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  1. Ah kool. Ur da man
  2. Game loads fine on my win7. I just lose my mouse when it loads. Lol I still haven't figure that one out yet.
  3. it was though
  4. I try to activate my old name under the welcome back soldier program and it let me reset the password... Just cant log in
  5. Ok this is a start.. I went into task manager and shut down all mcafee programs and was able to pull the log in screen up and log in for the first time since that patch... Same Mcafee I had before it.. lol
  6. Worked for me.. pulled up the log in screen
  7. yep same here
  8. getting it myself now
  9. Yes you can get the RAM... Better learn how to install it lol..
  10. DDR2 memory modules have a different number of pins than standard DDR modules and their notches are in different places. Therefore, the two types of memory cannot be used interchangeably in the same memory socket. And while some motherboards do have memory slots for both DDR and DDR2, most systems will only accept one type of memory technology. To upgrade with Dell DDR2, your system must be designed to accept DDR2 memory technology. It's easy to find out if your Dell system accepts DDR2. All you have to do is look it up in the Dell Memory Selector! DDR2 Installation Tips DDR2 modules have a different number of pins than DDR modules. DDR2 memory notches are in a different location than DDR notches. DDR2 can only be used in systems designed specifically for DDR2 memory technology. Use the Dell Memory Selector to find out if your Dell system accepts DDR2 memory!Adding a Dell Memory Upgrade can improve performance Upgrading your DDR2-based system with Dell DDR2 memory can lead to significant performance gains! In fact, tests show that adding memory is a simple way to increase system performance, productivity, and efficiency. With a Dell Memory upgrade, you can: Run more programs simultaneously. Work with graphics-intensive programs. Speed up computer response time. Help reduce performance lags. Help maintain your system's performance when adding new software or upgrading the OS.Or if you can find the service tag number.. I can look it up that way.
  11. Good idea bob.. If its a store bought puter give us the make and model..
  12. Ugh.. tough call.. Could have DDR or DDR2 lol When in doubt.. yank a stick out .. But dont let fury see it... he likes "sticks"