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  1. ^same here got the new 9.12 drivers on my 5750, and i can at least log into the game. so many cthls anywhere from 10 mins to an hour of gameplay running windows7 64bit in vista sp2 comp mode and admin.
  2. Great to hear! Thanks for keeping us up to date rats. Keep up the good work. For now we just wait, we just wait...
  3. Long time player here-running on a intel p4/1.5gram/ati9600-for a while now. Ever since 1.28 came out, i have had many stutter issues on that rig. So, i just renewed for another month, a couple of weeks ago. Now, i got myself a new rig. The hardware: amdx2 550, 790xnb, 4gpc1600, and ati hd5750 with catalyst 9.10 drivers(only one that works.) I am also running on windows 7 x64. Please help us guys, who just wanted a system that would do away with the constant stutters that we suffered so greatly from; Only to find that we got NO game functionality at all!
  4. if theres still a 109 slot ill take it.
  5. Ran both, still get this stupid error. After the error happens it switches my browser windows to win98 style. Sounds stop working too, but the programs that are already running b4 the error still have sounds.
  6. any suggestions on what type of software i should get to do that?
  7. "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." that is what pops up and it asks to send an error report or not. "Error signature_______________________________________________________ szAppName : svchost.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.2180 szModName : unknown szModVer : offset : a0f9f66a " and that is what's in the error report. someone please help!
  8. I start up windows and try to start my game up and the there is an error that say generic host error or something like that. Then after that happens i have no sound for anything that i try to run. I know its not an issue with wwiiol. But i do know its a windows error. And when i try clicking the volume control it says i dont have a sound device. Someone please help me!
  9. jammy, if there is no mission leader assigned in my group, i would be more than happy to lead.
  10. WTF?! I didnt know you're a nancy boy graf...
  11. Good to see more JG2 signing up!
  13. I just updated my ati catalyst drivers and CCC software to the most recent version. I made sure to uninstall all the old software and restart before installing the new drivers and software. When i try to start the game up i get a black screen...
  14. It's Xmas for christ sake... I'm sure that you guys can find something else to do with your holiday time than just play wwiiol... as fun as it is. The rats are most definately aware of the situation and will most definately start working on the bugs and framerate problems as soon as they' done opening their X-mas gifts, just give em' a break. CHILL OUT.