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  1. Also, remember we have the capability to email squads individually. This includes active and non-active former squaddies. If you would like an email sent to all your current and former squaddies let me know. Send me PM with the email details.
  2. Server time is now Pacific Standard Time (PST). If your in-game open chat and type .time
  3. Next Sunday, January 19th starting at 9:00 AM server time we will be holding our next High Command led live server event! Join us for "Operation Iron Justice" This will be an armor warfare focused event with "all armor access" for all players. Now is the time reach out your squaddies and plan a squad reunion for Operation Iron Justice. Expect big combined arms battles!! Hope to see you there!
  4. The forums will down this evening as we move the data from Dallas to Portland. They should be up by tomorrow morning. Check Discord or Facebook for any announcements during this time. Today our top priority is resolving the reoccurring billing problems! It's P1 for us.
  5. No one is more frustrated than us lol. And to make matters worse the moving of the servers may have affected the past billing problems and they may not be gone. We are researching a new flood of tickets today and determining if we still have outstanding, repeated billing, account status issues. We can see our subscribers getting more frustrated and we are committed to resolving it. We do apologize. Its fair to say that moving our servers was poorly timed with the billing provider change but both were due it was due factors beyond our control. We have done pretty good at scheduling tasks based in our development timeline and time available to the volunteers but these were two unexpected time suckers ! Give us another billing cycle and these persistent issues should be resolved. It's out top priority atm.
  6. News Flash: The game server is coming up. Try logging into the game. If you still showing the campaign offline at the Playgate screen then your DNS needs to be flushed and updated. But with 15 min or so, your DNS should redirect to the Portland servers and the live campaign. Steam accounts do not have access yet. Steam connectivity is our next priority.
  7. Yeah, I'm listening to the QA guys now testing things on what will be the "live server." Everything going smooth so far. Huge progress today... and Merry Christmas to all.
  8. The guys quit working about 4 hours ago. Work will resume this morning PST. Not much more to report from last nights update. I can tell you "we are moving the ball" - it's much slower than we thought but we are making steady progress. When the bleary eyed west coasters awaken, I'll get some more info.
  9. Day 2 - evening update: Update from the team working on data move from Dallas to Portland. As reported earlier today our live campaign has been successfully transferred but we are experiencing issues with our multiple databases that have to talk with the live server. Our team has been working together since 9:00 PST and continues with HATCH in TX and XOOM at the colo in Portland and the master of this move PILOTMC from his remote wine cave in CA, running crazy mysql commands that make our heads spin. But we need multiple databases in-sync with the live server and we are just not there. Looks like no campaign restart for tonight but right now we don't see this pushing into Christmas day. Look for another update late tonight or early in the AM. Stay with us through this short term pain and its worth the long term gain!
  10. Monday morning update: Work suspended a few hours ago and will resume at 9:00 PST. We did transfer the campaign and were able to successfully start it in Portland but we have additional configuring that needs to take place. We are moving forward ! Thanks for your patience.
  11. The Training server remains up for play. Our data for the most part has moved and is presently being configured. We have hit speed bumps and we are running behind our time schedule. The main web page is down but forums remain up We are brewing another pot of coffee as it looks like a long night!
  12. Training server is up and running again. Log in and sharpen your skills or get a good fight going.
  13. Our move is 2 hours underway and I can report that everything is going as planned! Stay tuned!
  14. We think it better to keep or forums as a perk for paying customers.