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  1. I logged into the Allied Discord channel this past Sunday (Aug 18) at 12PM US Eastern and there were a total of eight (8) others logged in. When I logged out a short time later, there were a total of 11.
  2. I will add that from a Mac user's perspective putting the settings and preferences in the 'Documents' folder is very un-mac-like and violates Apple preference design guidelines. It would be more mac-like to put these in `Library/Preferences` and/or `Library/Application Support` (for the calibration files, perhaps) in the Mac client. Were there changes made to the device handling on the mac? Mouse and joystick inputs seem smoother.
  3. Awesome! Makes my day!
  4. On my mac, I just use a four-finger swipe up ("mission control") and select game instances running in separate "spaces". There is no need for even cmd-tab.
  5. I have noticed this as well. For me it seems to happen when I go from prone to standing while also looking left or right at the same moment. It may have something to do with multiple keys being pressed simultaneously. I don't think that it is random but will have to experiment now.
  6. The game is empty and my squad no longer exists so where is threshold to form a mission to come from?
  7. True, there is a possibility that the app might still work if all the 64-bit library dependencies are somehow avoided. Could we actually be so lucky? And for how long? Has anyone actually tried the 10.15 beta? I'm on a 10-year-old "vintage" MacPro5,1 that won't be supported by 10.15 and will have to consider my options in the Fall. I'm certainly curious as to whether, or not, the app runs under the 10.15 beta.
  8. It is more than a rumor. MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) will end 32-bit app support.
  9. macOS 10.15 is coming.
  10. Good luck, Doc! A lot of us that don't post often will still be thinking of you. Push on through to the other side...
  11. I have a similar configuration mid-2010 cMP5,1 with X5690@3.4GHz and RX580 card at 2560x1440. I also get down into the low 20s fps in city battles but normally in the 40s or better. All I can suggest is to turn down the graphics settings in "preferences'. I have never heard any definitive explanation for the poor performance other than the suggestion that the lack of polygon culling in the display list wastes a lot of work. I've been told that the physics engine and the rendering engine are "intimately" coupled so I think any real change in performance will require a complete redesign.
  12. I didn't respond to the poll because I couldn't overcome my vacillation while trying to make a decision.
  13. Ok, game now loads. I don't know what has changed in the interim.
  14. Game won't load for me either.