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    • XOOM Released (August 18th - 2017)   08/18/2017 is our pre-release game update. It is currently being released to our organic (current) player base only to verify everything is working as intended. Please review all normal game play elements and conduct basic testing. Above all, we need your feed back. If there are any issues that are NEW and broken, please use the .bug report with details. In depth issues, including how to reproduce the problem, should go to our Testing & Bug Reporting forums with screenshots and text based procedure / expected out comes. If you have the latest version you can patch automatically, or go to the downloads page and download the full update if you have an old version or need a full new install.


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  1. been having same probs so I uninstalled and reinstalled , works fine now
  2. RIP Tom <S> Bram
  3. Sad news indeed .RIP Keysie
  4. btw....... Is it still raining? Bram
  5. and here!
  6. i get this problem flying, ok for a while then lose the engine sound the computer shuts down and restarts.