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  1. Bump
  2. If you play TZ2, you know rockhit. He does not play defense period. If your map oic and rockhit is on... you better have a real AO on. He is the first the bring an FMS but don't call him when a town is falling. Because he's cap the spawnable in our attack town. Rockhit - well deserved.
  3. Be a part of the solution lipton - your constant reminders about what should and should not have been done are totally unproductive. You have the power to help effect change.
  4. Congrats - nice work men!
  5. you must get through the whole Axis army 1st......
  6. Axis, I place this in general chat so that all may read. Axis forces have begun a well executed counter attack and are moving forces for a large pincer in the north. Keep our defenses strong and stand firm with the goals of the High Command and you will lead us to victory. REMEMBER the Axis never quit ! We are never done and we fight to the last rifle in supply - Then we use knives and finish them off. They are weak minded - we are strong minded and determined! Call your friends and squaddies and tell them to get here and help turn this camp. We need more time with 2 AO's - gogogogogogo Axis ! Axis - you rock!
  7. As of Campaign 152 the trickle timers were increased to 1 hour after a brigade moves. It was 30 min. Meaning 1 in hour after the brigade moved, it will have received all of its supply. The time extension was in a way meant to simulate when a new brigade arrives in a town it does not arrive at once and it does not arrive in full strength.
  8. I believe Whips going Allied next camp. And I think potthead starting to let me down gently that he might be waking up bongohead on the Allied side. I'm sure it will balance out.... And yes 1 AO all the time sucks. Funnels players to 2 objectives
  9. I agree Fiambre. With so many flags (and abundant supply) on the map and both sides seeming to take more care to have proper fallbacks - I see the lack of HC on having even less of an impact than in previous camps. Add to that 1 AO most of the day now.... Volunteer OIC's and Reserve Korps HC are the answer. These guys can change AO's and that's what's really missing when no HC on. Axis HC will be rolling a new Reserve Officer Korps in the next 30 days. It will be a great way to "ease" into HC
  10. Excellent work men! Still a lot of hard fighting left to go. See you all on the battlefield.
  11. Mouzon was 4 hour battle so there was more to it than just cap timers.
  12. Congrats waldojr. The southern map would look very different this morning if not for your efforts to capture Verdun WAB. The Axis High Command recognizes the great credit and honor you brought to the Axis side. Your actions should be emulated throughout the ranks!
  13. pym. A well deserved medal and recognition!
  14. Missed this earlier. Paden and Congrats. This is well deserved medal. You are always very active on the battlefield and on chat. Glad to have you on the Axis side!!
  15. Axis side will be rolling out a revised Reserve Officer Korps. Details coming very soon. We envision a Korps of properly trained volunteers who will be in HC but will only have HC responsibilities when there are no other HC on. Stay tuned to Axis forums.