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  1. @kgarner : The maneuver warfare game has been dummied down to slow the effects of a real breakout. First the behind the line timers were shortened to 15 min to allow a defender more time compared to 1 hour front line timers; this allows more time (faster moves) for a defender to pull back and plug a hole. Next, the no softcap rule during 1 AO periods which is now 8 to 10 hours a day. Third, longer cap timers to slow the time it takes to "roll" a town during an overpop breakout. Those things specifically have been implemented by CRS to slow the map down and prevent a breakout or a run to factory towns. The reason: the real effect breakouts have on the rest of the campaign. Almost never does the receiving side of a breakout come back to win a campaign. Most breakouts 10 towns or further away from a factory will never make to factory before being too stretched and vulnerable to cutoff. Especially when you have only 12-14 hours a day of 2 AO's. The last couple Axis breakouts took 24-48 hours to complete. That's a lot slower then when they could happen in 6 or 8 hours. So always a risk of starting something as a map oic that you can't finish. The "vision" you had when you left is usually totally tossed aside by time you log back in.... Morale is such a huge part of the game that is almost in no one can control. Everything contributes to very high or very low morale. Fact is when your side is taking towns comms are high, vets thinking ahead of the map oic on FB's and pre-camps, etc. things move along like a well oiled machine and most importantly I think players player longer. Stay in game longer or log in earlier. An all that contributes to a high pop breakout or roll. The opposite effect happens when finding a TZ3 roll after you worked so hard to take or hold a TZ2 target. That hurts morale no matter who's side it happens too. Jokur and the allied TZ3 crew rolled in TZ3 for 3 maps when dfadd was CinC. I got up earlier (for TZ3 play) or stayed later from TZ2 just try and help but a low pop roll is a low pop roll. So smaller pushes that force pullbacks or small cutoffs happen more often. With brigades routing in 6 hours after cutoff and returning from training in 6 hours instead of the 12 and 12 - the effect of losing a division or even too is usually pretty minimal. Brigs can be manually moved to training after cutoff if the are below 50% infantry strength (used to be 10%). Returning divisions from training can destroy any cutoff plan or factory push. Imho allies need to hold Maasricht line area before they look for north factory push or risk too high for cut.
  2. It wasn't one map move bmw. It was the lack of defensive map moves over a period of many hours that lead to the unopposed breakout. The exact same thing that cost the allies so many times. The unwillingness to recognize the breakout and all that comes with one. Superior attack morale - offensive players playing longer, smarter - squads thinking ahead to FB's and next spear targets, etc. Defensively it is so easy to look at map and say "aahhh we will just cut them." In actuality once a breakout has started it very very rarely succeeds. Doesn't meant we won't try but at the same time pulling a division from the line to blunt the breakout would prevent the loss of the map. Let's see which side learns this lesson first......... Nicely played dfadd and crew- I wasn't on this weekend but watched the webmap.
  3. The communication is horible. No matter how much we complain its the same every reset. SILENCE Many comms when we having fundraisers though................ Ya I did....
  4. 3 Panzer was very isolated covering Geel - Diest and Hasselt. Key was to get Turnhout back and move 4 PD to cover Turnhout - Geel. WHen I left yesterday afteroon we had kicked allied brigades and I assumed ([censored]) the cap would be ours. Our supply would have held (better) until 16.1 and 16.2 came back from training. With 4 flags on Ciney I moved half 2 Panzer from Huy south - that meant 33 ID couldn't help Hasselt it had to cover Huy and Waremme.. Maybe overall that was bad move as Ciney was repelled handidly and didn it didn't need extra supply. Shout out to Sudden who was at your FB and broadcasting each time one of your 25 laffies spawned.... we knew it was a big attack... Well payed!
  5. Agreed. Need better communication from CRS! S!
  6. When I saw the title of your thread I must have misunderstood your intentions. I didn't get the impression that you were looking to "swap ideas to get closer to a solution without disrespecting or belitteling." Maybe starting without your disrespect would have drawn a different response. Looks to me like t=you came here looking for a fight...
  7. I would like to see JU and PARA "spawn points" (as opposed to a full AF) closer to the front in order to use them more. Good post Chokk. I see your point about only one link (small town) to large city and how do you even hold it against 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 supply levels without the ability to reinforce it.... S!
  8. As long as capping only happens in the TZ's you want. Yes, glad you got it fixed.
  9. It's not real life. Both Axis and Allies have advantages and disadvantages in RDP. He-111 bigger bomb load but Axis have longer to fly in a slower plane. The lesson here is reapir the AI if your concered. S!
  10. Hhaahah I like this idea Krazydog - we did a reverse map a few years ago - maybe time to try a reverse equipment map lol. S!
  11. S! Buckeyes: Each time you came a different side of the game you came as a teacher and mentor. Many young players will remember they were trained by buckeyes Very sad news about an honerable man. S!
  12. Lol Sudden.... He looks just like you Xoom! that's awesome! S!
  13. This camp has been a grind. Axis is advancing slowly but allies are taking towns every day. We lost 3 or 4 yesterday...3 or 4 the day before that... You picked up Chokk which help your chances immensely. S!