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  1. The primary mission of the squad is to provide reconnaissance and light infantry capabilities for the more heavily armed main-force of our Armored and Infantry Brigades. In-game our role will revolve around determining the location and capabilities of enemy units, in the field and providing current information concerning the state of the theatre of operations (e.g., road and bridge conditions, alternative lines of advance). In addition, forward base control and covert-operations such as pre-camps, paratroop drops and even air-field disruption will take a significant part in proposed operations. In keeping with the 'traditional' sense of a Light Recon unit, this squad will ideally specialise themselves in operation of trucks, light armored cars, automatic weapons (espec. in support/zone-control role), and radio-equip [Teamspeak]. Additionally, a focus will be maintained on effective use of mortars, and anti-tank weaponry. The use of allied cargo planes as 'gliders' to deposit the team to it's objective will also be frequently utilised in it's envisaged role. To be suited to this squad, prospective players require the following: 1. Enthusiasm for the role. 2. Ability to learn and memorise group based tactics and employ them efficiently in the field. 3. English Speaking. 4. Desire to learn multiple disciplines and utilise them in a combined arms type squad. If you're interested, please either reply here or drop me a PM on the forums. This squad will be primarily focused on late TimeZone 2 and Timezone 3, although for 'weekend' players, it is envisaged we will have a 'always available' style.
  2. Thanks mate, I was the same way! When I first finished it, I was like... 'erm... yucko' but walked away grabbed a drink and when I came back, I wasn't so disgusted and it's grown on me a lot since then as well! I think the pencil-strokes in it, given the fact it's an action shot, particularly of a plane kind of gives the mind that 'motion' kind of feel. The idea was to try to recreate a pencil on water-paper type effect. The longer I view the more I actually do like it. I'm actually using it as my desktop background at the moment.
  3. And an Axis one for the hell of it. ORIGINAL SCREENSHOT BY : STRUKT
  4. Got bored and decided to amuse myself in paint shop pro for awhile. [NO, I DON'T USE PHOTO SHOP. I DESPISE ADOBE PRODUCTS SINCE THEY BOUGHT OUT MACROMEDIA AND F***ED DREAMWEAVER.] Might do one or two more since there is some cracker screen-shots in this thread! ORIGINAL SCREENSHOT BY : JESTER6
  5. Yeah, going on for 24hrs now it's been down, this problem never occured while it was funded/controlled by the players from memory.
  6. My problem with an increase in subscription fee, regardless of other options available, stems largely from the number of bugs, and the regularity of patches which have known bugs/issues at the time of their release etc. BUT, I'll boil it down, and the fan-boys and mods can get back to insulting/TOS'ing me at their leisure as per normal. 1. The game has a ludicrous amount of 'simple' bugs. By simple bugs, I mean things that in all seriousness, as a customer I don't expect to see/get. When some of those simple bugs were first reported on the forums etc, 4 years ago... Its self explanatory. 2. The game seems to have a very low rate of 'drive by' players, and an even lower rate of drive by players who stick around beyond the 14 day trial. Increasing the subscription fee for month to month players, will be a deterrent for bringing new blood. With most games in the MMO genre now available for less than $15 p.m, or free to play with micro-transactions - it seems this might need some more thought to me. Sure, the veterans will go to pre-paid etc, however - as we ALL can see, the days of relying purely on this section of the player-base or potential player-base are coming to a close, due to frustration, loss of interest, real life issues etc etc. Numbers ARE declining. 3. Not offering information on the penalties applicable for early unsubscription from a lock in plan... isn't this illegal? Not saying that to be an ***, I simply mean: I'm almost 100% certain in most countries you cannot imply a fee will be charged without stating what that fee is up front. I'm not implying CRS would make it an unreasonable amount etc, simply that advertising for it etc should contain what you're in for up front shouldn't it? 4. Lock In Plans - I have a personal issue with these of any type by any company. Not just here. Being locked in isn't such a bad thing, provided the service you're paying for can be guaranteed to provide the same experience for the duration of the 'contract'. For example, with a mobile phone, you're aware what service, costings, etc. More you pay and so on, cheaper calls get and so on. The service remains the same month to month, and if there is any issues, generally a complaint to the right department will ensure money back or some help. I have said this in the past, I consider the community worth my subscription fee, not the game, due to an assortment of reasons. 5. Free to Play Option - Tanks/Air/Inf are all lopsided on numbers. Quite simply, why not just make it free to play with a rifleman/Opel etc. And charge people micro-transactions for the equipment they wish to be able to spawn for access to the spawn list for that item. I'd happily pay $15 bucks to be one of the only folks around to spawn a 38t! (Love that tank!) Others wouldn't mind a once off fee to be able to use a Tiger for example. Players could customize their gaming experience in this manner. Heck, you could even go to the extent of having squads fork out a few hundred dollars to have an in-game insignia or something on their avatar! I know of a few people who'd be keen to see things go along this type of road. I foresee good and bad with either path, personally. I however, will bite the bullet and pay the extra $3 to pay monthly. For me, my assumption would be that breaking a 'lock in' would be a month or two's fee, until I see something more to improve things in my time zone, it's not worth the saving On a 6 month 'lock in', if I was to unsub in the first few months. This may change in time.
  7. 30 Members strong and growing! PPO's announced and look great! Join the ONLY squad in the game, specialised in their use! Come run with the largest number of malcontents gathered in one place on the Axis side! You might recognize some of your friends: Praevus8, Ottovoncat, Mbpig989, Steelydan, Lostkill, Nobipure, Christianr, Sshamann, Palerider1, XOOM and Stugatz, plus more!
  8. Totally agree, it's not a long term solution, but given his budget was $200 for mobo and cpu, it's a decent budget option, that returns decent frame rates and playability in-game here. My main rig is set up a little differently, but for a cheap budget rig that'll get him gaming comfortably, it's not all that bad. I've ran it playing a few other games as well for reference, Bad Company 2 (medium-high settings = 50fps), World at War (full settings 68fps solid), Assassins Creed (max settings 100+fps) and so on . It does play them, but it's not a long term investment.
  9. I think it does to an extent, you can generally rest easy with most of the common manufacturers and brand names. It's when you pick up a name you've never heard before I'd really do my research. These days most chipset manufacturers are making gpu's so it's easy to find something cheap somewhere. For example the GT240 card I bought recently... The same card with the exact same specifications technically (mhz etc etc) was vastly different in price dependant on the manufacturer. One branded for MSI packaging was 190 dollars, the one I bought, exactly the same only made wth Gigabyte packaging was 125. A bit of research on websites such as Newegg etc will show exactly where you're getting the most bang for your buck.
  10. FLEA : I just built a budget system for myself with the following specs and the game runs flawless. MOBO: ASUS M4A78LT-M-LE ($85) PROC: AMD Dual Core XII 245 Regor ($70) RAM: 4gig DDR3 1300. ($100) The Graphics card I've upgrade myself since to a GT240 1GIG DDR5 ($125), but prior to that was using a second hand card that COBRAY mailed me, a 7950GT. FPS with 7950GT (performance settings) = 90-120fps. FPS with 7950GT (balanced settings) = 65-70fps. FPS with 7950GT (high settings) = 28-40fps. FPS with GT240 (performance settings) = 120+fps FPS with GT240 (balanced settings) = 90-110fps FPS with GT240 (high settings) = 40-60fps. (ALL PRICES WERE AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS... so cheaper still for the rest of you!)
  11. Wewt ! Squad growing daily, almost 20 active members now! Former 3FJR members most welcome!
  12. Squad formed and now active in-game! Website up. FORUMS open. 78th Sturmpionier Most sections under construction, recruitment open!
  13. *bump* Newest recruits: steelydan You're an axis player? You're looking for fun? You're wanting to work with a group of team-players? 78th STURMPIONIER is for you.