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  1. I'll get an update on this tomorrow evening and let you know the latest.
  2. The system does differentiate between "in-game" and spawned in.
  3. Jwrona and I have have connected. He intends to reach out directly to vegoman. Case closed here.
  4. vegoman: I will reach out to jwrona and have a chat. Sometimes players in this game type before thinking through the consequences of what they are writing and how it will come across to the rest of the players. If you no longer want to see his chat in game you can use the .ignore command. Type .ignore jwrona. Don't let one two get under your skin. Overall I think the community is pretty supportive of stopping chat that bashes another player. There maybe a reason other players missed that chat... I hope you will reconsider your decision to leave. We need every soldier we can muster PM me if you want to follow-up.
  5. We have decided that effective the next campaign we will be eliminating the HC FRU capability. The HC class will remain in the orbat with probably some added goodies like ammo bearer with an HE sachel or two. We will let you know as next campaign starts. Our decision was based on several factors including the comments in this thread and from polling done by Zebbeee as well as the CRS team feedback. Thanks for your comments and input.
  6. Please submit a support ticket so that your issues can be individually addressed. You won't get contacted by support by posting here.
  7. @Kilemallsubmit a support ticket so your case can be researched. Don't post specific questions in a general forum post as it may get missed.
  8. I have asked the team to look at this issue but you should submit a ticket @cruchot2in case it is specific to your machine...
  9. Attention Soldiers: Campaign #169 starts tonight between 7 and 8 PM sever time. Get your fighting face on and be ready to rock!
  10. Have you read If so, what step are you having a problem with?
  11. If you need any info not explained or understood from our email, post em here
  12. See NEWS announcement - Problem solved and new campaign will start tomorrow night 7:00 PM server time!
  13. Live server being used now for debugging. Play has been re-opened on the training server.
  14. A short update for everyone. We were in the process to notify both sides of a new campaign start when the Axis login CTD bug reappeared. We are disappointed in this development and it will now set us back further. I will be communicating with the team tonight and tomorrow night we should have some updated info for tomorrow. Good battles happening in intermission so get some game time in - Keep your .bug reports coming as issues come up. Thanks for your patience!
  15. A crazy couple days here at RAT HQ as we have battled "wack a mole" with issues on the live server. The campaign server has been degrading for the last few days despite our efforts to debug. We see no other option but to scrap the rest of the campaign as we are unable to replicate the DB issues on our test server. In effect, we need the live server game to keep testing and debugging..... So, since the Axis own 79% of the map and 3 of the 9 Allied factories we calling Campaign #167 an Axis WIN! DAMAGE CONTROL REPORT: All hands on deck here at CRS to try and resolve our database issues that in the end, prevented Axis players from logging into the game in the Axis Army persona. Although problems have been building in the last days, it was at this point earlier today that we locked the arena and suspended the campaign. We are looking at 1.36 Garrison naming data files throwing a hissy fit but lord knows I'm no techie... The Leadership team has evaluated our options and have declared the Axis as victors in Campaign #167. The Axis had captured 79% of the map (starting at 45%) and had captured 3 of the 9 Allied factory towns. Although it can be said that the Allies had never given up and defended with fierce determination the likelihood of a turnaround was slim. This is never the way we want any campaign to end and we are working with great determination to fix our issues. A little more background: Since these critical issues came to light during the past week we have worked to try and replicate the problems on our testing servers. We have been unsuccessful. In then end we felt that by suspending the campaign, we can use the live server logs and the suspended campaign itself to help us debug. We don't feel it would be a wise use of our time to try and restart the campaign where we left off because the Axis were so close to victory conditions, so we are focused on getting setup and ready for the start of Campaign #168. How will that work? We will be starting #168 in Tier 3 (Americans come in at Tier 6). When? We are not sure.... We will likely be working at this problem for days as opposed to hours. We want to make sure that when we start #168 that we are rock solid! We intend to update this thread every 12 - 24 hours. When the start of #168 is known you will all be given 24 hours notice before the start. We will post here and our through our blast email. Hey, WWII Online supporters - thanks for your patience. We need you to know we are 100% focused on this so stay positive! Take this time to sharpen your skills on the Training Server - ALL EQUIPMENT IS UNLOCKED FOR ALL PLAYERS ON THE TRAINING SERVER. You know there will be still be good fights ! Get in there! Again, watch this thread for updates.