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  1. Please explain. I thought that rendering was done on the client. `Poly count` is a parameter that only the client should be concerned with.
  2. OpenGL has been officially deprecated as of 10.14 Mojave.
  3. There is also MoltenVK which provides the Vulkan api for iOS and macOS. I believe that both Unity and Unreal engines support Vulkan on an array of different platforms.
  4. OpenGL is the gpu abstraction and the "Granny" library handles animations, I believe. My WAG is that, although granny is now 64-bit, the granny api has probably mutated a bit since anyone last looked at the codebase. OpenGL is on it's last legs too. It's probably gonna take awhile to track down all the ramifications.
  5. The Sherman also met the design requirement that it be deliverable by LST so that you could put one on a beach. Armor won't do you much good if you cannot get it to where it is needed.
  6. ok, thanks. I didn't even know that there was a ...wwiiol.plist. So I think that my 'control curves' must have been messed up over time some how and when I recreated them manually that fixed the problem and 'calibration' was not an issue. I'm good to go now. Thanks for looking it to this.
  7. I'm looking at '~/Library/Preferences/ww2olcfml/global.calib'. Changes are made if I modify the control curves under the 'Map>Controllers' tab but not if I use the 'Settings' calibration panel.
  8. Update: The latest version, still does not modify the 'global.calib' file. This means there is no device calibration which is a serious issue.
  9. I used one of Apple's old demo apps "HIDExplorer" that is basically the same thing (as well as the also old "Joystick and GamePad Tester". All the buttons and axes are recognized by the HID api.
  10. I'm running 10.13.4 Beta (17E160e). No hitches that I have detected. You will get warnings about 32-bit apps.
  11. Ok, Pete, you got me motivated. (I posted these additional notes to the support chain and I'll add them here.) 1) I manually created a "global.calib" file and that fixed the problem. 2) However, I also confirmed that "global.calib" is not being created or updated. 3) Keymapper (.cfml) files are updated as expected. 4) my preferences are stored on a "case-sensitive" volume.
  12. The issue appears to involve "calibration". The "global.calib" is not being updated. When I get a moment I'm just going to create one manually and see if that helps. I'm just a little busy atm. All the devices are recognized by the macOS and "Joystick and Gamepad Tester" recognizes all the controls. So I don't think that it's a USB issue at all. PittPete, thanks I got your reply.
  13. I am seeing something similar but not identical. I have some CH Products controllers with a bunch a sliders. The mac OS is seeing the devices and the individual buttons and sliders but the game is not. The games sees the button inputs but not the slider inputs. This suggests that there is an underlying problem with how the game is handling USB devices
  14. MacOS 10.13.4, Anyone else having a problem where the sliders on USB joystick/throttle/pedals no longer recognized? In my case I'm using CH Products Fighterstick/throttle/pedals. JS pitch/roll axis work but not sliders for throttle or pedals z-axis. I haven't used them in a while so I am not sure whether this is a recent phenomenon, or not. Thanks.
  15. The transition to 64-bit is critical for me as well. I will not be booting up an old OS version just to play the game. I have no idea where the difficulty lies but the Granny framework has been 64-bit for a while now.