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  1. We will be carefully monitoring the effect of 2 AO's and the lower thresholds for 3 and 4 AO's but our planning for 1.36 was to offer a 2 AO minimum to encourage small squad play. We will be starting campaign #163 with 2 AO's.
  2. @krazydog there will be 2 AO minimum after beta too.
  3. The supply in-game right now is the supply will start the next campaign with. We are watching and reading comments and we are open to supply adjustments after we have had the chance to watch live campaign play. We will not be making supply changes every day but these are not set in stone. Thanks for your input.
  4. It's all set now.
  5. Let's get the word out - rally your old squaddies and crack and early afternoon brew and let's have some good fights!
  6. @krazydog the allied country change timer has been increased from 6 to 15 hours. It was changed to match RDP resupply timers. So if the allies change a country ownership, it will take 15 hours for the garrison to get its full supply back.
  7. Great feedback. We do intend to vary the days between Saturdays and Sundays and to vary the times. Not sure about making the events longer but we are open to trying new ideas. The problem I see with longer events is that we lose steam after a while and can't maintain the highest activity level... It seemed to me that we lost gas after about 6 hours last Sunday.
  8. Got them - thanks! - Good stuff here
  9. We are expecting heavy fighting along the front with plenty of targets! The event will run into the evening so join in when you can.
  10. We are evaluating TOE's for KG supply and for 1.36 garrison supply. We are listening to you. Be patient and in the meantime have fun. More information to follow.
  11. Bump this thread - CM team Looking for next intermission to have a special event. If your interested in a scenario - let's start putting it together. @Ohm has to set the scenario up so let's not make it too complicated... Anyone want to take the lead on this ?
  12. Server is down now. Figure 2 to 3 hours from now.
  13. Congrats to Axis forces for their victory in Campaign 160! Campaign 161 is planned to start between around 8 or 9 pm server time on Thursday, the 28th. Kill-A-Rat will run tomorrow night for a couple hours starting around 6:00 pm server time. Come give some battlefield love to the RATS.
  14. I hope you reconsider Eagle. I hated the RPAT when you can't be loaded and run.... many things drive us crazy but we do adapt. Shifting the use of the LMG's to a more historical use has been in the works for a long time. It will take some getting used to and a change of tactics but I'm sure we will adapt its best use. It's my favorite weapon too. Be patient here... more good stuff to come and the LMG change will be an old nightmare
  15. Bump