years. How long has 64 bit been on the horizon (and now in the horizon of the rear-view mirror for every other app in the universe)? At one point there was a strong indication that this could be done by Christmas (this past Christmas).... and then there was excuses. And now, what we are being sold, is that it is difficult, and possibly even unnecessary??? I do not believe it is unnecessary ... I view it as critical .... based on my experience with every other application that I have ever used that changed from 32 to 64. They are, every single one of them, better in every way. CRS, you keep asking us to support you ... well I am not doing so in order to get a new skin for my combat knife! When I am using it i could care less what it looks like .... but I do care if the app CTD's when I try to stick it into something. Those type of fails have made a really lasting impression upon me, and I see a technology upgrade as a significant step toward solving many of the problems currently seen in the game. Currently. I mean for the last ten years now. Thanks for starting this thread again mingus. <S>
  12. ....did not know this ... always just thought we seldom got to it in the tiers, and while still fighting on the coast somewhere. But I still want a Firefly at the same time that Tigers and IIIg;'s arrive. I feel like that is the best piece of kit we (Allies) have ever been given .... and with the current deployment schedule for the thing, we will hardly ever see it. <S>
  13. There are a few players that enjoy fighting with nothing but a knife, a 2# ATG, and a truck. But most players look for more advanced equipment, and it sure seems like we spend a helluva lot of time in tiers 0 and 1, and practically none at tier 4. And it's not like the basic kit is no longer available in later tiers for those guys that like defending CP's with nothing but a Webley revolver. My real beef here? "Merry Christmas, here is your new Firefly". Actual number of times I've been able to get one during campaign action since then ..... once. Mind you, that is more times than I've had an opportunity to use the Blenheim torpedo bomber in action ...... that is another piece of gear that is rarely ever available ...or if available, of no use.
  14. Being funny are we? Was not trying to be funny. The Opel currently sounds EXACTLY like an electric lawnmower. That is a Miss. You're side-by-side sound comparison made things clearer for me though. From outside the vehicle, transmission and exhaust audio are now totally gone .... it seems the only thing we hear now, is the engine.
  15. Seems like a good sound effect here .... Can't say I like the new Opel audio very much either ... sounds more like an electric lawn mower approaching than a truck. The effort to update the opel audio/truck sounds in general is appreciated, but I think the current opel audio has to be called a miss ....