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  1. I have/had smartheap problem to, the solution to my problem was a easy as pressing "num-lock" and not showing the upp right corner HUD dispaly. Go figure....
  2. 10.1 is released now - Not beta anymore!
  3. "I changed my TdrDelay value to 10 instead of the default 2." I don't think this solves it, as it only delays the hung process from a full 2 seconds to 10 seconds. I have similar problems that ppl have described here. When I run system below with 4870x2 I had no problem in Win7 x64. But then I changed to 2x5870 in crossfire and updated driver to 9.12 I get Driver hung etc. Only thing I've noticed is that the time to get it to hung is just about doubled when running 2 accounts at the same time. Then I can run between 1.5h and 30 min. It degrades with lower times until i reboot windows. If I run only 1 account, then uptime until driver hangs is about 3-4 hours. To me it smells leaking memory? A while back I had only 3GB RAM and then running 2 accounts at the same time really was hard and you needed to reboot often. Memory just ran out. With 6GB I've never had that problem, unless playing for 10-12h straight. Not checked current memory usage with 6GB as problem went away with more RAM. Current system below: Intel I7 975 (clocked at 4.12GHz) Asus Rampage II 6gb DDR3 Dominator GT PC16000 RAM ( , clocked @ 1992 Mhz) 2 x ATI 5870 in Crossfire (run wwIIOL in 1920x1200, full settings) Not over clocked atm Creative XFI Titanium Fatality Pro series Soundcard Corsair 850W PSU Dual 32gb Patriot SSDs (raid 0) Windows 7 x64 bit Ultimate
  4. This is were you are wrong sir. CRS has stated the speed for every plane, it's in the game. Just click on each plane and you will be able to read about that plane and it's speed. If you then test every plane in the game, with a fairly easy test. You will note that the stated speed differs from the real ingame speed. As in some planes actually fly faster then the stated ingame speed.
  5. You guys are aware of this I hope. Server have been down for lcose 1h now and no announcement what so ever on a ETA.