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  1. Nice job. This is very cool.
  2. That scene kills me. Ole Colonel Guano standing up for private property.
  3. Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!
  4. Agree with Ratz. Need the ability to mute by user or turn the feature off entirely.
  5. I loved the addition of snow in the game. I found that night time + snow + the moon produced a very impressive atmosphere in game. Oh, and thunder snow for the win!
  6. Thank you KMS! I did not know about this visual indicator. While I have seen the red x in the mission interface before, I had always assumed it was just an issue with the interface itself and was not indicative of anything in game.
  7. Congrats and 250h. heckuva a squad.
  8. Thank you for the heads up OHM.
  9. Read D-Day Through German Eyes and enjoyed it. Just added The Lions of Carentan to my reading list Blood Red Sky and Black Edelweiss are two that I would recommend as well.
  10. OHM posted an announcement in Discord. New campaign commences in 24 hours. So 5PM CST on 18 OCT 2017 (Wed).
  11. Good to know. I had been operating under the assumption that there was a time value associated with them.
  12. Thank you HATCH
  13. Are those numbers just the players that enter the game via the Steam portal or does it also account for the old school crazies that deploy via the original executable/playgate etc.?
  14. Be patient. Your initial time in game will present you with overwhelming amounts of information. Review the game wiki. For example, the Tactical Operations page is a good place to start for infantry basics. Link: Pay attention to the audio in game and learn the weapon sounds and the vehicle sounds. Get on Discord if you can. Find a squad or operational channel to sit in and at the very least listen to how they communicate/operate. Find a pace that suits you and your skill level. There are times to run and gun and other times you will want to slow down and really observe what is going on around you. See denw2o first post about scanning your area. Echoing denw20 here: Avoid straight line movement. When fighting inside a town or near a town, watch the roof tops. Lots of players like to post up on roofs or in the attics of blown buildings. Use the help channel in chat. I believe it is either F5 or F6 by default. Good source for quick answers to simple game questions. You can private message (PM) other players by typing .m [player's name] [Your message]. For example: .m skers hey I'm sort of lost here. What should I do? Not everyone will answer, but many will. Spawn point camps can be frustrating when you are just trying to learn the game. If you spawn into a depot or a mobile spawn (that is, FMS) and it is camped, find another depot/FMS to spawn from. If that fails, consider finding another battle on the map.