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  1. Installing in dual mode tonight, will let you know. Thanks for sharing your exp with us
  2. Same thing - message popped up out of the blue. No clue why....
  3. I am not seeing a big boost in game performance either but my machine as a whole runs a lot better - Vista is a resource pig. Once W7 goes RTM it will be a great OS I believe. I heard today that Microsoft may provide W7 for free to Vista customers.
  4. Last night I took the plunge and loaded W7 Build 7000. As I expected, the game did not work right off the bat. Thanks to those who posted workarounds and fixes for Windows 7. Here is a consolidated view of what I needed to do to get WWIIOL working: Windows Firewall Allow access when prompted by Windows Firewall Manager Video Driver This was my biggest issue. Before I updated my video card (ATI 4800) with the lastest Vista driver, ww2 would crash as soon as playgate authenticated and the game tried to launch. Connection Settings For some reason, connection would fail until I switched connection settings to "Secondary" within Settings. Later, I switched the connection setting back to "Use Best" and I am able to connect without any issue. Weird. Compatibility There is come confusing information out there for compatibility settings, perhaps because different settings worked for different people. Here is what I found: Without altering compatibility settings on ww2.exe, ww2_sse2.exe or ww2_x86.exe the game would launch fine; however, mouse was frozen at the welcome screen. I changed the compatibility mode for this executable: "C:\Program Files\Playnet\Playgate\PlayGate.exe" 1 1 to "Windows Vista" (did this from the shortcut on my desktop). I did not check any of the other option boxes on the compatibility tab, nor did I change compat modes for any other ww2 executables. Game launched, mouse worked, all was well in the world. I have yet to play at great length so I cannot report any CTD/CTHL isuues; I will update on findings and fixes as they arise. -Wizwang (a.k.a. Enfuego)
  5. Any chance I can get a copy of the profile for meh x-52? TY and S!