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  1. You were lucky, doesnt do the trick for me.
  2. No OS issue. 10.5 isnt supported anymore. In case you thought 10.7 vs 10.6 we have users on both platforms experiencing the issue. And yes I seem to have been very lucky indeed yesterday, I've always had the issue and I find it strange it launched without a single problem yesterday for a few times during the day. Tried the same reformat now and the problem remains. -addition: I did however have the beta installed earlier. I'm not sure how to give it a clean install. The only files I find is obviously the main game application and the pref files in system/user/username/Library/Preferences/ww2ol but there might be some more that are hidden somewhere.
  3. OK THE BUG IS BACK. Tried this morning and 3 times it didnt find connection. Really frustrating as yesterday for the first time since this appeared the game launched about 6 times without a problem. No clue as to what it might be. Only thing I've done to the partition was write and erase some files. So maybe there's yet another thing we haven't discovered yet.
  4. Sadly I must report that the connection bug is back as well for me. Really strange, yesterday after changing one of the partitions to case-sensitive it launched each time without a single hick-up, total of probably 6 times. Today I'm back to 3 consecutive times where the game can't find the connection. -marcus33
  5. Well it can be quite quick. The 'format' part (actually erase) takes a second. The only thing that takes time is the copying of your files. If however you got no partitions on your computers HD its best to wait for CRS to fix the installer.
  6. Well yes, if you don't have space on another drive/partition to back up the drive you want to format don't go ahead. Should be an easy fix for the rats I guess, should probably have been somewhat easy to find *cough*.
  7. doubt that, I had never installed ww2ol on that partition and preferences files remain still on my system disk which is a different one.
  8. Seems solved: tx to Dog3
  9. THIS SEEMS TO BE IT!! Formatted one of my disk partitions to case-sensitive. Fresh install of the game on it, launched 3 times without problem. CRS better write dog3 a cheque... So for those who are not sure how to do this, here's how: 1) download the full 1.34.6 installer from 2) chose a partition on your harddisk you want to reformat, don't select the same one your system is on, if you have no partitions you need an external HD. 3) backup your files on that disk (copy them to another partition/disk) 4) Go to Applications/Utilities/DiskUtiliy and open it 5)Select the disk you want to reformat on the left side 6) select the 'Erase' tab on the right hand side, make sure the Format option reads 'Mac OS Extended (case-sensitive, Journaled). Hit the erase button, be warned this will erase all data on the partition so double check you have backed up all data you want to retransfer back to it later. 7) Install ww2ol on the new partition and voila, you're set.
  10. Gonna give this a try as all my disks are non case-sensitive formatted. I'll report later... -marcus33
  11. Make sure you guys that try for 20+ times to log on switch manually between primary/secondary connections each 3 tries. Without that I had sometimes to try more than 20 times until i got a connection. Now it's maximum 5-6 tries and I'm in. Another hint, CMD+H doesn't work once game has started to 'find best connection' but you can still use it the moment the game launches and the full screen window appears, that way you can browse or do other stuff each time the game hangs, it has proven to be less stressful that way to me. -marcus33
  12. lol this is a good thing, I dont think he had a bad experience n1ck We take the game seriously but we also take the piss on TS and have a laugh at the same time which makes it one of the most fun squads to be with. This sometimes means we have piss heads on TS (looking at bob just now lol - rememeber that time he was steaming and didnt know where to deploy his truck..just remember seeing him drive about a really hot enemy town and over TS hearing him get shot to **** and eventually explode, followed by several expletives ) Good times join the 13th today!
  13. nice, find us in game or registe on ! S!
  14. if you can't get the game to connect to the patch server, go to the BE website and DL the game new, install, then go and DL the latest patch and istall, i was able to DL @ 826kbps