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  1. Not everyone gets the thrill out of headless zoombie killing, ok sometimes maybe.. But sometimes its nice to sit and relax with a game, this game offers relaxing atmosphere and laughing guys on ts or the more serious guys trying to use different tactics. Either way, people are different
  2. Pure 56th rampage 46 sec in this video, Captain Congaline snapping off wings :
  3. We where all out in the open of the AF, when "zero"s came in from every direction. Was pretty exciting to take of - unfortunately Xe was a too good and lucky opponent against me and oyaji. I dont understand why you think we could shoot multiple stukas down with our H75 and H81, they lack firepower for that kind of stuff We where not even a treat to the fighters - no zero fighters died to allied fighters fire did they? How could we possible be a treat to the stukas I didnt think it was unfair, but afterall i almost survived the whole event in my beaten H75, providing a target. I think the stukas alone would have been able to take us fighters down, no problem, other problem was that there where too many 09s attaking the AF.
  4. Yep you got me pretty good.. Couldnt fly that good after the bnzes, 260km/h and not able to climb what so ever. I thought i had you, but i guess i didnt hit your pilot. Putted quite a few MGs in your A/C though, if just had a couple of hispanos = game over. The event was ok, i was expecting to die, but my dear H75 hed out for quite long actually, and i made a lot of 109s go die trying to get the kill on me. Icetwp was screaming that i should go kill some Ju87s, but that was just not possible as i was traveling slower than any A/C in the arena. I got nothing but damages on 109s and Ju87s. Next time you should scrap the H75 and only use H81/P40 Tomahawk MK2b, which is a more realistic setup.
  5. CC, understood.. Im more scared by the hat than the 109s
  6. Allied H-75 fighter please..
  7. Hi im using a logitech headset with 7i1 speakers, but i have a really hard time hearing direction of where trucks and tanks come from, even if they are really close, the sounds seems to be even on both ears, also when i turn my head to one of the sides away from the target. I dont have that problem in planes, where the sounds follows my head movement. Game problem or settings problem?
  8. Salute! Hope to see a lot of fine pilots raise in our squadron and spread the word of fear "The Sioux" !!!