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  1. Good suggestions here! Some like the UI upgrade and the IVC are on the roadmap for this year. But we need more supporting the roadmap and more development!
  2. @imded I am sorry to hear of your news. I know one thing from playing opposite of you... your a fighter. Take that warrior spirit into this hardest battle of your life and you will have the greatest chance to beat this! Please let us know how the community can assist you going forward. sir P.S. F U C K CANCER!
  3. @xanthusYour post has been restored. Sorry for the flip flop. We are just trying to protect our brand.
  4. Nice work!
  5. Thanks for your feedback dre. One thing for sure is we are always looking for ways to improve gameplay and the game experience. 1.36 has brought significant changes and we think it's only fair to at least let the first campaign play out. Although not perfect, we have some seriously great battles happening in game and town's changing ownership back and forth multiple times. UI Changes are coming!
  6. Interesting topic. The map is kinda stale. 3 Weeks fighting Aarschot - Tienen lol. We will discuss this topic at tomorrow nights CRS mtg.
  7. Ruins gameplay. We will look into it.
  8. RDP does effect garrison resupply the same it does with moveable KG's.
  9. We really need your subscription help to continue development. Read our 2019 roadmap it's very ambitious but the bottom line is we need you subscribing!
  10. We will be carefully monitoring the effect of 2 AO's and the lower thresholds for 3 and 4 AO's but our planning for 1.36 was to offer a 2 AO minimum to encourage small squad play. We will be starting campaign #163 with 2 AO's.
  11. @krazydog there will be 2 AO minimum after beta too.
  12. The supply in-game right now is the supply will start the next campaign with. We are watching and reading comments and we are open to supply adjustments after we have had the chance to watch live campaign play. We will not be making supply changes every day but these are not set in stone. Thanks for your input.
  13. It's all set now.
  14. Let's get the word out - rally your old squaddies and crack and early afternoon brew and let's have some good fights!
  15. @krazydog the allied country change timer has been increased from 6 to 15 hours. It was changed to match RDP resupply timers. So if the allies change a country ownership, it will take 15 hours for the garrison to get its full supply back.