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  1. Same goes for me too and after being in this game since 20002 .
  2. Gamey walk in fms were done away with for good reason
  3. I hope that will not mean that players that have earned their rank over the last 20 years lose equipment unlocks . This game has lost a lot of players and to lose rank could kill this game completely.
  4. not that old chestnut again . it is not needed
  5. been having same probs so I uninstalled and reinstalled , works fine now
  6. RIP Tom <S> Bram
  7. Sad news indeed .RIP Keysie
  8. btw....... Is it still raining? Bram
  9. and here!
  10. i get this problem flying, ok for a while then lose the engine sound the computer shuts down and restarts.