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  1. Thanks for the reply Bloo, Good to know and keep up the good work!
  2. I could give a number of E-mails sent to each of them, so this posting is nothing new to me... I believe this should have been fixed from March of this year!!!!
  3. Bump
  4. Xoom, Still waiting... for my Hammer in game *Cough* I've sent enough E-mails... Time this works
  5. Bloo, Thank you very much on your time to resolve this problem Salute and Happy Hunting !!!! Gen Westen !
  6. Wow really?, No mods or support to help in this problem..
  7. After 2 weeks of waiting for a ticket or the Emails sent and not getting no replies from either so is why am posting in here... The 24th Sunday was 2 weeks to date from activating my old account and then problems with this and that had to be taken care of no problem. But after all was taken care of am seeing no reason this problem is still not being handle or better yet I am not told it is Account is showing activate but when I try to log in, It tell me am not activated... Account is paid and bank statement shows it's been paid... Would somebody please tell me why this has been over looked and if I will be able to get ingame..
  8. Salute, yes been some time, Love to get back in game, But I think Bloo and Xoom took my money and got beer instead! Hopefully they will get this fixed before the year 2014
  9. Bloo, Xoom- Anybody.. Any News on this problem? have yet to hear something...
  10. Can you let me in on this break through
  11. Same Here with the Emails and figure this was the end of the problems, But trying to login I get the same massage :"your subscription is not currently active" when account shows active.... really hope some more info can be shared on this problem
  12. Roger, And thanks for the info good luck
  13. Bloo, Is there any ETA on this problem? Also the "manage account" page is not loading........