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  1. i actually played the allied side for the first time this campaign to try and help out a bit. I played on an alt account though, didnt want a stain on my record =)
  2. Just mentioning, the psychological effect seeing an unkillable matty charging your position while shrugging off fire from all your tanks and atgs is a bit disheartening as well. Look at matty k/d vs axis armor and its clear to see what is better, and vs axis atgs is just pathetic for us. But we just weather his attack and wait patiently for him to stop so we can sap him... adapt, improvise, overcome. Love the new ToE btw.
  3. my $.02, having a bayonet that i can use while carrying the rifle and not having to switch weapons would make the rifleman much more of a viable choice. How many times do two riflemen bump into each other and trade shots while dodging and reloading... bayonet to the rescue!
  4. wow, a RAF fighter shooting down a 111.... unheard of! thats no easy feat! Such a difficult accompmishment taking down a slow behemoth that bursts into flames when you shout insults at it.
  5. Well deserved recognition there, Marshalz.
  6. Campaign 151, kids are going to daycare full time. so im going to be able to kill allies in the AM too. God help them if i ever learn how to dogfight =D