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  1. Hello, I opened two tickets; one two weeks ago and another one week ago. Both unanswered. It was about receiving an error message when I was making a subscription payment. I tried to make another payment because of the previous failure and that one was successful. I check my bank account and notice I was billed twice. The solution I requested was to receive a refund for one of the two payments. Anyhow, I'm hoping to get the attention of a moderator or a dev to speed up this process. I'm also aware of it being the holidays and things are slow but it would be nice to at least get a reply to my ticket. Thank you!
  2. I think there may be a typo on the page where you choose whether to download full client or download the update. And I see two PC updates rather than one for Mac and one for PC. I assumed the top one is for PC.
  3. I'll fly the spit9 if available
  4. Question to Linder... Is tuesday the only day you are available for these events?
  5. ..I think you may have shot my right wasn't flaming but it was dead. I was a bit behind from the rest of the group. And my tg might have hit you. Then I dived down. Anyway, how were you able to respawned...wasn't the server 'locked' ?
  6. Any fraps footage taken?
  7. 1. I know we had a lot of allied escort there. But almost NONE of them showed up. It may have been a bit better with some escort, and it wouldn't matter about the tier. 2. Possible lower the number of EA 3. The axis took off at a certain point, I do not remember which. But we could have reached close to the target if they took off a bit later. ( We were maybe 15k out from the front lines before taking hits. Other than that, I had some fun flying with Aussie as my bombadier. Good Job in organizing this jammy and thanks for letting me be apart of this event.
  8. <---- Pilot Good pics Aussie. And good job gunning. Towards the point where we got attacked, I was falling a bit behind since my throttle was slightly back. But I think that was a reason we did not die. We were attacked by 109s diving into the main group then I saw Aussie message telling me to break off. So I did a few spins and things. Aussie did a bloody well job keep most of them planes away Got my right engine blown off, but was still flying. I attempted a crash landing in a large field in the middle of ..nowhere. Landed. Got strafed by EA and heard my engine begin to burn. Pilot was still alive. I don't know about aussie. We went MIA and as I despawned, I took a look at my plane and it was pretty BEAT up. Things to improve should be, EA could take off a bit later. Maybe less EA. or even more escort.
  9. The group targeted to hit the factory was well organized. You can check out the pics from aussie in the realism section. Me the pilot For the reaching the target. NOPE...didn't happen. We reached german lines then began being hit. Was chased by two 190's. I crashed landed and went MIA. Me and Aussie are now POW
  10. Jammy, if its not too much to do some quick changes. Can I be placed with the dambusters. I have been flying with them a lot and talking on TS. So that would really work.
  11. Sorry linder. I cannot attend these events until June 11th and further on. So anything before that day, I won't be there.
  12. Copy that! I'll look for you aussie on the server.
  13. Also jammy..are you going to film this event too?