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  1. Sorry to hear that buddy. Wishing you well mate. Dan
  2. Thanks for all the congrats and I noticed many of the people here overtook me getting here! All good players! Dan
  3. I just wondered if some aspects of realism have been incorporated with regard to armoured vehicles. It has been noticed that the rate of fire from most panzers is lower than that of the allied tankers. In 1940, the German armed forces were very well trained and most panzers were fitted with radios for improved coordination. I understand we can't represent the 'radio' aspects but for rate of fire it seems strange that axis tankers can't re load shells as fast as the allies. A case in point being the S35. This tank had a 3 man crew...... yes only 3! The Commander had to spot, advise the crew, load and fire the gun. It was well known that this poor fella had too much work to do yet he can beat the axis tankers with more crew and, probably, better trained yet beat their rate of fire. Tiny details but these things make the game more authentic. Let's face it, the allies have the matty in tier 0 and tier 1 and the s35 is a very capable tank in it's own right in terms of gun and armour, so why give it another non historical edge? By the way, did you also speed up the turret traverse on the tiger? If you did, it was a mistake. The driver can rotate the tank on the tracks faster as per the stug. Dandare9
  4. I presume when the rules state that a LW garrison can only be deployed at a second line town, it does not mean that if the airfield becomes a front line town, that it is immediately pulled out. The situation, in this case, being that the allies are pushing the front towards the airfield. However, I understand that an attacking force taking an airfield cannot get an air garrison to the airfield upon taking it until it is buffered. Dandare9
  5. Thanyou! Nice to be in the company of some great players! Dan
  6. Wtg guys, especially to flong and dagnabit who are always ready to step up and help me when needed!
  7. Good job dude! Quite often I am a 232 hunting efms and sometimes the engie so I know how tricky it can be to get to an efms and blow it. Well deserved! to you dude! Dandare9
  8. GJ! Actonman deserves this! Dandare9
  9. GJ Waznot, I'm glad I was flying with you at the time! Dan
  10. Good response from CRS. First, thanks to CRS for the efforts made to improve the game, especially over the Christmas/New Year. I was also impressed to see the player response with a number of varied suggestions and requests. We need a certain balance going forward. It's not just about getting more weapons into game but also about changing game play, fixing bugs, auditing equipment and improving the look of the game where possible. I, for one, was satisfied with the 'chat' and tone of the conversation. S! Dandare9
  11. I know you don't want sad stuff Buck, as you have said on ts. So, let's hope we meet in that Battleground in the sky! You know you'll be missed but when we are all having fun in game, we will think of you and wish you were with us. S! Dan.
  12. There are a number if issues that have affected this campaign. Spawn delay has been capped. Axis player base has lost a lot of veteran players. But in game I have noticed a number of players who have spawned equipment and gone afk for a considerable amount of time which skews spawn delay. The response to an attack by allies has been abysmal at times. We have been almost down to our AB before anyone decides to come and defend, and this leads on to the next point. We seem to have a large proportion of newer players who seem to not understand when one allied attack is dying off or has finished. These players fail to move rapidly to new developing attacks/defences elsewhere until it is far too late. The basics are overlooked. With a few defenders it is not necessary to guard one CP at the expense of others. All players just need to run in and do a quick check and alert others if it is being capped allied. AB camps : When there are enemy tanks at the gates I see dozens of tankers and infantry just drive out in front of waiting guns. CRS (bless them!) gave most of the infantry SMOKE CANNISTERS! Try using them to blind the tanks and enemy window snipers overlooking the AB. Finally, don't all spawn in the AB. The depots are most useful to get 'behind' the enemy. Lose them and we are all 'fish in a barrel'. Someone else should post about taking FBs down, DFRUs and attacking tactics 'cos this is looking a bit like a rant now! S! Axis Dandare9 USE CAPS TOO TO GET PLAYER'S ATTENTION FOR URGENT SITUATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. slomod and tntcoco74 dandare9 S!
  14. otuck123 jackgcasey fritzchris S! Dandare9
  15. artiman40 has decided to play allied. someone pls pm him in game and send invite. dandare9