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  1. Hi, long time - no see I'm finally able to get some time for gaming... Not much, but still. I need to find my old joystick and some training See you around
  2. Thank you dover... I'll run to the and use even more money... . LOL. Anyway, I'll try meh old mouse tomorrow.
  3. i have usb keyboard (G15), usb hub. There is no respones in keymapper for any stick - flight yoke, rudder, throttle. Saitek profiles don't work... I looked at the HID fixs, but after taking all away one by one; still nothing.
  4. It looks like wwIIol don't see my sticks. any ideas on what can be wrong?
  5. Stupid error... I double check my sound settings in windows, and they where set to 7:1 speakers - thats why I didn't get sound looking straight forward - no senter speaker LOL
  6. Hi After the last patch I have no sound (or very very little) looking straight ahead. When I turn my head looking left or right the sound is like it used to be... Anyone else?
  7. this is a link to a post where I could attache a screenshot take a look at the picture
  8. I must have tried everything... nothing helps. I got the same problem in BF Vietnam, but not nearly as much as in wwIIonline. I tried new drivers. I tried looking in bios settings, but really; I don't know what to do. I can't post screenshots of it, but I have some shoots of it if someone needs to see.
  9. Everything is fine until I spwn in game, then the screen starts to flicker. Kind of hard to explain, but its like "lightning" cuts and pieces of the world not drawn properly. It seams like it has somthing to do with the trees - but I'm not sure. Anyone have any idea??? my dxdialog:
  10. I just installed my new videocard: nvidia geforce 7800 gt and I also got this "flashing/lightning" effect ingame. Any update on this problem?
  11. no problem anymore. I don't know how, but was listed as an unsafe site. the first patch went fine, but not the next... anyway I checked it as safe, and now everything is OK. How and why it suddenly was unsecure I don't understand. But thank you for your attention to my problem.