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  1. I haven't noticed any performance degradation here (US East Coast).
  2. Yikes! That is ancient! Nice catch.
  3. "sproket"? If you mean "socket" then it's probably a network/firewall issue.
  4. Thanks for the kill mechanism description. The kill stats were taken from the CSR "Weapons Comparison" report.
  5. QF 2lber has a total of zero kills against Tiger so far this campaign with 118 kills all-time. Pak 36 has one kill of Matilda this campaign and 6936 kills all-time.
  6. Make the tiers cycle and then I'll agree. This would mean adding/removing the Americans as the tiers cycled back to tier-0.
  7. I'll just add my 2¢ and say that I don't think editing cfml files is gamey. They're "configuration" files after all. A "macro" key sequence I do think is gamey since it's an automated sequence of keypresses. Sorry I didn't notice this post earlier. I've always edited cfml files manually since the "keymapper" doesn't give you access to all of your key maps or access to all of the possible options. A "fully" functional keymapper would be nice!
  8. Andrew, Da' new rats need help porting all the legacy C++ code to Swift with an Unreal compatibility layer. (followed by a hysterical, cackle in the background.) Yeah, I'll second that request for any comments on how the game runs on the new Apple products. I'm still using my old MacPro5,1. Good to see you back.
  9. The BEF has the QF 2lber.
  10. Adrenaline-pumping, no game makes me sweat like this one...
  11. While looking at wiretap I noticed that the AO ids were not unique. Is this correct behavior? query issued 3-7-2017 3:30PM EST query url : response: <cps> <defaults> <def att="ao" value="0"/> <def att="ctrl" value=""> <or att="own"/> </def> </defaults> <cp id="348" own="3/1" ao="1038"/> <cp id="368" own="3/1" ao="1041"/> <cp id="428" own="4/2" ao="1085" contention="true"/> <cp id="461" own="4/2" ao="1085"/> </cps> * Sorry posted this in wrong forum.
  12. As far as I can determine "overlay" is not supported on the Mac.
  13. on a mac> ~/Library/Preferences/ww2olcfml s!
  14. Ohm, I think that you missed the move to 1.35.X s!
  15. Very sad to hear this news. Tom served his country and it was a pleasure to know him, if only online. He was a good man and will be missed. s!